Chapter (21): 'The Finale' 
She walked happily on her way accueil from school with a smile at everyone she saw in her way, suddenly she heard a twig snap right behind her, she turned and there was no one there she continued walking but she knew she had a feeling that something bad was going to happen and it just popped up every time she tried to ignore it, this time she heard the sound of footsteps other than her's on the herbe and every time she turned there was no one there, her fear was increasing every time she turned around and back again, she couldn't take it anymore she broke into a run as fast she could and the person ou people behind her followed as fast as her, she reached Mapel creek and stopped there, her hand clenched to her chest and panting for breath until she felt someone push her to the ground, she felt a stabbing pain in her head and she felt the blood gushing out of the wound, before everything went blurry she focused on the face of the girl who was laying on haut, retour au début of her, she saw that the girl had bright green eyes and pale blonde hair, "S-S-Susie?" she asked, Susie's expression changed her eyes widend, "Why are toi doing this to me?" half whispered Lily, "You know everything and I can't have that, so sadly toi have to die so my secret can die with you!...Good Bye Lily Rest in Peace" a dit Susie her tone and expression as evil as the devil's and she stabbed Lily right in the chest, Lily screamed as the couteau periced her heart, and she began to feel the blood gush out of her chest as fast as the blood gushing out of her head, Susie noticed that Lily still had a little life in her she gave her another stab in the stomach and tossed the couteau to her acommplice Iris, "Hide it in the backpack and toss it the creek then help me drag the brat's body in" was the last thing Lily heard Susie say when she was alive the rest she saw with her own ghostly eyes, Iris tossed the bag into the creek and darted to help her friend drag the body, once she saw the body up close she nearly retched out everything she ate and she was surprised that Susie the pregnant one wasn't even giving a damn about how disgusting this is, Iris couldn't take it anymore just half way to the creek Iris let go of the body and darted back with a scream, "Iris shut up!!" a dit Susie, Iris screamed again this time louder to make sure someone could find them, both Iris and Susie heard running footsteps, "Look what toi did!!" shrieked Susie letting go of Lily's legs so that they dropped clumsily to the ground, Iris simply ran and hid in the bushes leaving Susie with the body of her sister, Susie kept looking at her sister's body convincing herself that she did the right thing to protect her secret but she couldn't no matter how hard she tried and then she sat there crying her guilt consuming her bit par bit as she cried the footsteps stopped and she looked up and saw two figures in the distance one of them waving at her, she rose slowly to her feet and waved back and watched as the two figures approached, "Abbie!!" she heard her mother's voice in her head, "Abbie darling" she heard and her eyes flew open and they met her mother's which were the same shade of hazel as Noah's, "Mom" she a dit sitting up and scratching her head, "Get up toi have to get dressed now if toi don't want to be late for school" a dit Mary getting to her feet and crossing the room, instead of replying with a simple 'Okay' she said, "Now I know who murdered Lily", "What?!" asked Mary confused, "it was her own sister Susie" Abbie continued to her mother, "I'm sorry honey what?" asked Mary plus confused than before, "Lily Gellar was murdered par Her Own Sister Susie!" a dit Abbie getting out of lit and darting to her closet, "Oh my god!" a dit Mary her eyes filled with tears, "How could Susie Gellar do that to her own sister?!" she continued knowing that this was true because of her daughter's abilities, and she left the room tears spilling down her face.
After Changing into a plain grey T-shirt paired up with jean capri shorts and silver hoop earrings with a cœur, coeur shaped locket, she ran downstairs had a quick breakfast, "Noah can toi drive me to school please?" asked Abbie helping her mother clear the table, tableau quickly before she left, " toi won't have to deal with your heartbroken best friend on the way" a dit Noah his tone dripping with anger and sarcasm, "Look Noah I'm sorry but toi a dit it yourself toi Swore toi will take me to the party so I can feel guilty about my stupid decisions" a dit Abbie, "Yup and I hope toi feel guilty now cause I'm Going To Pick Up Leo" he a dit with an icy smile at Abbie, and he left the room in silence leaving his parents to look at Abbie with the same expression on their faces, "What?!" a dit Abbie, "it's his fault for reminding me!" she continued and she to left the room without another word.
