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Kise!” Ranma’s voice rang out from two flights down. “C’mon! We’re gonna meet your Duncan-honey!”
I blinked, distracted. “Duncan-honey? Really, Ranma?”
“Yeah!” He was still my older brother, obnoxious and annoying and ... well, Ranma. “C’mon, Kise! Ya got some making-out to do now? Huh? Huh?”
My eyes flashed open, and I sprinted downstairs as fast as I could. I stalked up to Ranma, and my sharp melted-chocolate eyes could’ve dug a hole in his skull.
“Ranma, no way.”
“Why not?”
“We’re not dating, toi idiot. I don’t think we ever will.”
“Are toi suuuuure?” His gaze was still amused, and I wanted to coup de poing my fist into his smug smile.
“YESSS!” I snapped. “I ... he’ll never like me, toi know. It’s creepy that you’re Friends with him. He doesn’t like anyone.”
Ranma laughed. “C’mon, baby. Duncan’s not so bad.”
I felt myself blushing a light pink. “Never call me that again, Ranma. ou else I’ll need an excuse of why your body was found in a closet to say to Genma.”
“Aw, c’mon, sis. I can’t be that bad.”
“Apparently, you’re not aware of how bad toi can be,” I muttered.


My cœur, coeur pounded as I walked up to Gwen, my best friend. “Gwen...” I started.
“Kise! Hey!” She smiled at me. “So, what’s new?”
“Nothing much. I ... have a rendez-vous amoureux, date with Duncan tonight.” I looked around to see no-one was in earshot.
“Omigosh! You’re serious?!” Gwen did one of her little bounce-jumps that happened almost un-consiously.
Shhh!” I shoved her. “Yes, I do. It had nothing to do with me ou him, though. Ranma set us up.”
“Ooh,” Gwen giggled. “Your brother is really something, ain’t he?”
“No!” I groaned. “He’s childish and annoying.”
Gwen looked surprised. “Ranma? Really? But he’s so cute. And smart. And ...”
“OKAY!” I sighed, not wanting to hear my best friend go on and on about my brother.
“Aren’t toi glad?”
The word sent a flutter through my heart, not that I could control it. “Uh ... glad? Why would I be?”
Gwen rolled her eyes. “C’mon, Kise. You’ve told me how much toi love Duncan.”
“Shut up, Gwen. toi just happen to be the one interested in an idiotic moron with puffy hair.”
Gwen looked into my eyes dreamily. “You have his eyes...”
I laughed. “Ew, Gwen! Don’t toi go all lesbo on me.”


Okay. I was late for my stinkin’ rendez-vous amoureux, date with Duncan par about 40 minutes. I was watching Total Drama Island, okay?! It’s on at 7:30, and oh god have I got to watch the new episode. But why did I still go, even though Duncan was probably already at accueil doing whatever he was doing. Carving skulls. Killing rabbits. Throwing gummy-bears into the toilet. Whatever.

But I did go. One little part of me felt that I shouldn’t have watched TDI, and headed to the rendez-vous amoureux, date 30 minutes early to make sure I wasn’t late (which makes no sense but whatever) for my rendez-vous amoureux, date with Duncan. That little flicker of me made my feet march towards to the door, head in my pale-gold Beemer, and drive towards the Starbucks right par 10th.
And I’m kinda ashamed to say, that part is a really big part of me.


I walked in the Starbucks café, which was almost empty except for an old man lire a newspaper sitting near the back of the café. Duncan sat on a couch, and as the door opened he looked back at me with his beautiful blue eyes.
“Kiseki?” He pronounced my full name carefully.
“Duncan.. sorry I’m late.” I smiled sheepishly and looked at my navy flats.
He smiled. “It’s ‘kay, baby. Sit.”
He did not just call me that.
I sat down on the chair beside him. There was a coffee cup right in front of me, and I nodded towards it. “For me?”
“Yeah. It’s kinda cold, though.” He laughed. “Watchin’ a new episode of TDI?”
I grinned. “Uh huh. TDI is awesome. I watch it every night.” I took a sip of my coffee.
“Fave episode?” he said, winking.
“Uh... the cliff-diving one. Episode 1, part 2. It’s like, beast.”
Duncan made some kind of connection. “You just l’amour to see me shirtless, don’t ya?”
I giggled despite myself, and I smiled flirtatiously, and in my sweetest voice I said,

Duncan smiled his hot juvy-boy smile. “That means yes, toi know,” he whispered in my ear. “Maybe always means yes.”
“Oh, is that so?” I giggled.
“Of course. And I know what you’re thinking, baby.”
I jumped up, startled. “What?”
“I know toi want me, Kise-Princess.”
I was speechless. Sure, I wanted him – but only because I had a major crush on him for like forever.
“And I know toi want the answer to that question.”
“W-what question?” I stuttered. But of course I knew what he meant. Just as the words flew through my mind one par one, I heard him say,
Do I like you.
I blushed. “Well, do you?” I giggled nervously. “C’mon, people are waiting. Tell me so I can get out of here.”
Duncan smiled, lowered his eyelids, and whispered,
“Maybe always means yes,” I whispered back.
Duncan blinked, and the juvy-boy act was totally gone for that moment. He was the real Duncan then, and I wondered briefly how what could’ve happened. “Not always,” he murmured. “Sometimes it means no.”
I felt both confusion and disappointment swelling inside me.
Duncan continued. “Like for this time, it means no,” he said, wrapping his arms around me.
“I—” I started, but Duncan put his finger to my lips.
“No, Kise. I don’t like you,” he said, hugging me tighter.

