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posted by BlondLionEzel
Chapter 1

It was hundreds of years after Kara's transformation, but she was still a plant-human hybrid. For the years before this day, she was shown as an abomination of nature. In short, people poked, prodded, and threw things at Kara.

However, this jour would turn out different...

Jeremy was a sixteen an old boy with black hair, brown eyes, and a smile that warm up even the most La Reine des Neiges heart. His father bought the mansion and garden for Jeremy as he was studying botany in college.

"I finally can have my own mansion and garden" Jeremy thought as he was driving down to his new mansion.

When Jeremy arrived at his new mansion, it felt...empty. Like no one had been there for years.

"Hello?" Jeremy asked as his voice echoed through the mansion. There was no immediate response, so Jeremy went inside.

The mansion was very large, but very unnerving. There were cobwebs all over the place, and every time toi entered a new room, it felt like someone was watching you.

"Uh...I guess I should go to the garden now..." Jeremy thought to himself as he was clearly creeped out par the old mansion.

Jeremy descended to the garden, his steps making small echoes. When Jeremy opened the door to the garden, a cry was heard.

"Huh?! What was that?!" Jeremy thought to himself as he walked to where the screams came from.

Suddenly, Jeremy tripped on a long vine.

"GAH!" Jeremy cried as he fell flat on his butt, "Yikes...that was embarrassing".

"Embarrassing? toi don't even know the half of it..." A voice snidely told Jeremy.

"Well it was...a little..." Jeremy blushed a little.

"Well don't come any closer" The voice commanded Jeremy.

"Why not?" Jeremy asked.

"Because!" The voice responded.

"Because why?" Jeremy responded again as he walked towards where the voice was coming from. He then suddenly stopped.

"Hello" Kara greeted Jeremy.
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This one's from Lisa PoV

During hall time, I saw Zoë and Ash sitting on the steps together. Ash had his head on Zoë’s shoulder. Zoë had wrapped her arms around his neck and was stroking his hair, whispering to him. She looked up when I came over.
    “Is he okay?” I whispered.
    “He’ll be alright,” she said.
    “What’s wrong?”
    She shook her head. “He won’t tell me. He doesn’t want to go home, though. Like,...
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I'm back and better than ever! My brief hiatus has allowed me to prepare spoilers for the Shadow Trilogy for you. Remember, nothing leaves this website.
Eden, its inhabitants, and the Shadow Trilogy livres copyright © 2013 Johanna Glass. Do not use without permission.

A few months ago, I gave toi the full first chapter if Hope in the Strangest Places. At the end of the chapter, Twera reveals that she and Thunderhawk are siblings. BUT, there is a story behind them. WHY was Thunderhawk apprehensive about seeing Twera? WHY was he thinking what he was?
The story all starts with Siik and Fynd. Their...
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Okay, I changed Wesley from being homosexual to being pansexual. Just so toi guys know.
Also, this chapter's from Zoë's point of view.

We had a substitute teacher. They’re the only ones who ever bother with the roll call. The other teachers do it for the first three days of school and then just give up on it.
    The substitute was one of those grumpy old ladies with the white hair and thin glasses that she wore on the end of her nose. She introduced herself as Ms. Norman. She pronounced it Mizzzzzz, drawing out the Z so she sounded like a bumble bee.
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posted by hippy-hoppy
"So you're the newbie here huh," the odd man says to you, toi nod nervously," well first bit of conseil from me kid, don't mess with them." toi wonder who they are," who are they," toi ask still pondering who they are. The man chuckles slightly and a smirk appears on his face," you'll find out soon enough kid, soon enough. So whats your name," he jumps down from his position on the mur and starts walking looking at toi expecting toi to follow him. toi stumble to get your words out," I-I-I'm J-jace, a-and toi are?" toi say gaining confidence as toi stroll along beside him." Well Jace, toi don't...
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"Operation Get-Drew-to-ask-me-to-the-dance is undergo." I a dit in a hushed tone to my best friend Nyomi.

"We so got to get a better name then that, Lola," replied Nyomi. "Operation Drew sounds better."

"Who cares just go ask him who he is taking to the Valentine Dance."

"Why me?"

"You are his closest friend," i said. "You know him so much better then I do."

"Fine," she grumbled. I watched from behind the mur as Nyomi went up to my crush and ask him the sacred question.

I saw them laughing and thought everything went according to plan. Then she came back.

"He a dit he was thinking about asking Rachel,"...
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posted by alicia386
Derek Washington embraced the warm rays from the sun. It was his first time in a long time being able to stand outside without being yellled at that his 20 minutes were over.

The security guard took his orange jumpsuit and ID that he would need to officialy leave the prison.

His stepdad and his mom were waiting in the car in the parking lot. His mom was smiling and running to hug him. His stepdad, former soldier, was scowling, as usual.

"Oh honey," his mom cried. "That was the longest an of my life and toi grew a beard. How lovely."

"Good to see toi too mom," he a dit through her blonde hair.

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posted by PonygirlCurtis7
My breath came out in a white, La Reine des Neiges nuage before me and smelled heavily of my mint gum. My footsteps’ sounds were wet on the sidewalk. It had rained just before I left the bookstore and, just par my luck, someone a volé, étole my car (boy, was my dad going to have a cow when he hears that…), so I had to walk all the way accueil in the wet night, all par myself. I prayed silently that I would be able to find my way because I was new in town and barely knew where everything was. I had to use a crappy GPS to find the bookstore. I was just lucky I found it.
    The town was Cassidy....
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posted by hippy-hoppy
Chapter one
A Hard Time

Present Day

"Christopher, Christopher!" My mum shouted at me though I was barely listening to her," Christopher, listen to me! This is the last straw Christopher, a 2 jour suspension and now your not even listening to your own mother," she gently smacked me around the head to get my attention back. As I slowly came back into focus of her shouting, my sister looking disapprovingly at me and my dad not paying any attention what so ever to what was going on," Christopher you've got to try harder at school, okay? toi can't go through your life not trying your...
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posted by hippy-hoppy

5 years ago

As I crouch in the wardrobe, trembling with fear, I hear shouts coming from down the stairs, I don't know who it is but I know that there's 2 men and 1 woman. No rewards for me guessing who one of the men and women are, my mum and dad, but the other one, who seems to be shouting the most vile and mean things I've ever heard, I have no idea of who it is. As I'm trembling I think to myself," whats going to happen to my mum and dad?" and other questions like," why did my dad hide me in here?" and "why are they shouting at the man so violently?" I keep thinking about...
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NOOO!! I cried. Hot tears leaking down my face. Maybe I can still save him I thought. I wiped away my tears and put my hands over his unbeating heart. He was so cold. Please come back to me. Then my hand started to glow.

I felt joy, and warmth flow form me into him. Then his body started to glow brighter and brighter. I shielded my eyes. That’s when I felt it. The bond click into place Kyle Knight was now tied with my soul.

When the light faded I saw his chest moving up and down. Felt his hart beat strong and steady under my hand. His hand slowly covered mine. His eyes blasted open. I smiled...
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posted by sadiebugz00
Chapter 2 (BTW, I'm just copying and pasting from Word, so it may look like I don't have paragraphs, but I do)

Derek’s Perspective

A while later I call Jesse over so we could discuss Carter’s situation.
Jesse is quite attractive; she has ocean-blue eyes and long, flowy, bleached blonde hair, and looks much like a Barbie. However, she can be very fickle, so if I use the correct wording I could be able to keep Carter. But, if she’s in one of her “moods” there’s no way on Earth that I’ll be able to keep him.
I hear a pounding hard knocking on my door.
Great… I think. She’s...
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