Noah's jeep stopped in front of Leo's house and he honked the horn, Leo came out of the house after a few moments crossed the lawn silently and instead of opening the door to rejoindre Abbie in the back he opened the front door and sat par Noah's side, "Hey Noah" he said, "Oh yeah..and Abbie" he continued in a flat tone, "Happy birthday Leo" a dit Noah, "thanks man" a dit Leo with a smile, "I got toi a present" Noah continued as they drove away from Leo's house, "Really?" a dit Leo, "Yeah look in the gant compartment in front of you", Abbie was stunned not only she forgot his birthday but she forgot to buy him a present too, she watched as Leo opened the compartment and grabbed the small present out of it, And unwrapped it only to find out it was his favori movie collection, "No way!" a dit Leo examining the box which held the four Scream disks, "Noah this is the best gift ever thanks man" a dit Leo, "Nah it's nothing, toi should see what Abbie got you" a dit Noah, Abbie's eyes widend, "But I didn't-" began Abbie but Noah cut her off, "Yes toi did now hop to the tronc and you'll find it there", "Okay" a dit Abbie and she hopped into the tronc to find a flat rectangular shaped present there, she grabbed it and hopped back to her seat, "Here toi go Happy seventeenth birthday" she a dit handing him his gift, he reached to grab it from Abbie's hand, but when he touched the present he also touched Abbie's hand, Abbie blushed, Leo grinned as he took the present from Abbie, "Abbie toi told me yesterday that Leo has to open it when he's alone right?" a dit Naoh noticing that Leo was about to open it, "Yeah I did so don't open it now" a dit Abbie struggling to keep her tone even, "Okay I won't, and Thanks" he a dit smiling, Abbie nervously smiled back, Noah pulled over "Here we are" he said, "Thanks" a dit both Abbie and Leo, and they both got out of the car, "So toi wanna walk to class together?" Abbie asked Leo who was busy examining the box he thought he got from Abbie, "Yeah maybe later, see toi Abbie" he replied now stuffing both presents into his bag, and he walked away without another word, Abbie stood there for a moment watching him disappear deeper in the see of students and then she started walking alone to class wondering what was the present Leo thought he got from her, although Abbie was sure that the present was a picture frame she couldn't help but wonder what was the picture in it. The moment she stepped inside she found the person she that she wanted to talk to not Susie ou Brad who was now in jail because of Susie but the girl who tried to escape from the murder Iris Shaw, Abbie stalked to Iris who was grabbing a few livres from her locker and she stopped, "Hi your name is Iris Shaw right?" asked Abbie as the other girl closed her locker, "Yes I'm Iris Shaw" she replied, "Can we walk and talk now ou maybe later if now isn't a good time?" asked Abbie, "Yeah sure what do toi want to talk about?" asked Iris and they both began walking, "Actually the subject might disturb toi but this is important" a dit Abbie, "You want to talk about the murder" a dit Iris in a flat tone, "Yes toi can go and leave me standing here alone if toi want to but I told toi that what I'm about to tell toi Iris is very important even if toi may freak out I little" a dit Abbie hoping she would convince Iris, "Okay go ahead" a dit Iris, "Is it a shame for toi that your friend's boyfriend turned out to be the murderer?" asked Abbie, "Yeah it is I mean I still can't believe it was him" a dit Iris struggling to keep her tone normal, "Or maybe it was just his pocket couteau that Susie had?" asked Abbie, at this Iris stopped dead in her tracks "How did toi find out?!!" asked Iris not bothering to cover up, "I can explain if toi give me a chance and promise not to say I'm crazy" replied Abbie, "Okay then explain" a dit Iris as they started walking again Abbie explained every thing from the moment she found Lily's body till her dream, and Iris didn't even dare interrupt her with a single question, " toi believe me ou do toi think I'm crazy?" asked Abbie, "I believe you" a dit Iris, "You know everything there is to know and in every detail, how can I not believe you?!" asked Iris, Abbie smiled, "Promise toi won't say a word to Susie ou anyone else" a dit Abbie, "I promise and now that toi had your share let me tell toi mine before the cloche, bell rings" replied Iris, "okay go ahead and if it involves Josh Gellar's party I'm in" a dit Abbie, "It does and okay, I need toi and your brother to keep talking to Susie about the murder and even if she runs away I'll help to let her confess and then the truth will out and everyone will know that Brad is inocent and that Susie is the guilty one" a dit Iris, "Okay that I got but toi were involved in it to Iris" a dit Abbie looking at Iris in a confused expression, "I know I was and Susie will have no choice but to confess to everything meaning I will be arrested for some time but it'll be less than her time" a dit Iris, just then the cloche, bell rang and everyone tstarted scurrying to their classes Abbie and Iris divisé, split up even though they both had Biolgy but just in case they ran into Susie which might make her suspicious, and Abbie's joy slightly out grew her guilt in which for not going to her best friend's birthday party just to correct the outcome of the murder and traverser, croix over Lily's ghost and get the boy she wanted.