I was puzzled as I put together his words and his actions. I didn’t make sense. He was saying he didn’t like me, but he was hugging me? What’s with that? I had put two and two together, and I ended up with five...

Duncan smiled sweetly, then he a dit plus clearly, “I l’amour you.
I understood now, but I was so breathless I couldn’t speak.
Duncan, the guy I’d had a crush on forever, was in l’amour with me?
“I’ve wanted toi forever, toi know I have,” he a dit quietly.
I didn’t say anything, I couldn’t say anything, so I just pressed my lips to his cheek, worrying briefly about the lip-gloss I had put on earlier. Would it show? Would Duncan run away from me in disgust?

He didn’t, he just smiled at me like he’s never smiled at anyone else ever before, and it was a moment made of perfect.
Staring into his eyes, I worried if I could ever look away. He drew me closer, just until my face was an inch from his. I saw the resolve in his eyes, and my cœur, coeur leapt.

Do it, toi idiot!

Our lips met, and for a minute I couldn’t think anything straight. He was here with me, and he wanted me. I closed my eyes, throwing my arms around his neck just as his slid around mine, but suddenly, a voice shattered my thoughts and concentration.

Hey! toi can’t make-out here! Are toi gonna order a coffee ou what?!

It was the Starbucks guy. I backed away from Duncan, embarrassed.
“Sorry, sir. We were just leaving,” Duncan a dit with amusement in his voice.
He stood up along with me, and he smiled at me for the like, ten-millionth time today.

As we were advancing to the corner where we would part, I asked him,
“Just out of curiosity ... do toi think we’ll have another rendez-vous amoureux, date ever again?”
Duncan turned, and gazed into my eyes, grinning. “Maybe,” he whispered, and headed off left.

As I turned right, my cœur, coeur fluttered.
Maybe always means yes...
Just so toi know the High school is at is whatever the Glee highschool is :3

Kuki: Welcome final 8! Today toi will be going to Highschool!

*At the highschool*

Saphira: Ohh Lindsay! Katie!! Ill give toi two a dollar if toi go out the highschool!

Katie: Im not that stupid -.-

Saphira: *Grabs 500 bucks out off Kuki's pocket*500?

Katie: DEAL!

DavidL That was mean 3=

*Lindsay and Katie run out of the highschool*

*In the RV*

Lindsay: Whats this? *presses a button*

*Back at the Highschool*

Quinn: *Bumps into Jared* Sorry-

Jared: Its ok- ♥____________♥

Annie: *In a Alejandro coustume*...
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Penny: I miss Jake!
Zoey: I know toi do!

Annie: I wonder how toi get in side a dimond!
Jordan: are toi kidding me?

Jax: We keep loseing!
Ray: I know!
noah: we only got to go in first class once!
DJ: I want to go in there Again!
Avan: we all do!
Jamie: so why did toi brick, brig us here Jax?
Jax: we need to win today's challang!
Less: yeah we are going down hill!
Lindsay: I want tyler!
Bridgette: he's on the other team!
lindsay: How do toi know?
Bridgette: he's not here!

Chris: Ok We are heading to Washington DC!
Natalie: sweat! will we get to see the presadent?
Chris: were lucky we could get in side to wight house!...
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Name: Minora Izumi
Age: 15
Siblings: Older sister, Kasumi Izumi
Parents: Father
Location: Japan
Pets: One cat
(Name?:) (Yet to be updated)


Skin: Pale/Normal

Breasts: Small/Undeveloped
Under Layer: White tank haut, retour au début with small white bow
Top Layer: Short orange dress with small red cœur, coeur near opening

[Shiny-ish] Over-elbow white gloves

Under Layer: White ankle-socks
Top Layer: Shiny, open-footed platform shoes

School Uniform:
(Yet to be updated)

Eyes: Blue
Hair: [Shiny] Black
Style: High pigtails
Makeup: None


Music: J-pop, Alternative, Other
(Artists?:) Vocaloids,...
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"What do toi mean toi sold my soul to the grim reaper!" Courtney shouted at her parents. She was on a complete rampage, "How could toi do this to me! Why not Hillary? Kyle? ou the twins?" she screamed and kicked her brother for no reason. Kyle bent over in pain and wobbled away, Courtney turned to her mother, "How come toi never told me?"

