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posted by potterandtdi
I walked down the rue with my black Converse clopping on the pavement. I hear a faint bang but ignore it. I hear it again, but a little louder. Someone pushes me off the sidewalk and into a nearby alleyway. I open my eyes and see a handsom man on haut, retour au début of me. He has a green mohawk topping his jet black hair. His skin was a nice
in-the-middle color, not too pale, not too tan. And his eyes, oh, those sarcelle, teal blue eyes got me. They were rich and smooth. They had a touch of green, only a faint one. Those eyes were what got me. "I'm sorry I tackled you. I hope it didn't hurt." he said. He reached his hand out and pulled me up. "I don't think toi should go home. I think he's still after you." he said. "Where is my home? I have no family." I finally say. He looks at me and says," Come on. I'll bring toi to my house." I follow him to his transporatation vehicle. It's a motorcycle. He gets on and holds out his hand. "Do toi trust me?" I hesitate for a minute, then grab his hand. He pulls me on. I grab his waist and he drives away.
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geoff and bridgette have a good time!
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