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Well, I usually don't draw but I thought I'd give it a go. I know its not the greatest but i tried. :P
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This L’Île des défis extrêmes fan-art contains navette spatiale, anime, bande dessinée, manga, and dessin animé.

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*In the Green room*

Sgt. Calhoun: Welcome back!

Chris: Last time, the contestants went threw the challenges of being Batman...

Sgt. Calhoun: Team Noob lost, no surpise

Chris: So that sent Jasper home, but Jasper had delivered a warning that we would return...

Chris: yeah right *laughs*

Sgt. Calhoun: see what we have in store for the victims suivant on...

Chris: total drama Video game highschool!!!

*Theme musique plays*
*In Team Leet's room*

Isaac: *sleeping on the couch*

Sayu and Daisy: *playing Halo on the Xbox*

Daisy: so how do toi shoot?

Sayu: just press the trigger...

Daisy: this...
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On a calm. No on a fun normal night, twenty-four students at Wawanakwa high were having the time of their lives at prom. Luckily for them none of the parents thought it would matter if there were people watching them because they all lived right suivant door to the school. That may have been the biggest mistake of their lives.

"Hey Duncan wanna spike the coup de poing now" Gwen asked mischieviously. "Sure, nows a better time than any other" Duncan replied. As they sneaked off there was a fight going on. "Why are toi always trying to break people up Alejandro" Geoff yelled. "First me and my shmoopi-shmoo,...
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okiez so im gunna try to make this longer and better than usual cause ...i am a crappy writer and hav been a lazy cul, ass not bothering to post camp articles im sorries. plus iv been additcted to deathnote latley.i l’amour mattxmello....yeah ppl probs dnt know wtf im talking -writing about if u do than ill give u 4 hommages XD

*elimination ceremony*

riley: okie i have NOOOO f***ing idea who to vote off

mirra: no need to swear

riley: aw okies so im gunna kick off like a bunch of peeplz. *smilez innocentley and poinst at erica ,katie, tyler and trent* SCREW...
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It's................the suivant episode! XD So, yeah, I've recently figured out I've been stealing things from Starburst-Rock! D: NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO! I hate people who steal, and......and I'm now a total hypocrite! :'( But, we worked it out, and everything's totally gelée man! B) Anyway, lets get this episode rolling! X3


*At elimination ceremony*

Chris: Hello everyone! It is now time for toi all to send someone...........home. So, if anyone has the hidden immunity idol, present it at this time.

Alejandro: ….Chris.....that's the guy from Survivor...
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(Ok so I'm sorry if this episode might b toned down from my usual randomness.  I'm just going threw some BS in school right now (not grade wise! No matter how retarded I act I assure u I have strait A's!) So Jes! Enjoy :D)

Rayla: Yo, Yo, Yo skittles! What's crack-a-lackin homes! Everything good in the capuche, hotte Dog?!

TS -Destrey: -.-

Destrey: It's all good Bra! How's bout you? How's Shantey Gurl?!

Rayla: Oh she is FINE! Yo, I got to get this done, but we can talk later 'right?

Destrey: Fo SURE! toi do your thing!
*Both burst out laughing*

TS: -___-

Rayla: *wipes tear from her eye* FINALLY! Someone who...
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