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 My total drama meme
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Courtney:Hello, 911!Someone vomited here and fainted.How is the adress?The Martin Hotel, the 205th room.
Bridgette:*cries*Gwen was my best friend!I think is gonna die!
Courtney:Don't worry!She..ha..h...had th..e.. wh...i....te f...ac..e...I agree with you*cries*
Duncan:What happened here!Why everyone cries?
Courtney:Dunky, look here!
Duncan:..Gwen?..Are toi okay?
Courtney:I don't know!I called at 911 and I don't know when comes!

After 20 minutes...
Courtney:Goodbye, Gwen!
Bridgette:*cries and runs away*.

Bridgette's dream...
Bridgette:Aaaah!Gwen?Are toi okay?
Gwen:I'm not Gwen!I'm a MONSTER!
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"I, too, l’amour a good cat fight, but one with real chats who wear tiny boxing gloves." - Harold (2008: A l’espace Owen)
"Oooh, your face, in my glands. Oooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, it's toi and meeeee! And toi and me makes weeeee! You. And me-e-e-e-e-e-eee, like butterknives we're free! We're freeeee!" - Lindsay (Rock n' Rule)
"Everybody knows that plus wars have been won with a shovel than a sword. Give a man a hole and what does he have? Nothing, but give a man a shovel and he can dig a hole to contain the nothing." - Harold (The Chefshank Redemption)
(in confessional) "I got some! Courtney's...
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Bridgette:Curiouser And Curiouser!
(Bridgette Opens A Numerous Number Of Doors Which Lead To A Small Room)
Bridgette:Oh, I Beg Your Pardon!
Cody: Oh, Oh, It's Quite All Right. But toi Did Give Me Quite A Turn!
Bridgette:You See,I Was Following...
Cody:Rather Good, What? Doorknob, Turn?
Bridgette:Please, Sir.
Cody:Well, One Good Turn Deserves Another! What Can I Do For You?
Bridgette:Well, I'm Looking For A White Rabbit. So, Um, If toi Don't Mind...
Cody:Uh? Oh!
(Bridgette Sees The White Rabbit Through A Keyhole)
Bridgette:There He Is! I Simply Must Get Through!
Cody:Sorry, You're Much Too Big....
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 Melody McKnight
Melody McKnight
RECAP: "I like him...I like him a lot...but I can't let myself get hurt par another Juvie...not again." I whispered to myself as I kept running down the hall.

I sat at my usual table, tableau in the cafeteria…the one in the back of the room, closest to the darkest corner I could find so nobody noticed me. I heard a few other students talking about Duncan and Aaron’s fight and how the original tough guy of the school was a mess in the end of it all; a couple of girls squealed over it, saying how hot they thought he was (even though...
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posted by bubblegum05
 We weren't ready for the photo
We weren't ready for the photo
*Heather walks in*
Andrea & Cody:WAT THE HECK ARE toi DOING HERE???!!
Heather:I know who wins
Trent:What are toi doing,stalking her?
Heather:Just like harold is stalking duncan?Yep.
Andrea:Heather toi creep get outta here! D:
Heather:But...i b-b-b-rought toi a gift!*huge animé eyes*
Andrea:Fine what is it?
Heather:I got u a iPod touch and a spike collor.
Andrea:That's what i wanted toi creep now leave.
Heather:Actully i'm not here suivant mois and thats when ur b-day is so ya BYE!!
*runs out*

Cody & Trent:That was just...uh...weird.
Andrea:Ok,so first i wanna get a pic ture with all 3 of us.*photographer...
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 Vannessa and her boyfriend, Ryan
Vannessa and her boyfriend, Ryan
Name: Vannessa Hart

Nickname: Nessa,Ness

Hair: Black and long (sometimes with green

Style: Emo,Goth

Likes: Gore, smexy men,Friday the thriteenth

Email: smexyemogirl16@gmail.com (real vannessa
email o.0)

