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posted by TDIfangirl
One, YES, it's been a while since I've written a fanfic.
Two, I've been obsessed with this couple for a while, so don't hate.

It was nightime. The song "Witch Doctor(The movie one, the one that actually sounds good)" was playing, and the cast were enjoying a nice time with TDA's co-hosts(Chef was on vacation, and Chris was on a rendez-vous amoureux, date with someone named Katie).
"YEAAAAAAH!" Yelled Enikah and Sofie.

Duncan watched everyone have a good time, a look of disapproval on his face(Courtney had spent half his money on a new PDA; the other was donated to charity). "Dumb parties.." He muttered, getting a glass of punch(obviously spiked). He watched everyone dance,Cody with Sierra, Geoff with Bridgette, Trent with Gwen, and Heather with Alejandro(courtesy of TDIfangirl). Beth stood suivant to him eating cookies. "Man, is Courtney ever going to stop bragging about her PDA?" Asked the wannabe.
"Nope. But part of it's because she's drunk." Replied the delinquent. He stepped closer to get some cookies, when he felt something brush against his mohawk. The entire party went to a halt, and Courtney stopped talking.
It was mistletoe.
Courtney squealed, but was playfully tackled par Sofie and Enikah before she could say anything.
Everyone at the party looked at the blushing Beth and Duncan.
"C'mon, Duncan....!" TDIfangirl urged, fists clenched.
"Oh boy!" Sofie squealed. "Duncan's gonna Kiss someone other than Courtney!"
"Hehehehe..hahaha..HAHAHAH!!" Courtney said.
"Oh, c'mon...do I have to?" Duncan asked.
"YES!" The entire party said, except for Courtney, who laughed at Duncan.
"Damn it.." Duncan mutterd as he leaned torwards Beth and kissed her softly.
The boys cheered, and the girls laughed. Courtney danced around Duncan, pointing and laughing. Duncan rolled his eyes, trying to hide the fact he was blushing.
"He liked it!" Sofie said.
"He's blushing!" Teased Daisy.
"Shut up.." Duncan a dit as he turned to get plus cookies.
Everyone turned to look at Alejandro, who had a mad blush on his face and Heather, who was giggling. Mistletoe dangled over their heads.
"Oh, no, Oh, no!" Wailed Alejandro.
"It-*giggle* will be okay!" Heather laughed.
Everyone laughed,and TDIfangirl yelled. "YESSSSSSSSSSSS!"
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