Chapter Six: Two Goons, One Girl, One Man, and One Secret Room

      The door immediately slammed shut behind me. The one thing I never do is panic. It was the perfect time to panic but I had to keep my composure. I wondered if Darrell was able to escape. He couldn't possibly wait for me. He has the opportunity to escape and save himself. I took one step vers l'avant, vers l’avant and tumbled down the stairs. It was so dark that I didn't even notice them. I had quick reflexives so I was able to stop myself before I crashed ou made a sound to ward off the intruder. A light switch was to my left so I flicked it on.
      I always wanted a place of my own. My awful
      The room was like a humongous basement. It had brown hardwood floors and white walls, a couch, and a old tv set. It had low ceilings and the white paint was already dirty that it was already turning beige. I had todo a full 360 before could actually believe it. I had studied the map of this place thousands of times but this room never appeared on the map. It must be a secret room. When this school was built, secret rooms and passageways were common. I just had never believed that Brookhaven Prep could possibly be one of those many places. This means so much now. If this room was never in the layout then someone must be using it today. Why keep it secret if no one uses it? If this was still in use today, then how long will it take for the person using it to come back? 
      I had to leave. I was a risk I wasn't willing to take. Staying here up any longer would most likely get me killed ou kidnapped. I was hoping that the door wasn't locked. The door was open, just my luck. I wanted to believe that Darrell had open it up and was waiting for me to come out. What I saw instead was one goon restraining Darrell from using his arms and the other goon trying to get a good coup de poing in. Instincts kicked in.
      The siren was off now and the hallway wasn't shaking. I was able to successfully kick the goon abusing Darrell into the wall. He came at me swinging but I dodged all attacks and was able to shoot off some of my own kicks and punches. The goon restraining Darrell noticed that his partner wouldn't be able to finish me off. He released Darrell which was a horrible mistake and came after me. His huge, chubby arms were stretched out trying to grab a hold of me. His goon friend who was now lying on the floor tried desperately to get Darrell. Darrell had now joined the fight. Before saving me, he slammed the goon who was on the floor into the wall. That goon crumbled and was now unconscious. The goon chasing me was now trying to coup de poing my face so I would be knocked out. Darrell was able to bend the guy backwards par the neck. The guy fell down after he shoved Darrell I to me. We went flying at the floor. I immediately got back up but Darrell wasn't in any condition to try and fight off these guy. I had todo it myself. I easily flipped him over but he was strong. He got back up a little staggering. It wasn't going of be easy to defeat this guy. I did a triple spin kick in the air which officially knocked him out. Darrell stared up in awe. 
      "No questions," I said. "We have to go find out what happened to the others. Does the school know that here is an extra room down here?" I was rushing off trying to find my way back. Darrell was right behind. It was amazing how he was able to keep up with me especially since he had just been punched like sack.
      "If they do know, they haven't told a soul. I thought toi a dit no questions." He was right suivant to me now. I had to be slowing down which allowed him to catch up. "What do toi think they use that room for?"
      "Maybe for some evil plans. Who were those guys?"
      "I have no clue. They just shows up out of nowhere. I was opening the door to where toi went when one of them attacked me from behind."
      The expression in his chiseled face told me he wasn't telling me everything. He had to be hiding something. Why wasn't he telling me? "You're hiding something," I a dit automatically. I stopped in my tracks and so did he. "What are toi thinking?"
      "Nothing, it's just that I was trying to figure out where the rest of the school could be," he said. His words weren't convincing but they weren't deceiving either. "Besides, we should really try and find them."