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 Dawn as Princess Aurora/Briar Rose
Dawn as Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.
total drama
total drama revenge of the island
La Belle au Bois Dormant
briar rose
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Hello, this is my first time making a review series. In this series I'll be reviewing my thoughts on certain characters. I'll consider requests any time.Today I will cover one of the most entertaining character I've came across. I have some strong opinions about her. par the way spoilers alert. For people who don't know where the character is from toi can decide if toi are interested in hearing others thoughts before getting interested ou toi can go back and watch the movie/series before reading.I am going to tell toi my grading on personality,development, and global, ensemble what I thought of the character....
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It was bad enough when the catchy "I Wanna Be Famous" was cut to only twenty secondes in Total Drama All Stars. At least then we had the hope that it would be back to its original length for TDPI. Now, Cartoon Network has insisted that the theme song be shortened permanently, and as far as I know, not just in the US but in Canada too. Cartoon Network has no right to boss around the producers, and the fans, too. The reason Cartoon Network claims they insisted that the theme song be shortened was because they didn't think the audience could "sit through" it. Despite the fact that we sat through...
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