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Chris: The screaming users u have casted ur votes and one of u is going home. The marshmellows goes to Rayven,Natalie,Jade,Ava,Dawn,Gabby,Noah,DJ,Harold, and Izzy
Chris:Heather, Alejrando. This is the last marshmelle it goes to............

Chris:Heather!!1 Alejrando ur time is up
Alejrando: *whispers* i will have my revenge!!!
*walks on the bateau of losers*
Heather: *putting on lipstick* That was so easy >:)
Gabby: Heather asked me and Dawn to be in a alliance we both a dit yes. But im not stupid i knoow she will backstabb me but i just need her to get me to the merge >:)
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posted by vamp_grl_123
AN: Ok i posté chapter 1 like a billion years il y a and never did post the rest. Sory. If u need a refresh on chapter 1 check it out here. (link) Also if u dont want to wait for me to update here, u can read what i got so far here as well

One plus thing. This is rated PG-13.

Gwen's POV

I sat in the cold quite darkness of my room slowly nibbling the nourriture I was given. I cant believe that woman made me live with 4 beautiful guys. She knows how I hate and distrust beautiful people. ou at least I have been 2 years il y a till now. It was such a painful memory I'd rather not rethink it. Let's just say...
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posted by izzyxcody
Summary: After Cody's encounter with the bear, Izzy takes it upon herself to take care of him and nurse him back to health. Little does Cody know, the red head has ulterior motives in mind.

Disclaimer: I own nothing!

Pairings: Main: Izzy/Cody, Side: Tyler/Eva, Katie/Ezekiel, Mentioned: Duncan/LeShawna, Gwen/Geoff and Lindsey/Owen, Hinted: Noah/Heather.

Warnings: FLUFF and the usual

Winter-Rae: I swear, I'm never gonna get to écriture an actual fic anytime soon. But when elephantburch offered to do a fic trade with me, how could I refuse? I mean hey, I'm getting a Duncan/LeShawna fic out of this!...
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posted by KataraLover
Once there was a widow women and her little daughter Bridgette she was a kind women who loeved her daughter but felt that she needed a fater so she married again a man named Chris of good family with two daughters just Bridgette's age par name Courtney and Eva but after the death of this good woman the step-families true nature was revealed cold and cruel and jelous of Bridgette's charm and beauty they forced her to be a servant but she stayed gentle and kind and dreamed that her dreams would come true and her step-family called her Cinderella
Cody(as a mouse)-Bridgette wake-up
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