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Izzy:This will be soooo awesome!*laughs*
Owen:I think the same thing!
Cody:Gwen, do-
Gwen:*angry* Leave me alone!
Izzy:We got arrived?
Duncan:What happened, Princess?
Courtney:Nothing *fake laugh*.

After 3 hours...
Izzy:*wakes up* We got arrived!
Katie and Sadie:Justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Justin:Huh?*turns around* Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
Bridgette:Let's go to swim!
Gwen:I can't swim!
Bridgette:No problem!Let's go!

In the sea...
Bridgette:*jumps*Oh no!
Gwen:Thank you!
Bridgette:Your welcome!
Geoff:Who wants pie?
Heather:Exactly like Robby Ray!But I want!
Geoff:I'm kidding!
Courtney:*slaps Geoff*
Heather:Are toi crazy?What?
Izzy:Watch your back!
Heather:Wow!Exactly like...What is it?
Izzy:It's a big wave!

At 21:00...
Gwen:Trent, look!
Gwen:Fireworks!Everyone, come here!
Heather:Izzy isn't crazy!I think she a dit about a big wave of fireworks!
Duncan:I go after a bottle of champagne!
Courtney:And I go after some glasses!

20 minutes later...
Izzy:*screams* LET'S GO AT THE TABLE!
All:Raise your glass in 3 2 1..A HAPPY SUMMER!
Beth:A concert on the beach!Come on!
Lindsay:And many plus beautiful guys!
All:Let's go!

30 minutes later...
Geoff:It's awesome!
Lindsay:This is my favourite song!
Lindsay:Commander par Kelly Rowland!*dances*
Courtney and Duncan:*kiss*Awesome!
Izzy:*yawns*I'm tired!
Lindsay:Me too!
Gwen:I'm ti-*faints*
Trent:Are toi okay?

After 1 hour...
Gwen:*wakes up* What happened?
Trent:A long story!Let's go home!
Courtney:*in Duncan's arms*Yeah!
Geoff:*cries*Let's go hhhhhhhooooommmmmmeeeeeee!
Bridgette:You promise!
Bridgette:Do toi cried?

In girls's room...
Gwen:I'm very, very tired.So, good night!
All the girls:Good night!
Gwen:What?I think I gonna die!
Izzy:Owwwwww!That's gotta hurt!But-
Gwen:Shut up!
All the girls:Okay!
Gwen:Oh, oh!
Courtney:What's oh, oh?
Gwen:Oh my gosh!
Courtney:What happened?I see toi white!
Gwen:Oh-*trows up*.
Katie and Sadie:Oh my gosh!Let's call at 911 ou give her some water!
Courtney:She a dit is very tired.But let's call 911!
To be continued...
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