L’Île des défis extrêmes Attack of the Total Drama quotes!

sonicluver101 posted on Nov 10, 2010 at 11:52PM
Im sure this has been done up-too-many times, but hey, its not on the Total Drama Island's front page list, so lets see if we can make it go there! :D

1. You can only post quotes from Total Drama Island, Action, or World Tour! No quotes other than Total Drama!
2. If you want to comment (perhaps if someone else's quote was funny), please put it in parenthesis! ( ) <--These things >v>'
3. Dont hate on someone if they took the quote you wanted/ dont have an amazing quote.
4. When you write a quote, please write the character's name. You dont have to write the episode or link to a video, just write a name ^_^
5. You CAN post conversations. Just dont make them too long!
6. If possible, try not to repeat quotes. If you do repeat one, its not a big deal. Try and avoid it as much as you can, though :]

And that's about it!
Have fun, and let's see if we can link together quotes. Try and get a flow---Like if Harold said something like "I like cat fights...except the cats have little boxing gloves" and the next person says "Okayyyyyy?" (one of Chris' quotes), it kind of has that response-to-the-previous-quote feel, y'know? xD
Just to add to the humor.
Or just throw a quote at people's faces.
Whatever floats your boat :]

Sorry for the long post~

"Admiral Lindsay her hottness says that although Mexican food is VERY tasty...we will NOT be making the Trojan Taco!"
-Lindsay (TDA)

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