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L’Île des défis extrêmes
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Minda: Hey! my name is Minda!

Kelsey: AND IM KELSEY!!!!!!!!

Minda:...and welcome to a very brand new montrer King of nerds!

Kelsey: Mmhmm ^.^ here we are going to put two team to battle each other!

Minda: That's right 12 Nerds will duke it out for the chance to be The king of nerds ^.^

Kelsey: Omigosh here comes one now!

Minda: This is Jade

Jade: *rasies hand up and waves,but then her face falls back into a frown*


Jade: no please don't...

Kelsey: T.T

Minda:...anyways suivant up is Matthew

Matthew: Hello there~

Kelsey: :O

Matthew: are toi okay?

Kelsey: it you're accent its so...
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Hey this is a sort of intro to sayu's story and her toddler years (until she got adopted) it doesn't involve oc's yet but it'd be amazing if toi guys still read this story...please? I'll l’amour toi forever! __________________________________
'Sayuuuuu~!' I hear a shout and I barely have any time to register the flash of blue and green before I'm sent crashing to the floor while my best friend hugs me. 'Riley!....R-riley...can't breathe' I manage to stutter out.After some time riley lets go and runs off to find other victims to attack. I sit down on the sofa of the orphanages main room. But this...
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Okay so this is a pointless lil start to a story that i'll never finish tbh but it involves sexual humor so if toi are grossed out ou whatever par that, don't read. yea? yea.

anyway this is pointless bc i just wanted an excuse to use the joke n what better way than through ocs? legit no point to this shitty lil unfinished thing sorry.

‘So who are we waiting for again?’ Veto asked, quirking an eyebrow to Renee who smiled ‘Kendall. we’re waiting for Kendall’ she replied softly. Veto groaned ‘what the fuck? why? nobody even likes him!’ Eddie looked at Veto, blinking...
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Wisp:*drawing with coal on a leaf*

Ace: Hi Wisp! What are toi drawing?

Wisp: Hey! I'm drawing myself with my MP3. Since it's gone :'(

Ace: Nice. So listen maybe we should make an alliance.

Wisp: Sure, I'd l’amour to!

Ace: Great

EC: Ughh! What if I'm voted off?

Kurt: *smirks*

EC: What are toi smiling at?

Kurt: Oh nothing.

Chris's voice: All contestants come to the docks!

Chris: Tonight another camper will be going accueil through the submarine of shame. Vote!

zoey: (head spinning and écriture with wisps coal) these just don't add up i like nat shes cool but i don't like EC i just cant figure this...
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