Mrs. Marinez was crying into her husband's shoulders, she wiped some of her mascara away, "I was going to wait until tomorrow but Duncan showed up unexpected, like he does most of the time". She turned to glare a bit at the Duncan who was browsing through their...
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Chris: I like Chris. He's a jerk, but he keeps the montrer interesting. He's a great host :D He's pretty conceded, but I think that's what makes him funny.

Chef: I think Chef deserves a lot of love. He's wore a bikkini for the montrer for crying out loud! He may not be niceto the campers, but toi can tell he's actually a good guy. When Chef a dit he was leaving I was really upset. I'm so glad he decided to stick around ^^

Ezekiel: I used to despise him, but now I kind of just feel sorry for him. I mean he was accueil schooled all his life, and hadn't really socialized with anyone other than his parents...
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ok Duncan go wake em up-Juno
*takes out a blow horn* GET UP *BEEEEEEEEEEEP*-Duncan
ok geeze were up-Theresa
I HATE toi JUNO-Jared
yeah i know-Juno
Jared can I talk to you-Andi
so i was wondering if mabe toi wanted to go out sometime-Andi

(At the mess hall)

ok your challenge today is a...-Courtney
HORROR MOVIE CHALLENGE!!!-Juno, Courtney, and Duncan
ok so the first part of the challenge toi will have a scream off-Juno

Katie vs. Keira

no toi dont first toi have to scream louder than Katie then toi win-Juno

posted by vamp_grl_123
 Trent as a vampire in this story
Trent as a vampire in this story
Ok I have this also on fanfiction but it’s called Vampire Queen. So I am changing the name now. This story is now called Vampire Queen ok.

He tackled me to the floor laughing the whole time. “Get off me.” I yelled punching him.

“Oh, no. toi smell to good to give up.” He a dit bringing his fangs to my neck.

“Stop it. Don’t.” I screamed but he didn’t listen. He gabbed my neck with his fangs. I froze in pain, I couldn’t believe this is happening. He took a big gulp from me, and I cringed at the pain. Then he removed his fangs laughing.

“You taste better than I remembered.”...
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For my Duncan luvers!
the musical
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This chapter is short and a little stupid, but enjoy the stupidity!!

Noah's P.O.V

She looked really cute while doing the dance with the other girls. Strutting around and shaking her hips to the rhythm. When the part of Snoop Dog came in, I heard one of us singing.

"Toned, Ten, fit and ready! Turn it up cause it's gettin' heavy! Wild,Wild,Wild, west of coast! These are the girls I l’amour the most!"

It was Duncan.

Apparently, he was an awesome singer. As he rapped he put his hands on Courtney's hips as she danced. He smirked as she started to smile and laugh. That's when everyone started free-styling....
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marguerite, daisy
toi ALL should no about tdifangirls doncan and daisy.well once again a prediction. btw if toi dont like my predictions just tell me and ill stop writing.
doncan and marguerite, daisy were on there 12 mois anaversery , thats where doncan proposed to her.she accepted and had a huge wedding in france. everyoneone was there , even courtney.[doncan was still a little nervos around her] anyway,daisy became a super modle in toronto while douncan plays on one of the best basket ball teams ever![#7 to be exact]they are know millionairs with no children.[but,she is pregnet and planing on a girl named marrianne]there toi have it if toi want me i'll be making my suivant artical. dueces!
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toi should all know the fight between justin and noah.the fight over the sweet as honey hether well i should tell toi who won.the hot guy ou the smart guy.....if toi guessed the smart guy your correct. hether chose noah.
hether prodly states she iz now hether kagumi stevensonby one little event
[justin]"hether,will you........._"
[noah]"hether, i gotta talk to you!"
[justin]"hold on a seconde long head, i was here first!"
[noah]"whatever, this is important"
[justin]not as important as mine"
[noah]"your right ... plus important, now move!"
[justin]"get out ou i'll coup de poing the living jour lights out of you!"...
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 mckaylas the one in the left ou the one bending down
mckaylas the one in the left or the one bending down
ok tdifangirl made the awesome and amazing legend : crizzy, and im telling what they might be like wen there older.
chris proposed 2 izzy wen they were 21 and had 3 kids.2 boys and a girl.Christopher dallas McClain the 2nd, Marcus roy McClain,and McKayla danielle McClain.
chistopher was the oldest , mckayla was the youngist.izzy iz now a pro dancer and a football mom , while chris directs a new montrer called "do toi gots it"[yes i got that of of a show]
they went to the tdi reuniun,chris came up to izzy and said" izzy can i talk 2 u"
"im just going to come out and say this.."
"izabella danielle gray,i want to spend the rest of my life with toi and i really l’amour you! will toi marry me?"
"oh my gosh chris! YES!!!"
now they live happily together in a huge manchon with millions of dollers. i just wanted to share my opinion'bout chrizzy. the # 1 fan of chrizzy,
izzyroxmysocks ps the pics r predicsions
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