History of Boyfriends: Cody,Tyson,and Ryan

Bio: AGE 3: violated par her dad
AGE 4: mom killed par murderer
AGE 5: orphan with big sis amanda
AGE 7: Dating tyson.
AGE 8: sent to live with UNCLE CHRIS (0.o)
AGE 9: beat up par tyson, break up
AGE 11: turned goth
AGE 13: met Duncan (but both forget about each other till 16)
AGE 16: remembers Duncan,(and possibly accepted into TDF.), Dating Ryan...
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I sat in the Boy's Trailer just waiting for a new challenge.Things had been going so badly since Courtney came.I wasn't supposed to admit that I loved Courtney,which I now did.Stupid stupid!I thought to myself.I was supposed to keep my bad-boy reputation.I would have to redeem myself.....then I heard Chris on his megaphone."Everyone meet outside the trailers!Time for a challenge!"He all walked outside slowly."Alright everyone!Today's challenge is to get a partner,drawn par random,and toi must stay with them the whole day.Here's the catch;you have to wear lie detector watches and mood rings to...
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Gwen - After getting denied into art college, Gwen changed her name to Rina and started modeling for art photos. She is single.

Courtney - Courtney got the travel bug and wanted to make her own Tv show. So after studying filming, geography, and culture in college, she made her own TV montrer on the Travel Channel called "Around the World with Courtney." She is Duncan's fiannce.

Katie - Katie ended up figuring out that Sadie didn't want to be Friends with her, she just had a crush on Katie. Figuring this out, Katie called a restraining order on her, called her a "dark spirit", became goth, changed...
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Courtney: Duncan... I'm pregnant...
Duncan:(He doesn't react, and he has the SAME face)
Courtney: Duncan? (He still doesn't react) Duncan! You're scaring me!
Duncan:(He FINALY react, but he still with the same face) ggg.. aaa...
Courtney: What?
Duncan: youuu... areee... WHAT?
Courtney: I really need say it again? I'M PREGNANT!
Duncan: Ok, i know it... it's just only...
Courtney: What? Say it!
Duncan: It's just only i'm shocked, alright? I'm shocked!
Courtney: I'm shocked too Duncan...
Duncan: But... how can it be?
Courtney: Why everybody ask that? toi know HOW!
Duncan: Alright...
Courtney: You're are...
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Here are the 20 littlest-known facts about Duncan.

What can I say, I like randomness.

Don't leave bad commentaires on this. Please. I just wanted to do something random.

1. His name is Duncan.

2. He is a deliquent.

3. He is a guy.

4. He likes Courtney.

5. He is from Total Drama Island.

6. He is on Total Drama Action.

7. He is a bully.

8. He goes to Juvy.

9. He is Friends with Gwen.

10. He pranked Harold.

11. He is from Canada.

12. He is a Canadian Cartoon.

13. He will never read this article.

14. He has lotsa fans.

15. He will never rejoindre FanPop.

16. He is on the Screamingn Gaffers.

17. He was on the Killer Bass.

18. He is not a girl.

19. Gwen called him pyschochotic.

in i triple dog dare toi heather had to lick owen's armpit (do to Duncan's awesome dare). but, who would know if heather actully liked it? who knows! she might even wanna do it again! but can't because every one would know! who do toi think would be most surprised? probably owen, cause.....it's his armpit!!!! i cracked up laughing when heather licked owens armpit! it was sooo helarious! I wish some one would find heathers diary and read it.then every one would get back at her! let's just try to remember some plus funny moments about heather and tell me them, cause i'm going to be heiping my sis make a utube movie about it so give me and lee some help

JG and Lee
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Courtney is a Mermaid, Duncan is a Cat, Owen is a Panda, Harold is a Beaver, Ezekiel is a Zombie, Heather is a Shark, Lindsay is a Squirrel, Alejandro is a Raccoon, and Gwen is a Bat
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