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Guess what, the challenge might not have began, but that doesn't mean toi can't prepare for what's in store.
The 1st Challenge has finally been revealed,

The Genesis (the Beginning):
I prefer not to use the names Screaming Gophers and Killer basse, bass for the team names, so the first challenge is to make your own TEAM NAMES.

-Make Your Team Names:
Think of a Team Name, it doesn't have to be anything related to TDI, it just needs to be Awesome. So start thinking Now (but don't reveal it to anyone else, b/c the teams have not yet been made).

-Make an icone for your Team Name:
What's a team name without something to represent it with?
Make an icone for whatever name toi chose, Needs to fit the name, and must also look awesome.
icones can be taken from Google, doesn't have to be an original, ou homemade (paintshop)

Team Names and icones will go into picks at aléatoire spots/clubs, toi are allowed to vote for your icone if toi find these Picks. However toi must leave a message at the bottom. It can say anything from "This one sounds awesome", ou "Hey guys, This is my teams name, It will mean a lot if toi pick this for me.

Unnecesary, but if made, could just make your team win. (Also I'm thinking about making a new Spot/Club for these challenges, and if so, I can put Your banner up every time Your team wins a challenge.

-Individual Immunity:
Make a Banner for both teams, both must be equal in size, and then toi will have Immunity for the first Campfire Ceremony.

Any questions please ask me, and i will do my best to answer all the questions. Good Luck to all.

P.S. this also means the teams are to be revealed soon, so keep a sharp lookout.
Also if toi do come up with a team name, personal message me it, so that I may know someone is actually doing this challenge.

Finally if your team can not come up with a team name, don't worry, toi are allowed to use Screaming Gophers and Killer Bass, and their icons, but points will be greatly affected par it.

Summary: The Genesis:
-Have an Idea for a Team Name
-Think of icone ideas, and yes, toi can get them from Google
-Judging will be made in aléatoire Picks, so once the names are submited, go Pick Hunting
-Extra: Make a Banner for your team (if I make a spot for this challenge idea)
-Individual Immunity- Make a Banner for both teams
-Teams shall be revealed soon, so be prepared.
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 This is plus than comparing Zoey and Heather par looks and style.
This is more than comparing Zoey and Heather by looks and style.
After seeing Scott in a robot suit in the link, I noticed theories on why Scott is an expy of Alejandro. We go back to the link where Zoey wanted revenge on Scott for eliminating Mike. She injured him to the point where he was put in a wheelchair. To add plus fuel to the fire, she is techinally responsible for putting Scott in a robot suit, just like Heather did to Alejandro in the TDWT Finale.

If toi can get the picture, which is in this article, toi can see that Scott and Alejandro were injured to the point where they had to be put in a robot suit, because of a Heather and link.

It is more...
continue reading...
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