couples de la TV Couple with the least amount of chemistry. If forced to watch them toi will vomit.....

Pick one:
Nate and Blair
George and Izzy
Dawson and Joey
Rachel and Joey
clana, leyton, rory and logan
clana,leyton, rory and logan
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peyton and jake
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P.I. Lucas & Dr. Lisa Cuddy (House M.D.)
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Nate and Vanesaa/ Jenny
Nate and Vanesaa/Jenny
Nate and Serena
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Veronica and Piz (Veronica Mars)
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Peyton and Lucas (One arbre Hill)
Peyton and Lucas (One arbre Hill)
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Ross/ Rachel (Friends)
Ross/Rachel (Friends)
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Jack and Juliet
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Sawyer and Juliet
Sawyer and Juliet
Added by ziva_rocks
Ziva & amp; rayon, rayon, rayon, ray (NCIS)
Ziva & rayon, rayon, ray (NCIS)
Added by tonyziva1234
Nate and Vanessa (GG)
Nate and Vanessa (GG)
Added by aalborgpigen
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