Once upon a time, there was a magician named Ricaver. He had a garden filled plants. Some were native, such as the Oaks and Elderberries. However, some of them were not known to the world, such as Mangoes, Lemons, and Pumpkins.

One day, an orphaned girl named Kara suck into his magical garden. Kara was actually quite pretty. She had brown hair, green eyes, and cutest giggle.

"Oh wow..." Kara gasped as she looked at all of the different types of plants.

Suddenly, Ricaver appeared in a blinding flash of orange light.

"WHO DARES SNEAK INTO MY SECRET GARDEN?!!" Ricaver roared as a strong gust of wind blew through the garden*

"I'm...Kara" Kara told Ricaver in a very freighted tone, "I just wanted to-"

"STEAL FROM ME?!!" Ricaver interrupted.

"No...I just wanted to see your plants..." Kara whimpered.

"My plants?" Ricaver thought out loud as he devolved an evil scheme.

Ricaver pointed his ring finger at Kara and began to chant weird words.

"What are toi doing?" Kara asked.

Suddenly, Kara's skin started to become green, and her legs started to go into the ground*

"Hey! What's happening to me?!" Kara cried as her eyes changed from green to yellow.

"You're changing quite nicely..." Ricaver chuckled, "You shall make an excellent piece in this garden!".

"No..." Kara cried as amer tears began to slip down her face.

Kara had now become a plant-like human. She now had roots instead of feet, leaves and fruit that grew on her arms and legs.

"Please! Change me back!" Kara cried even harder.

"No! toi shall be the main attraction at my carnivals!" Ricaver chuckled evilly.

For the suivant couple of years, Ricaver would montrer off his new attraction. People would laugh, poke, and taunt Kara for the rest of her life...or so she thought.