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posted by angelchamp3
(okay i am so SORRY for not écriture another T+C article sooner!well....here it goes..it's been a LONG time)

*at school*
*5th period*

Duncan:*whispering*Hey Princess..
Courtney:*whispers*Stop calling me that.
Duncan:You know toi like it-
Courtney:Look I'm having issues right now so-*yells*just shut up!
Teacher:Courtney,is there something toi and Duncan would like to share with us?
Courtney:*thinks*Oh man!I just yelled at my boyfriend.....well...i think he's my boyfriend..

*at Trent's house*

Trent:*rocking Anya*Gavin,go to school before i call Roy.
Gavin:Yeah,right,You wouldn't...
Trent:*takes out his cellphone* I will...
Gavin:Have fun babysitting-*runs to school*
Trent:*laughs* *at Anya* I wasn't going to call Roy in the first place.*thinks about what happened earlier* *sighs* Anya,I hope toi don't like a guy that has a girlfriend when your older...I have a problem....*chuckles* But,you don't understand what I'm saying.....Well,either way don't rendez-vous amoureux, date until your at least at the age where toi know when someone has a crush on you....*sighs*

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