couples de la TV populaire couples who have "great romantic/sexual chemistry" but NEVER felt/ saw the chemistry , which couple toi feel the same about? {part 2}

Pick one:
Nate & amp; Serena (gossip girl)
Nate & Serena (gossip girl)
Meredith & amp; Derek (grey&# 39; s anatomy)
Meredith & Derek (grey's anatomy)
Mark & amp; Lexie (Grey&# 39; s anatomy)
Mark & Lexie (Grey's anatomy)
Audrey & amp; Nathan (haven)
Audrey & Nathan (haven)
Jane & amp; Michael (Jane the virgin)
Jane & Michael (Jane the virgin)
Sophie & amp; Nate (leverage)
Sophie & Nate (leverage)
Lucas & amp; Peyton (one arbre hill)
Lucas & Peyton (one arbre hill)
Aria & amp; Ezra (pretty little liars)
Aria & Ezra (pretty little liars)
Emily/ Amanda & amp; Jack (revenge)
Emily/Amanda & Jack (revenge)
Max & amp; Liz (Roswell)
Max & Liz (Roswell)
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