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posted by angelchamp3
(okay i am so SORRY for not écriture another T+C article sooner!well....here it goes..it's been a LONG time)

*at school*
*5th period*

Duncan:*whispering*Hey Princess..
Courtney:*whispers*Stop calling me that.
Duncan:You know toi like it-
Courtney:Look I'm having issues right now so-*yells*just shut up!
Teacher:Courtney,is there something toi and Duncan would like to share with us?
Courtney:*thinks*Oh man!I just yelled at my boyfriend.....well...i think he's my boyfriend..

*at Trent's house*

Trent:*rocking Anya*Gavin,go to school before i call Roy.
Gavin:Yeah,right,You wouldn't...
Trent:*takes out his cellphone* I will...
Gavin:Have fun babysitting-*runs to school*
Trent:*laughs* *at Anya* I wasn't going to call Roy in the first place.*thinks about what happened earlier* *sighs* Anya,I hope toi don't like a guy that has a girlfriend when your older...I have a problem....*chuckles* But,you don't understand what I'm saying.....Well,either way don't rendez-vous amoureux, date until your at least at the age where toi know when someone has a crush on you....*sighs*

commentaire TO CONTINUE!
Noah: Well, Chris told us our jobs don't start for a nouther hour.
Bridgette: Yeah, so?
Noah: So we could chill out and have fun.
Bidgette: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Noah: What?
Bridgette: Where, liveing together!
Noah: Well, I gusse we are. toi see there's nouthing to be afrad of.
Dawn: Hi!
Noah: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Bridgette: Nouthing to be afrad of.
Noah: Well she scard me!
Dawn: I'm sorry, I'm Dawn, I'm the maid!
Noah: The made!
Dawn: Yes.
Noah: Well, can toi clean up my hart? Becuse it is empty?
Dawn: Cute! But I'm 18 and I should know petter than to rendez-vous amoureux, date a 13 an old.
Noah: Hay, I'm 16!
Dawn: toi are? Your a little short!
Noah: I hate that Dawn!
Bridgette: Well, toi gotta get used to it.
Noah: Yeah, I gusse.
posted by Fangirl99
brookes POV

the chris cerominy was over,i was in my,room, and lindsey had gone home,and, if toi
watch closely enough,you should know what i was thinknig about.
its happening again,oncr in the 4-5th grade, i liked tihs guy named tony,yeah,i followed him,almost stlaked him during school,and now they all know.
lindsey is my besty,and,i would so hurt whoever voted off duncan if he went accueil on the fairy tail,and the rock challlenge.i was gonna ask him out, but im not sure.
i know duncan likes courtney,but i think he likes me too. cause wheni look at him,hes looking at me andd he has that look on...
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posted by gwendiamond

Hi everyone, this is my fan fiction. Please fan it if toi like it and if not commentaire and we'll see if I can fix it. Just one last thing. There's language and some violence in this story.


Gwen's p.o.v

I walked to school with tears down my eyes. I had another argument with my mother. I loved her but she always made me do things I hate doing like going to school. She didn't know the pain I went through every time I walk through those large doors. I was teased about my fashion statement.
I was bullied about the fact that I was smart but
not pretty or...
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First off, I was really bored so I decided to do a review of this episode of TDAS, Second, If toi haven't watched this episode I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! toi can watch it on Youtube ou something...

Anyway... We start out this episode with Duncan saying Crud like 36 million times, Scott causes himself Erm... Painful? Pain par punching his lit and Alejandro is in a cocoon, tomorrow he should come out as a "BEAUTIFUL" Butterfly, That'll impress Heather...
In the girls cabine toi might notice that the rabbit on Heather's Pajamas is STILL missing... And... Wait..? Doesn't Jo change clothes? That's...
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Chris: Hi! I'M Chris McClain! And I'm the host of the Total Drama Series. On This Season of Total Drama, me and 22 other constants will be going around the world and competing is curtain challenges! Don't miss this season of Total Drama Around The World!

(Theme Song)

(Bus pulls up)
Chris: Okay first we have the crazy girl toi all know and hate: Izzy!
Izzy: (exits bus par doing a back flip) Yooohooo!
Chris: yay.....
Izzy: Is Owen going to be here this season?
Chris: did toi see him on the bus?
Izzy: YES!
Chris: Then yes.
Izzy: YAY!!!
Chris: Moving on. suivant we have the Evil Spanish Hot...
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Here's chapter two! It's a little different, I liked how it was turning out... but then the ending was a little tricky to plan out. I'm hoping to get Chapter 3 released sometime soon, but I'm trying to focus also on my other fanfiction, so please bare with me :) hope toi guys like it!
Duncan’s POV
I stop in front of an apartment. I look down at my phone and at the most récent text from Bridgette. “Floor 9,” I read.
I gulp and walk towards the apartment door. I see a group of multiple buttons, and press the one marked “9.” I wait to hear her voice, oddly...
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posted by icemily42
Yeah I know I a dit I was going to bring out a rapporter every 2 ou 3 days.But I couldn't wait to get done so I decided to bring this out to toi now.As much I do l’amour this season It didn't make the best out of the characters.And was quit shock to find the Zoey did get Villain points not to much but still she's not as bad as I thought.Anyway let's get started.

The one with the most villain points is Chris with 175!

The one with the most hero points is Courtney with 131!

The runner up for the most hero points is Gwen with 48!

The runner up with the most villain point is Mal with 80!

Well it's going take time for the suivant season to come back.Tell me who do toi think will get to have the most hero points in the commentaires and who was toi voting to win the most hero points and villain points?
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posted by ManoftheMoon
October 25, 2007

It had been 10 days since Leshawna's death. Everyone was depressed, but today there was a new hero. "You have got to be kidding" everyone said. The new hero was............................. ........................................................... Courtney. "Yeah yeah" she said. "When I recovered Leshawna I saw someone else's DNA" Courtney said. "Then let's see who's blood it is" a dit Duncan. "But how can there be someone else's DNA?" Bridgette asked. Trent answered par saying "The killer could have cut himself par accident, ou Leshawna cut him". "Alright" Courtney a dit "Let's...
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Chef: there good as new.
Taylor: It still hurts.
Chef: I'm a chef not a nurse. (exits and Joss enters)
Taylor: Joss?
Joss: (quietly) hey.
Taylor: wow. toi talked to me?
Joss: (quietly) yeah.
Taylor: i thought toi only talk to Liza.
Joss: (quietly) I talk to people I trust.
Taylor: wow. toi trust me?
Joss: (quietly) yeah.
Taylor: why?
Joss: (quietly) I don't know.
Taylor: oh.
Joss: (quietly) But toi do know that your leaving right?
Taylor: I am?
Joss: (quietly) I over heard Lance, Amber, Sierra, Cole, and Chilly talking about toi being voted off.
Taylor: Well I'm gone then.
Joss: (quietly) I'll...
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(First Class)
Fawn: (runs in) WATER!!!!!! (runs over to a table, tableau with bottles of water on it and starts drinking all of them)
Jordan: I'm so glad we won. And I was the first one there.
Geoff: No, toi were the 2nd one there. That shy kid was. What was his name?
Bridgette: I think it was Joss. Maybe.
Rochelle: Yeah that's right.
Jordan: I meant I was the first one on our team there.
Annie: No need to brag Jordan.
Jordan: what?
Cody: I am sooooo glad that Sierra's not in first class.
Draven: She doesn't even like toi anymore. She like Lance.
Cody: Ether way. I am free from all Sierras!
Mike: I'm thirsty....
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