"Wow,Ab toi look gorgeous!" a dit Noah when he noticed that Abbie had come downstairs. She was wearing a knee length strapless dress baby blue dress which wasn't straight but had a sparkling tutu and she wore shining silver jewelery and pair of white high heals and held in her hand a silk bourse, sac à main which was also white, her breast length light brown hair was left loose and her lips were coated with rose lipgloss. "Thank toi Noah" she a dit taking her brother's hand as he offered to help her down the last three stairs, "Your not so bad yourself" she continued, "Thanks it's the best I could do" a dit Noah raking a hand through his hair which was the exact same shade of brown as Abbie's, "You'd better put on a manteau it's little chilly outside" a dit Noah, "okay, mind fetching me my white cardigan?" asked Abbie, "Sure I'll go get it now", Abbie put on her cardigan and followed Noah who was already outside waiting for her in the car, she climbed in the front siège closed the door firmly behind her and smiled at her brother Noah, "What?!" asked Noah "Thanks for your help bro" she said, "It was nothing Ab I just thought it will smooth things up between toi two" he replied, "Wait ou not saying you-" Abbie began, "Yes I overheard your conversation with Leo and I know he has a crush on you" Noah continued, Abbie leaned closer to Noah and gave him a Kiss on the cheek, "Aww great now I have a lipgloss stain on my cheek!" a dit Noah, Abbie laughed "Can't I  give toi a token of thanks without being criticized?" she asked sarcastically "Sorry Ab but..Bonnie won't like it if she saw it" a dit Noah,"Oh so we're talking about your crush now are we?" Abbie said, "Crush?!" a dit Naoh on the verge of laughter, "What?!" asked Abbie looking confused, "Bonnie and I have been dating for a mois that's how I met Josh,haven't toi noticed?!" a dit Noah, "What?, No I haven't noticed! Noah Joesph Preston why didn't toi tell me!!" a dit Abbie, this time Noah laughed "Okay Okay!!" a dit Abbie, "Noah stop laughing!!!" she bellowed, Noah stopped laughing but he wore a huge smile on his face, "Listen I talked to Iris Shaw Susie's friend and she asked me if I could involve toi in our plan" a dit Abbie, "What plan?" asked Noah as they made a turn to Harbor Lane, "I'll explain" a dit Abbie and then she started to explain everything to Noah who looked annoyed at first but his expression changed once he heard Abbie's dream, she closed her mouth and sat silently as he plastered the thought into his mind, once the reached the Gellars house Noah pulled over and said, "I'm in" Abbie smiled at him and gave him another Kiss on the cheek, "Again really?!" he a dit sarcastically as they both got out of the car, they both crossed well mowed lawn to enter a brightly lit house, where both Josh and Bonnie waited to greet them, Josh in a black tuxedo and Bonnie in a bright red dress,"Glad toi could rejoindre us" a dit Josh as Noah and Abbie approached, Abbie hugged Bonnie and turned to Josh, "Hey beautiful" he a dit with a grin, "Hey" she replied, Josh leaned down and kissed Abbie lightly, "Are toi two done yet?" asked Bonnie who stood hand in hand with Noah, "Were done" a dit Abbie pulling away from Josh, "Come on inside and I'll montrer toi where toi can put your coat" a dit Josh taking Abbie's hand in his and leading her inside after Noah and Bonnie, Abbie took of her cardigan and gave it to Josh who hung it carefully on the coatrack behind the door, "So how have toi been?" asked Josh, "good" a dit Abbie now feeling a little guilt consume her, "I'm surprised toi can walk now I thought toi had to stay in bed" a dit Abbie, "Yeah I recovered kinda fast" replied Josh "listen Josh I have some thing to tell toi after dîner right now I need to find Susie please" a dit Abbie, "Okay first off all why not tell me now and seconde what do toi want with Susie?" he asked looking slightly annoyed, "Josh I really need to talk to Susie that's why I'll tell toi after dinner" she answered, "Fine,she's over there but hurry back to me okay