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posted by Courtney370
salut everybody! just to let toi kown that there are other couples in this fan fiction too like BxG,DxK,LxH,TxL,LxO,BxJ,TxG and most of all duncan and courtney and heather and chris and sadie and noah and eva and Ezekiel and Cody and Chef hatchet. anyway thank toi for lire my fan fic and tell me how i did when im done. Our first one is chr.1 The Prep and the Criminal wedding. It was March and It was a Sunday the jour courtney and duncan got married. courtney and duncan was getting ready for there wedding. bridgette was helping her get on her pertty white dress while duncan was out there waiting to married his princess like he wanted to years ago. courtney toi look pertty in that dress. a dit bridgette thank toi for helping me getting ready for this wedding bridgette. a dit courtney toi welcome anything for a best friend. a dit bridgette when toi walk out there don,t be scary you,er the best CIT i kown. a dit bridgette thank toi bridgette toi really kown how to cheer me up at time. a dit courtney courtney walk slowly with the fleurs in her hand and she saw everybody from TDI and TDA even chris and chef and her mom and dad and duncan,s mom and dad. the prist a dit duncan do toi take courtney to be your wife? I do courtney do toi take duncan to be your hasband? I do then toi may Kiss the bride. duncan Kiss courtney. everyone cheer and clap there hand. duncan grab courtney,s hand and ran to the car. she throw the flowers. it landed in bridgette hands. chr.2 after the wedding and the honey moon. after the wedding and the honey moon life has been great im Les Experts againt in Canada and duncan is still a criminal and we bought a house par bridgette and geoff. It was 7:00 am and me and duncan was sleeping in my bed. hmm a dit courtney as she smile at duncan. good morning princess. a dit duncan as he Kiss her. oh morning criminal. a dit courtney courtney gets up to go to work. where you,er going princess? a dit duncan to my job duncan. a dit courtney when are toi comeing back. a dit duncan at five duncan. a dit courtney bye duncan. a dit courtney bye princess i l’amour you. a dit duncan she went to her car and drive off. chr.3 a jour at the job. courtney went in her office when her boss heather came up and a dit courtney i need toi to take those paper up to our new worker. ok i will. courtney send the paper up the new work. here toi go. a dit courtney seventeen hours later.......... courtney got in her car and droved off to her house to finded duncan watching TV. chr.4 baby time a week later.. courtney finds out that she going to have a baby. duncan guess what? a dit courtney im going to have twins. duncan pick her up and spun her around. chr.5 three months. three months has pass and courtney had her twin they were girls. they are five years old. chr.6 jour care. sorry everybody i could not really think about what,s going to go in my story suivant anyway this fanfic is not over yet. i just need some plus idea.
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