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 My total drama meme
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 Justin is the worst "Total Drama" bad guy ever. Gwen telling the team to vote off Trent would be easy if he didn't pressure her.
Justin is the worst "Total Drama" bad guy ever. Gwen telling the team to vote off Trent would be easy if he didn't pressure her.
6. Justin- What I didn't like about Justin is that he got Trent eliminated in TDA, par pressuring Gwen. It would be easy for Gwen to tell the Grips to vote off "The captain who went crazy because of a girl", if Justin didn't pressure her.
5. Courtney- She is as harsh as Heather, because she took her antagonist role too far. She is not the best female villain for "Total Drama"
4. Blaineley- She can be a diva at times. She was okay in CMTDARS, but she took "The New Chris/Heather/Geoff" role too-too far when she sent Bridgette to Siberia.
3. Duncan- Duncan is an okay villain. The only...
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So, this is the suivant part of my TD camp. Also, yeah, I plan to make this part WAY better that the last one. Uh..yeah.....lets get started.


*at elimination ceromoney*

Chris: *walks up to the podeum* Well, well, well, if it isn't my favori bunch of losers. Also known as Team bacon Hawks.

Alejandro: *glares at Chris* Well, at least we actually slow up to the elimination ceromoney*

Chris: >.< It wasn't my fault! My stylist called me last minute, and a dit that she was going on vacation in the morning, and...
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So it has become a new season, a new story begins...

"Hello everybody and welcome to...TOTAL. DRAMA. REVENGE OF THE ISLAND!" Chris proudly roared in front of the camera, "this season, we're taking a bit of a break from the usual teens and for fun, mess around with these ones!"

The first bateau arrived to the repaired dock that had camelote, indésirable covering the wood, with a pinch of acid.

"Our first camper has arrived! And it looks like Lightening!" Anounced Chris, as he hand gestured to where he was.

"Chris, yeah sure toi got the right place here man?" Asked an african canadian guy about 5"9' wearing shorts...
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