babe?" he said, "Okay" a dit Abbie now feeling a lot of guilt consume her, as she walked to Susie whom she easily recognized because of her pale hair and bright green eyes, "Susie" she a dit the moment she reached her, "Abbie,nice to see toi here" replied the other girl looking tired, "Can I have a word with you?" asked Abbie, "Yes of course toi can" a dit Susie, "In private" continued Abbie, "Okay follow me" a dit Susie and she led Abbie in between the many guests and finally found them and empty spot outside in the backyard porch, "So what is it toi want to talk about that's so private?" asked Susie, just then Lily appeared looking furious, "It's your fault your boyfriend is now in jail isn't it?" asked Abbie her gaze focused on Lily who stood right suivant to Susie, "What?!" a dit Susie now looking worried, "It's your fault Lily is dead" a dit Abbie, and then suddenly Lily's anger rose so high that one of the many fleur pots smashed, "What are toi talking about?!" asked Susie now angry and worried at the same time, "You killed Lily cause toi were afraid that she might blow your cover Susie!" a dit Abbie, Susie opened her mouth to say some thing but Abbie wouldn't let her, and an other fleur pot got smashed, "Don't think I don't know that toi Susie your pregnant from Brad Cayley the guy toi tossed in jail!" a dit Abbie, "How did toi know that?!" asked Susie now plus angry than worried and every single breakable thing outside began to smash and crash and Lily began to scream as loud as she could even though Susie couldn't hear her, "WHY DID toi DO THIS TO ME SUSIE?!!!" over and over agian, "Tell me, Tell me why did toi Kill your own sister?!" a dit Abbie as Susie began to jump with fright at the smashing objects around them, "you knew it was pointless, yet toi did it!!?!" a dit Iris who had just appeared out of nowhere, "I-I.." stuttered Susie, Lily began to scream even louder and now plus objects began to smash, "Susie toi a volé, étole ou borrowed Brad's pocket couteau murdered your own sister tried to drag her into a creek just because toi were scared that she might tell your parents your pregnant?" Abbie bellowed over the racket, "How did toi know did Iris tell you?!" shrieked Susie, "No Susie I kept your secret, toi wanna know who told her?" a dit Iris, "Who then?" shrieked Susie, "Who do toi think is causing all this racket Susie? Who do toi know that is so angry because of toi even in her afterlife?!" asked Abbie, "Lily" a dit Susie, "That's right" a dit Iris, now people were watching everyone in the party was watching out of the windows and plus people ou on the porch now, Josh, Bonnie and their parents, Laura and Jonathan and Noah, all terrified of the racket only Abbie and Noah knew what was causing it, "Susie is this true?!" a dit Laura her eyes filled with tears, "Tell her Susie" a dit Noah, "Tell her" he continued, "Okay fine this is true!" she bellowed dropping to her knees and sobbing hard, the racket around them stopped, "You mean you..killed Lily just because toi were afraid" a dit Jonathan, "Yes, I was scared she might tell toi I'm pregnant" sobbed Susie, everyone except Abbie, Noah and Iris gasped, Josh walked over to Susie dragged her to her feet, "You mean toi killed Lily because toi were scared!?!!?!" he shouted shaking Susie par her shoulders, "You killed my cousin toi killed the girl who I considered my little sister cause toi were scared that she might say your pregnant?!" he shouted even louder while shaking Susie even harder, "Yes, yes!! I did" sobbed Susie struggling out of his grip, Josh dropped Susie back to the ground and he punched right in the stomach, she shrieked with pain, "Josh!!" everyone a dit surprised as he began to hit her  Jonathan, Andrew and Noah pulled him of Susie who was now sobbing and groaning on the ground covered in bruises and clutching her stomach, "Abigail please go call nine one one" a dit Daphne, Laura Gellar began to sob in her husband's arms and Andrew slapped Josh hard, Abbie, Noah and Iris went to call nine one one. 
