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posted by Problematic129
~Genre:realistic fiction, humor~
Chapter 15
        A Gal’s talk
    “Talia, I’m so sorry that toi have to leave so early, but my parents, not very trusting. Plus they already have a full plate…so…the gal’s are leaving soon, again sorry, looking vers l'avant, vers l’avant to the suivant sleepover.”
    Gosh, I almost believed myself!
    “Sure!” Talia beamed, clueless. “See toi later, Pal!”
    “Buddy,” I saluted her.
    Ryler shook his head as soon as the...
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posted by Problematic129
~Genre: Fiction, mystery and fantaisie :)~

Chapter 27
        Creepy doesn’t even begin to describe
    “The drowning man? Seriously creepy, considering how she died.” Jess said, shivering. “They’ve got to be the number one suspects now.”
    “It probably wasn’t all of them, just a few, ou maybe even one.” Cadence said. “Think is, Dorothy was loved par everyone, and in that vision everyone wanted to be her favorite, what gives?”
    “Who would...
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posted by 1999jacko
This story has been bugging me ever since I brainstormed it yesterday so I though might as well write it:

Alli Hanson sat bored in her Geography class, waiting for her teacher to stop droning on about world war 2 and dismiss the class, so they could finally go home. She started to scan the class trying to guess what everyone was thinking when a white boy caught her eye and she focused in on him trying to see if he would turn around and look at her.

Rick Duncan felt a pair of eyes boring into the back of his head, when the class was dismissed he stood up and turned around to see a black girl staring...
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posted by 1999jacko
present day

Ron was at his new school ready for PE, everyone else was mucking around, throwing spitballs at each other ou still getting changed when the teacher walked in. His large physique intimidating anyone he came into contact with, luckily enough he only came into contact with people when he was drunk at the local pub, Ron had discovered that par hacking into the police records last week and searching for any of his teachers, when he came across this one with 8 offences for beating up 5 policemen and 3 civilians simply, as he stated it, for the fun of it. Anyway back to our story, the teacher,...
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posted by 1999jacko

Water looked confused as the old man a dit all this,"w-what do toi mean wizard?" Walter a dit his mind full of questions for the old man. The old man answered quickly, his voice seemingly getting older as he went on," toi are wearing the clothes of a wizard and toi have a wand in your ceinture so that means your a wizard." The hard,heavy breathing coming from the old man got louder as Walter answered," but i'm not a wizard, sir," the man cackled and coughed. " Come through here boy and sit down, I can't stand for much longer," he a dit and started to lead the way out of the room, which Walter...
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posted by hgfan5602
I will not be under your tyranny
Your cruel and oppressive force
Yes, maybe toi should be my leader
But that doesn't mean I should follow toi all the time

Do toi know he's got toi bound
Under ropes and chains of cruelty
Well, I don't wanna be a follower
If it means I have to be a killer

No, I'm not exactly kind-hearted
But that doesn't mean I have to kill, kill, kill
I don't wanna be just a senseless follower
I have a heart, I have a soul, so I don't follow you

I don't just wanna be a follower
So I don't give a fuck bout what toi do, do, do
But I myself will not give in to the tyranny
So you'll watch me leave

No one's gonna stop me
Look, I'm walking out the doors of tyranny
And I'm not gonna be a senseless follower
Ever again in my life.
posted by 1999jacko
[So your back for plus are toi young ones, well as long as toi don't interrupt I'll tell toi the suivant part.] Sam sat in the headmasters office staring at a still unconscious Drake, while the actual head master stood ripping Jake to pieces for putting canard, drake ' under' as he put it. Jake was sinking down into his chair, the fear of the head clearly montrer on his face trying to say," b-but he wouldn't co-" but toi could see the head just wasn't having any excuses. "JAKE GET OUT OF MY SIGHT NOW, I'LL DEAL WITH toi LATER!" the heads booming voice shouted at Jake, and Jake took his chance to run out...
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posted by rory2011
she spend all the night thinking ,she doesn't want to marry cause she knows what will happened to her if she married Mac ,she could face the same fate that her mother faced from long time il y a ,but she doesn't want David to die ,she loved her father in a way that she could do anything to save his life ,he's the last member and the only person who left in the family
it could be a big sacrifice with any decision ,but she has to choose

Kat opened her eyes ,and raised her head ,she know that she slept on the ground and now she's late for her work
she walked fast towards her room ,and took something...
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posted by 1999jacko

Detective James Whitaker stood at the homicide scene, inspecting the body as thoroughly as he could, until he figured out what had happened. With all the forensic scientists gathered around him he started to tell them what had happened," well what happened was the killer was chasing the girl through the forest, and the girl tripped up and the killer slowly walked oveeer." James made his way swiftly through the branches and twigs until he reached a large arbre and took 3 steps forward, and then continued." Here, he raised his gun and aimed at the head and shot then ran as fast as he could...
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posted by alicia386

toi are possessed
par this world
This so called better future
Is destroying you

At what cost
The fame ou the fortune
It isn't worth it
Haven't toi seen

The corruption 
Power brings
Too much of a good thing
Becomes worthless in the end

Don't be like that
Help yourself
Save yourself from this
This unplanned future

Power brings one thing
There is no way around it
It will soon take over

It will become your life
This power that toi long for
Shall be a death sentence for you
I wish toi luck

