Transformers Transformers II (Possible Plot Spoilers)

ChrisCTD posted on Nov 06, 2007 at 10:41PM
Transformers II (Possible Plot Spoilers)

Transformers (More Than Meets The Eye)
The movie starts out following the plot line from the original pilot pretty closely and ends in the same matter to some degree.

Transformers II (Scramble City)
This is the episode we would of have had if Transformers The Movie did not come out first.
It deals with the Autobots building thier base and being attacked by the Decepticons. If the the second movie follows "Scamble City" we would see simalar events happen in the next film.

I believe that the next film will start with more focus on the Autobots & Decepticons. And that the Cube Fragment will play apart in the next film and some kind of way be connected to Sam (Maybe like he is the only one that can activate it since he was the last one to use its power to stop Megatron) The Autobots figure this out along with some Decepticon spying in on AutoBots Headquarters( Autobot City / Metroplex undercontrusction or finished)Optimus Prime decides to return to Cybertron and use the fragment to reactivate Vector Sigma (which will re-energizes Cybertron) in the core of Cybertron. This leads to Sam's (Spikes) Ex-o-suit being built (transformers the movie) but the Decepticons return and attack AutoBots Headquarters (AutoBot City / Metroplex undercontrusction or finished) and steals the frangment and captures Sam along with a one of the AutoBot's Space ships. The rest of the movie deals with Optimus & the Autobots(some of them) chasing down Megatron on Cybertron and trying to to stop Megatron from reactivating Vector Sigma which he fails to do. He some kind of a way gets sam back form the Decepticon and begins to retreat to Cybertrons moons but not before taking back something he was hidding away on Cybertron for safe keeping (The AutoBot Matrix Of Leadership). (Cliffhanger Ending)

The end of the 2nd movie will show Unicron heading towards Lithos (Cliffhanger Ending).

Transformers III (Transformers the movie)
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