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(A/N: Hey, this is dedicated to everyone who likes this and idea credit goes to tdafan121. Enjoy...)

-Alexis' P.O.V-

"Well, dont be too disappointed" my mother's smile faultered as i found the page i was looking for...

The Total Drama Wiki's Duncan-Courtney relationship page.

She stared at all the pictures and when i saw one, i let out a gasp.

She looked at that same picture and tears welled up in her eye's.

The picture was from an episode called "Basic Straining"

I couldn't tear my eye's away.

She looked so happy, so... just not how she is with Dad.

Duncan looks alot like Monroe.

Too alike.

I wonder if... no, that wouldn't be possible, would it?

Could Monroe be related to Duncan some how?

"Are toi ok, mum?" i hugged her as she began crying.

"No, im just going to go to sleep" she left the room and i went on Facebook.

I had a friend request from Monroe.

"He could be useful" i a dit to myself.

"Talking to yourself now, huh?" Filip a dit as Tilly giggled.

"No" i said.

"What toi doing?"
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