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Strawberry0020 posted on May 26, 2012 at 05:03AM
In a village in the mountains, there's supernatural beings living among "normal" human beings. These "normal" human beings have gone through generations and generations of fear and hatred towards those who are considered demons in rural areas before. Now, all half-demons are part of a special elite team that are used as hitmen that defeat the full-blown demons. In this RP, you can be a human, demon, or half-demon.

-Demons are considered evil beings in this RP.
-No God-modding
-Violence is allowed, just don't go too far. ^^'
-This takes place in around the 1600's
-All members of the elite force carry some type of sword
-Have as many characters as you want, just keep up with them.
-Elite Force members ARE allowed to turn against each other.
-That's all I have. :p
-Enjoy! :D

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il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
(Tobi-Half Demon
Carmen- Demon
Olivia-Human >3<)
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
(Katie-Half Demon)
(Evangeline- Half demon)
(Serena- Half Demon)
(Hazel- Half Demon)
~The Northern village~
*It's snowing*
Evangeline: *Fighting a demon, try her best to fend him off with her sword* Ugh... Where the hell is Katie? I'm tired of her slacking off and getting here so late!
Serena: *Holding her shoulder and it's leaking blood* She'll be here any minute... Just wait. *Heals shoulder in less than 5 seconds*
Hazel: We know she's your cousin, but you can stick up for her every time she screws up!
Katie: *Walks out of an alley way silently*
Evangeline: Katie, what is wrong with you? Get over here on time and fight-
Katie: *Closes eyes in frustration*...Don't tell me what to do. *Mumbles under breath* Like I would respect someone in the likes of you.
Evangeline: *Decapitates the last demon, enraged* Well obviously, you need to be told what to do! You haven't done A THING!
Katie: *Pauses and look back in the alley in silence*
Hazel: Huh? *Does the same* D8
Evangeline: What? We have no time to spa- *Looks in the alley and sees a bunch of dismembered demons laying dead in the alley way* D8
Katie: I was also late because I had to sharpen the blade on my sword. It's easier to slay demons that way...
Evangeline: -_- Whatever. I can do that later.
Serena: Are you alright, Katie? ^-^
Katie: I'm fine. I sorta got roughed up back there though. *Faint smile*
Hazel: Let's claim our reward money and get out of here. I'm starving.
Evangeline: Let's head out then.
il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
Olivia: *walking slowy shuffles though her book tearing out pages every now and than*
Carmen: *floating behind Olivia and grabs her*
Olivia: *turns head and scearms*
Tobi: EEAH! *knocks carmen off her feet and has a sword to her neck* Don't.You.Dare
Carmen: *snickers and sinks into the ground*
il y a plus d’un an jadeISmaNAME said…
( billy . girl . - demon )
(kacey - human )
lacey - half demon )
(serenity - half demon )
( shadow - half demon )

kacey : * sat on the streets *
serenity : * at the police station * BUT YOU PROMISED ME THE MONEY !we did everything you asked !
shadow: do you know how long it took us to kill those things !
officer : i know that you helped us but we are running out of money , we dont have enough to give you !
lacey : come on guys , lets go , just leave it !
* they leave the police station *
billy : * sat on a mountain *
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
Evangeline: *Hands Katie the reward money and food supply in an over-sized sack*
Katie: ._.
Evangeline: Here. Carry this would ya?
Katie: No. *Smirks* Maybe I'm incapable of doing so... Just like you said.
Evangeline: You know, you have a very snotty attitude for a chick who's the youngest.
Katie: *Slight chuckle* And you know, you have a pretty over-sized ego for a chick who's in a lower rank than me. *Shoves the bag back at her*
Evangeline: It doesn't mean that I can't kick your ass still. >:i
Katie: Ha.
Serena: Hey! Quit! I feel another aura coming from that direction! *Faces Carmen's direction* Let's go!
il y a plus d’un an jadeISmaNAME said…
billy : * jumps off the mountain and lands in village *
kacey : * covers the blanket over her even more *
lacey : now what ?
serenty : i guess we have to find some food
shadow : how ?
serenity : i dunno .
il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
Tobi: Daf-
Carmen: Surprize! *grabs Tobi by her ankle and lifts her up*
Olivia: *scambles away*
Carmen: *grabs Olivia by her collar too and there both stuggleing*
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Hears a familiar voice* Hmm... That girl. I know her... *Walks off without the others*
~Over by Carmen~
Katie: *Sees Olivia and Tobi* Long time no see... Who's this hag? ._. (Carmen)
il y a plus d’un an jadeISmaNAME said…
billy : * sat on a roof watching carmen and everyone els *
serenty : whats that noice ? * looks around *
shadow: its comming from over there * runs to tobi and the others *
lacey : * follows *
serenity : * follows *
il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
Tobi: *her sword is slipping*
Carmen: *smirks and her normal demon outfit melts off her and shows her demon crown and her cloak are shown*
Tobi: *grabs it as it falls and slices her hand*
Carmen: *she drops them and her hand is bleeding and she dispears in a raspy vocie that lingers in the air* I'll be back
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
Evangeline: You let her get away?! >8U
Katie: Calm down... I'll see her again. *Smirks*
il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
Olivia: *stands up shaking* Mommy *runs*
il y a plus d’un an jadeISmaNAME said…
shadow : * ryns over to them* whats going on ,what happened ?
lacey and serenity : *follows *
lacey : everything ok ?
bily : * watching *
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Puts sword away* Nothing. You guys should get inside before another demon appears.
il y a plus d’un an jadeISmaNAME said…
billy : * runs and lands on another roof and keeps running till she get to the end of town *
shadow : * shrugs * i dont mind , the fewer of them the better .
lacey : s-shes right though . i need soe sleep
serenity : but we have no where to go .
lacy : we will find somewhere
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: Good day to you all. V-V *Walks away with the others*
il y a plus d’un an colecutegirl said…
(sounds funnnn!)
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
(Join? :D)
~The Bar~
Evangeline: *Takes a sip of gin, laughing*
Hazel: It's nice to get a break... I'm exhausted.
Serena: *Speech slurring* Hey! You! Bar guy! Give me another! Pahahahaha...
Katie: *Staring off into space with a glass of water in her hand*
Serena: Aw, come on lil cousin, why are you at a bar drinking water?
Katie: So I won't end up like you are now. -_-
Serena: Wha-? *Laughs*
Katie: *Sighs*
Serena: What are you thinking about? You always look so bitter. Are you still mad at Angie?
Katie: That's a thing of the past and I'm not going to discuss this right now. -_-
Serena: I'm your favorite cousin. You can tell me things. I pinkie swear that I won't, just like we did when we were little kids and we used to swear. *laughs*
Katie: Thank you, but there's nothing to talk about.
Serena: There obviously is. You're different. You used to love fighting and all the gratitude we got for fighting the demons. Aren't you still happy to help?
Katie: *Sighs*
Serena: You were in a low rank... People called you weak but you always ignored them and kept fighting with a smile-
Katie: *Glares* I am not weak! And if looking as bitter as you say I look makes me stronger, then so be it!
Serena: Well, I'm sorry then. *Frowns*
Grey: *Walks by and hits Katie's seat accidentally* Excuse me. I'm sorry.
il y a plus d’un an jadeISmaNAME said…
billy : you sure about this lacey ?

