I cant believe that he gave me a detention. All i was doing was sketching my teacher on my textbook. I personally thought that it was pretty life like, but i guess he disagreed. My art teacher a dit I should work at my talent but then again i suppose she didn't mean during math.
Well i guess i should probably start to head to his room then, it is on the other side of the school and i have only twelve minutes to get there. As i walk along these old fashioned corridors i realize that the classrooms on either side of me are empty. But wait, that's not right its only fourth period there should be at least a few classes in this department, I'm pretty sure that Mr Ads's classroom is at the end of the math department and if i can get there with a few minutes to spare i'm sure that i might be able to finish earlier. The floor is shining in the sun light and although the linoleum floor has a nice clean quality to it the floor around the some of the doors seems to dimmer and it is almost like the shadows them selves are trying to crawl out of those rooms as the other rooms seem to glow with some unearthly light.
Ah at last Mr Ads's classroom is just in front of me. I raise my fist and knock politely on the door. I wait but no-one answers, I knock again but this time the door slowly opens. It isn't like a normal door opens though it didn't balançoire, swing open, it kind of crawled open instead. I peered around the corner and saw my teacher standing over a person lying on the floor. No that person isn't lying there. he is dead. The blood from his head is slowly sliding across the spotless floor towards the door that i stand behind. my cœur, coeur starts to race as my brain begins to catch up. My teacher is a murderer. I canard back into the hallway and cover my mouth in case that i make a noise. My teacher is a MURDERER. What do i do, what do i do. Should i call for help ou stay and see what happens. Because i'm only a 13 an old boy i shouldn't have to deal with this sort of stuff. Heck no-one should have to deal with this. I look around the door frame again and notice that Mr Ad his holding a notepad and a pencil he quietly mutters something to himself and he starts to draw. The blood on the floor seems to retracting into the mans temple and his body seems to be fading.a couple minutes pass and the body has vanished. i gasp for air and Mr Ad looks straight into my eyes.