Transformers Best TF game (in your opinion( and best killstreaks/kills you've ever made!

Fairstepshaven posted on Mar 24, 2012 at 01:19PM
War for Cybertron's my favorite tf game, and my best kill? Happened today XD
Ok so I was playing my yellow Silverbolt in a game of Conquest in MP. I was flying down from this ledge when I notice FIVE Decepticon players all huddled in a corner, obviously in a party. I grab an overshield and switch on my Disguise, fly down to them, transform, beat two of em with my mace, shockwave one suprisingly far (and also off the bridge they were by), pop a healing grenade, smash the other two and get a shitload of screaming and a five kill streak :3

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il y a plus d’un an Autobot9991 said…
Transformers war for cybertron is my favourite and my best kill streak was when I through a grenade and made 3 dizzy and killed 3 and then I back stabbed the other three.
il y a plus d’un an Fairstepshaven said…
big smile
Heh cool. Sorry for my absence. Lately I've been receiving many school projects that I have to do, and I'm not allowed on the computer till I finish it all -.- plus my FeralHeart's account been banned for 2 months, and I have 3 days left. Screw you FH...... WOW I'm off track. Anyway, nice kill, man.
il y a plus d’un an Autobot9991 said…
ya i'm been busy at school to and I meant I stuned six went to cloak thats how I did the triple backstab
then I transformed and did the ram It would have been a glitch how i killed three.
p.s sorry I did'nt reread my comment
il y a plus d’un an Fairstepshaven said…
il y a plus d’un an TFLP said…