couples de la TV [Tv Guide]16 TV Duos Who Should Do It:)

Pick one:
Sookie and Eric , True Blood
Alicia and Will , The Good Wife
Booth and Brennan , Bones
Damon and Elena , The Vampire Diaries
Lois and Clark and Clark and Chloe , Smallville
Quinn and Deb , Dexter
château and Beckett , château
Joan and Roger , Mad Men
Stabler and Benson , Law & Order: SVU
Nancy and Andy, Weeds
Will and Emma , Glee
Olivia and Peter , Fringe
Penny and Sheldon , The Big Bang Theory
Cal and Gillian . Lie to Me
Shawn and Juliet, Psych
Ziva and Tony , NCIS Enquêtes spéciales Enquêtes spéciales
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