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*At the dock*

Chris:Okay everybody we have to go to the stage because our challange is a chant contest!

*At the stage*

Chris:Okay every team has to pick 4 singers for their team!

*At the good cabin*

Alex: Okay so who wants to be one of the singers?

Rebecca: I'll be one! But i will only sing Justin bieber songs!

Alex: Okay thats one! Who else wants to be one?

Lisa: I'll be a singer! And ill sing any song.

Alex: Yes! We have 2! Okay we need 2 more?

Geoff: I'll be a singer.

Cody: So will I!

Alex: Thanks guys! Now who wants to do a duet with who?

Cody: I'll do a duet with Rebecca!

Geoff: So i guess ill do a duet with Lisa!

Alex: Great ideas guys! Okay lets go tell chris that we picked our singers!

*The good team tells chris*

*At the evil Cabin*

Annie: Okay i just l’amour to sing! So ill be one of the singers.

Jared: Me too,I'll do a duet with anybody here.

Annie: Wanna do a duet with me?

Jared: Sure.

Jared: okay we still need 2 plus singers.


Jared: okay! Fine izzy!

Alejandro: I'll sing too.

Aydan: Okay we have all of our singers!

Heather: okay! lets not stand around here like bitches! We have to tell chris that were ready!

*The evil team tells chris*

*Stay tuned for part 4 of episode 1!*
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*after they defete heartless they run into a big house*
sora: lets divisé, split up.
chey: i'll go this way!
sora: cool.
chey: *runs off*
*duncan's pov*
duncan: *runs off to find chey. then stops at house and walks in* *thinking* since chey has perfume on it trails behind her.*snifs air* this way.
chey's pov
chey: *keeps running till she meets axel* you.
axel: *runs to chey and pins her to the wall* ever since toi broke up with me i allways wanted to get toi back for it.
chey: let go of me.
axel: no. not until toi take me back.
unfermillur voice: she a dit let go of her.
axel: what the...
chey: duncan!
duncan: let...
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Jumanji: i'm finally out of my cast
Phil: good, your gonna need it, meet me at the cementery for your challenge
at cementery
Phil: toi will be battling on the haut, retour au début of those ston things up high, there in the sky those things
jumanji: *in grave of confetion* did i mention i've been a little afraid of hights since death throw me
Phil: jumanji and hollow
jumanji:*wobbling on top* wow *falls and knocks of hollow*
Phil: hollow, to the scardy car, suivant is summer and Aydan, here are your wips
Aydan: *wips with wip*
Summer: *falls off but grabs on to Aydan's wip and swings to her but accidentaly kicks her off* woohoo
Phil: Aydan toi leave, suivant is Alex and Jackie
Alex: * hits jackie with a wip but misses* hiyaa
Jackie: *throws off Alex* alright
Phil: bye-bye Alex, the winners follow me to the casts dinner
Phil: who will go accueil who will come back who will betray find out suivant time on total drama the haunting
max:oh,before toi jump,i have to tell toi something.3 things,actually!first of all, im not going with you,so to tell toi the challenges,here are some wlki-talkis! seconde of all,let me announce the teams.elizabeth,tiffany,lia,katherine,and jacki,your on the SREAMING SQUIRRLES! violet,phil,izabel,yuri,and alex are on the KILLER CROCS!alex:cool! max:and third of all,jacki,watch out for the haut, retour au début of the door! *jacki bumps her head* jacki:oh my god,im SMART! alex:yeah,right!prove it,whats 345 devided par 67? jacki:5.14925373134! alex:*pulls out calculater*WOW,SHE'S RIGHT! TEENS:*GASP!!!* max:now jump!! teens as their falling:AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! *CRASH* suivant TIME, FIND OUT WHO DIED!
Brittani's POV: OK, so after first period, I brushed past Duncan, who winked at me, and I passed Douglas who i wanted to slap upside the fucking head.

"Hey," some weird goth guy stopped me in the hall. He had shoulder-length long black hair shagged down over his right eye and a silver eyebrow ring.

"um...hi?" I looked around strangely like "who is this guy and why is he talkin 2 me?"

"I'm Luke. toi must be Brittani F, right?"

"Um, yeah."

"see, my cousin says he knows toi and p.s.-between toi and me, he likes you."


He winked at me. "I'll catch ya later."


Andrea's POV:...
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