I hope toi see the way
The way I speak of
How power isn't healthy
And not apart of your diet

Turn away
From the temptation 
That power can bring
Forget it

Forget everything
The money
The fame 
The power

Don't look back
Behind toi is the head
The head of evil
The head of power
posted by Problematic129
*Randomly came up with the idea, please commentaire ou fan, appreciated! :)*

Verse 1:
Wings the color of diamond and gold. cœur, coeur so lovely…it’ll melt toi so, oh. Their warm embrace is protecting me, there’s nothing else I would give for this, oooh, yeah ,nothing else that could make my cœur, coeur twist.
    And now, I see, the descending angel, protecting me. It takes, me in, to a whole new world that I would never give.
    And now I see, oh yes, I see

    Verse 2:
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posted by Problematic129
*In case were still doing this, Genre:realistic fiction, humor. Also I do not own Doctor Who, ou anything in it, it's just mentioned in here.*
Chapter 14
    The boy named Ryler
    It was quite refreshing to not be thinking of the fact that my crush Cal, nearly ignored the fact that I existed but showed up to my house, insulted me, and then made out with his girlfriend in front of my face.
    Yeah, if I had been thinking that I’d probably be flinging something out my window. But Ryler is totally distracting, he’s funny and different...
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posted by Problematic129
In case were still doing genre~Genre: Fiction, mystery and fantaisie :)*
Chapter 26
    The club of doom and popularity
    “Glad toi guys could all make it,” Meredith said, grinning like a Cheshire cat. “As toi know I’ve called toi all girl’s because the jour has finally arrived!”
    All the girl’s around us squeal, I try to contain my excitement but my bright grinning face is a dead give away.
    We’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time, ever since we’ve sat at that ‘cool table’ ou as...
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posted by rory2011
after a long jour of work , Kat came back to the house ,she stood staring at every single corner of the house
the house is almost empty ,she had to sell everything for the expansive painkiller that David taking ,the only thing left in the house is that little white chair , a blanket ,and her father's lit she knows that she can't make a life in that house , but she has to keep going strong till the last breath

it's a calm night ,David is sleeping ,Kat lire her favori book in her father's lit room
the bills ringing woke David up
" Kat ,that's Paul ,go and open the door " David a dit in pain...
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Only a few months ago, I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. Asperger's is one of many conditions that falls on the autism spectrum. Unlike truly autistic people, many Aspergians are excellent communicators…at least, if that's what your "gift" is. toi see, every Aspergian has a particular area where they excel. One could be a science genius, while another, such as myself, might be a brilliant writer.

Many Aspegians are either misdiagnosed ou never diagnosed at all. Our symptoms, are difficult to identify. Once, my mom went to the Child Study Team at my elementary school. She brought up...
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posted by alicia386
Horror: Ghost Story

Chapter Eleven


      I won't even describe how traveling through realms made me feel. I felt queasy and disoriented. I am pretty sure they had to knock me out to keep me from screaming because after a while all I saw where arc en ciel colored stars and complete blackness. I hated it. The only thing that kept me from killing them both was the thought of Zoe. If it was tue that thy had her here then I couldn't wait to see her. We may fight but I still l’amour her. 
      We landed in what seemed like a penthouse. The manila...
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Remembering the Past, Hope for the Future
by hgfan5602

I sat there, at my desk, suivant to my bedroom window, thinking about the past events in 2012...and remembered the time...when I was at Relay for Life. It would not be soon before I, myself, passed from cancer also. My doctor a dit that I would only have a few months left, so I decided to make the most of it.
Our team had raised $6864.88 for cancer patients across the globe. We had all been preparing for this one special time. I was walking the Survivor's Lap, and watched as all the survivors of cancer walked a lap together. It was so cheerful!!!...
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posted by 1999jacko
4 weeks ago
Ron sat miserably in his apartment watching the new for something interesting, when a beeping noise butted into his little jour dream. He ran over to the table, tableau where the phone was placed, he picked it up instantly hitting answer." Hello commander, is my dad back yet?" he a dit hopefully. The commander cleared his throat before answering," Ron I'm really sorry but we just received a message and its not good news... I'm afraid your father is dead and we need toi to relocate away from Washington today. So pack your stuff and get ready for your escort to take toi to your new home." All...
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posted by 1999jacko

Walter Duncan sat down on his giant blue beanbag, his newest book 'The Black Wizard' tightly clutched in his hand. As soon as he sat he opened the book and started to read, that is until one small hand appeared through the page and tightened around his neck," MUM HELP MEEEEEE!" he managed to shout out before he was pulled into the page.

He suddenly dropped through the other end of the page into a large, velvet lined room with 1 door and a small man in the center. With a very dull and bored voice he said," welcome to the entrance between worlds." Strangely after he a dit this his head spun...
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posted by flabaloobalah
 Blake's horse Steel
Blake's horse Steel
Genre: Realistic Fiction, Mystery, Drama/Romance

Isaac took the front spot of our group once we stopped at the edge of the driveway. He looked both ways before crossing the rue and waited on the shoulder of the road. Once Tim crossed next, they walked a few feet into the woods. Apparently, to get to this Blake's house, we had to go through the woods. One par one, we went across the dirt road and through the densely packed forest. It seemed like a maze only they knew, dark winding paths, dark beneath the large trees hiding the sun. We travelled in quiet until we reached a clearing.
Here, the...
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