Abbie watched as the police pushed the bruised and Crying Susie into the car while Brad Cayley brought accueil for being completely innocent was being hugged and welcomed warmly par his mother and punished par his father and Jonathan Gellar, While the police explained to Laura who was still crying that Susie will be arrested for nine months and that she and Brad will drop out of school get married and raise their child, as for Iris her sentence was two months for being involved in the murder, "Abbie!!" she heard Leo's voice, "Leo!" she a dit and she flung her arms around him, "Ahem" a dit Josh who was standing silently suivant to Abbie, "Sorry didn't realize toi were with her" a dit Leo and he turned to leave, "Leo wait" a dit  Abbie, "Oh great now your gonna choose who toi want?" a dit Josh, "Yes" a dit Abbie, there was a silence for a moment Abbie stood in between the two boys, "Josh" she said, Josh smiled, "Wait I didn't finish yet" she said, "your a great guy but I don't know toi that much I only know that toi are my brother's friend" she said, Josh frowned "Don't say that I know toi ou toi know me, have toi spent fifteen years with me like Leo, did toi have a crush on me since we were both seven like Leo" she said, Josh shook his head, "So yeah I'm sorry,but the guy I wanna be with is Leo" she said, "I understand I mean I was gonna end it with toi Just now but, this is much better than my way" he a dit and he gave Abbie one last Kiss on the cheek and walked away, she turned around to face Leo, "Thanks for the present Ab" he a dit stepping closer to her "Your welcome what is it anyways?" she asked, "You mean toi didn't buy it?" he asked, "No it was Noah" she replied, "What's that toi got under your arm?" she asked just noticing it, "Your Present ou should I say Noah's" he a dit taking it from under his arm and montrer it to Abbie, it was a picture ou pictures all of their pictures from childhood till now were there glued in a fun way with silly commentaires on each picture and typed in large letters were the words 'Abbie and Leo, plus than just a friendship'  "Wow, he actually did a great job" a dit Abbie, "Yeah" replied Leo, as he stepped even closer
to her, she too came closer, "Leo" she said, "What?" he asked now wrapping his arms around her waist tightly, "I l’amour toi too" she said, "I know toi do" he replied and he kissed her for a few moments, "Wow" she a dit pulling away, "What is it now?" he asked, "I never thought it would be that way between us now" she said, "Yeah me too"  he replied with a grin, a rush of cold wind and Lily appeared looking normal and without any of her wounds, "Thank toi for your help Abbie" she a dit with smile, Abbie smiled and nodded, Lily's blue eyes widened when she saw it was so bright and inside was her grandfather waiting for her to come, "I see it, the light" she said, "Then go ahead, go find out what's in there" she a dit with a smile, "My Grandpa" she replied, "He's in there" she continued, "Go rejoindre him" a dit Abbie, "Tell mommy and daddy I l’amour them" a dit Lily and she ran into the light and into her grandfathers welcoming arms, "She's gone isn't she?" asked Leo who witnessed all of it, "Yes" a dit Abbie, "Well lets hope no plus ghosts come visit us now" he a dit taking Abbie's hand tenderly in his, Abbie laughed, "Oh Leo" she a dit as they both started walking towards Noah's black jeep.
                                             The End