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Jamie: Jordan! I can't trust him!

Ray: Hummmmmmm........ Jamie did lose the challange for us but......... Rayven scares me. and also Bridgette and Jordan....... Is jordan geoff now??? well, IDK!


cHRIS: This might be the most dramist elamtion ever.
Less: I don't think dramaist is a word chris.
Chris: do toi want to be pushed off??
Less: go on!
Chris: Ok only 2 of toi had no votes.... and they are............ rayon, ray and Bridgette.
Ray: Yes finle 10 baby!
Bridgette: Yeah Girl! *high 5 with Ray*
Chris: ok the rest of toi had at least 1 vote....... witch only 1 of toi had 1 vote! Jamie...........
Jamie: *gaps*
Chris: toi may ou may not be sûr, sans danger after i give this one to Rayven!
Jamie: Man!
Rayven: Yes! hellow girls i'm in here too!
Bridgette: great................


Bridgette: The plus Rayven is on this montrer the plus she eats cake and gose all crazy! But i didn't vote her off!


Chris: One of toi is votted off tonight. Jordan ou Jamie......... Who will stay on?


Ray: If Rayven got to stay and Jordan and Jamie are left....... Jamie is gone!


Chris: I'm going to make this the dramaest elamtion..........
Less: Chris............
Chris: SHUT IT!
Less: ok!
Chris: as i was saying...... I will do something difent and un fare.......... the person with the 2nd most votes will be gone......... So Jamie toi will stay!
Jamie: really???? YES!
Chris: Jordan sorry dude.
Jordan: what???? Chris!!!!!!! *looks like he will beat him up*
Chris: sorry man!
Bridgette: Oh this is not fare.
Chris: Less toi jump first!
Less: Fine! *jumps off*
Chris: Jordan??????????
Jordan: I'm not leaving. This is si un-fare!!
Chris: Fine then *Chris and Chef grabe jordan*
Bridgette: Jordan no!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Chris and Chef through Jordan off*
Bridgette: No!!!!! *gose par the side of the plane to see no person* what???? Jordan??? he's not here!
*Rayven looks out too*
Rayven: I would still see him.
Ray: He gone???
Jamie: oh who cares??????? at least he's gone and it's a grls team now!
BridgettE: Jamie get over here *starts chancing Jamie*

*Out side plane*
*Jordan holds on the the back of the plane like ezekiel did on TDWT*
Jordan: I'm going to win this season!!!! and i want to get off fare and scare!!!!!!!! This is my game!!!!!! Mine!!!!!!!!!!!
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okay this gose with my total drama Glee photos so yeah enjoy ohh yeah plz no hate comments
the schoolday started of as normal mr trent coming in diving his old banged up car getting out and smiling to everybody being cheerfull "hey noah make some new Friends ?" he asked seeing noah with all the boys on the football team
"ohh yeah mr mcguiness were getting along great" tyler spoke up trent didnt seam to notice the fact that noah wasnt happy "ok then" and with that he walked off whist he was out of sight all the boys on the football team picked...
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posted by wetts2
chrissy:hi toi saw tdi wait till toi see tds im chrissy chris mclean's youngest cuzen im 26 here is a crappy old studio some where in masoka where the losers will be leaving in lame O walk O the winnner will receve 999 grand and lets face it thay will probily spend in a mois lets meet our 15 contestens firs one is BEN whats up?
ben:ITS SUPER COOL TO MEET YOU!!! WOW toi mutch shorter in real life
chrissy:uh? thanks
chrissy:hay gwet
gwet:you mean where liveing here?
chrissy:no your living her my accueil is over there with A.C that way
gwet:i did not sighned up for thise
chrissy:well toi did
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posted by Duncan-superfan
*Sakura Kiss*

AT 6:00AM:

*Karen is the first to wake up*

Karen:*gets out of lit and takes a shower* "2 min later" *yawns* Ok gotta get ready for school. *puts on uniform* *walks over to Sofies bed* Sofie wake up.
Karen:Sofie. *shakes her*
Sofie:*turns over*
Karen:SOFIE!! *shakes her harder*
Sofie:*still sleeping* mommy plz leave me alone. *rubs nose*
Karen: SOFIE WAKE THE F*** UP!! *pushes her off the lit into the hottub*
Sofie:Karen WHAT THE HELL! *swims over to the edge of the hottub and gets out*
Karen:Im sorry. BUt its your fault toi picked the lit RIGHT beside the hottub!! *wakes to...
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posted by superDUNCANfan
 The guys of the Payne family.From left to right:Shawn, Duncan, Terrian.
The guys of the Payne family.From left to right:Shawn, Duncan, Terrian.
Terrian, Shawn, Natile, Natasha.

Duncan and Courtney met on Total Drama Island. They dated outside the show, when TDI was over Courtney was pregnat with their first kid: Terrian, Duncan hadn't found out he had a son until TDA. 2 years later Shawn was born, Then a an later Natile was born. Then another an later the youngest of the family was born: Natasha. But when Terrian was 5 he ran away. He is now wanted in half the states in the u.s., But when Terrian was 18 he came back.(His mother was upset that he is a criminal, his dad was proud.)

The only goodie two shoes besides Courtney in the family is Natile.

Duncan ain't to fond of his young daughter dating Chris Mclain's son Drake(Christopher Dallas Mclain the 2).Courtney isn't fond of Natile dating Justin's RICH son Armond. Shawn's dating Jacilyn(Geoff and Bridgette's daughter), Terrian is dating Amanda(Gwen and Trent's daughter).
 The girls of the Payne family. The left to right: Natile, Courtney, Natasha
The girls of the Payne family. The left to right: Natile, Courtney, Natasha
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