lacey : well .. i think it will work ..

serenity : this is a bad idea

shadow : chill , at least this wau we can have food and drinks ..

* they walks into the bar and sits down *

billy : can we have four glasses of .. uh ...

shadow : water ?

billy : yeah .. and four packets of crisps ...
il y a plus d’un an cupcakegirl31 said…
Ellijah: *walks into bar* hey one cup of water
il y a plus d’un an colecutegirl said…
(yeppers i thinks i wills join ^.^)
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
Grey: *Keeps walking*
Katie: *Stands up, grabs him by the collar and slams his back into the wall*
Grey: Ah! What the hell, Lady?!
Katie: I believe you have something of mine and I would like it back.
Grey: Dammit! I never get caught!
Katie: Give me back my satchel...
Grey: *Holding bag under his cloak* You're crazy. Let me go.
Serena: Calm down Katie, he says he doesn't have it!
Grey: *Glares* See? Stop being so abrasive and listen to the woman.
Katie: I will give you until the count of three..
Grey: I'll be waiting!
Katie: One...
Grey: Two.
Katie: *Glares*
Grey: *Smirks*
~The entrance~
Christian: *Sighs* Another day, anther dollar. -_-
*Grey comes crashing out of the window*
Christian: *Blinks at him* What in the-?!
Grey: Aw, f***! *Coughs and sees a long, deep cut on his arm*
Christian: *Looks at cut*
Grey: *Heals cut instantly*
Christian: O.O A half demon...I can' t believe I'm looking at a male fighter!
Katie: *Steps out of glass and stands over him* So. You want to give me back my satchel know or do you want another can of whoop-ass? >:i
Grey: *Takes out sword* Back off! I need it...
Katie: A male half-demon? I've never even heard of one... You're really going to fight me? All you have to do is give me back what's mine? *Faint, dark smile*
Evangeline: *Runs outside* Katie! What in the hell are you doing?! Quit being such a nuisance! *Sees Grey and eyes widen* Wait... I've seen him before.... He's-
Christian: O.O *Eases back into the bar and runs into Ellijah* >-< Sorry! What can I help you with?
Katie: Humph. So be it. *Takes out sword*
Grey: Dammit... I didn't know she'd fight back... I don't have much time.
Katie: *Runs at Grey with sword*
Evangeline: *Blocks Katie with sword*
Katie: What are you doing?!
Grey: *Runs away with Katie's bag*
Katie: You stupid little...
Evangeline: Look! You can't just come out here and cause a scene like that! What is wrong with you?
il y a plus d’un an jadeISmaNAME said…
lacey : * saw the whole think * O>o

serenity : * drinking ehr water *

billy : * following grey *

shadow: uh guys ..

lcay :yeah ?

shadow: billys gone ?!

serenity : O>o
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
~The woods~
Lucy: (Age 6, human) *Sleeping by fire quietly*
Grey: *Walks to campsite* Lucy...
Lucy: *Eyes open halfway and she turns over in Grey's direction; Rubs eye* o.<
Grey: *Tosses her a grapefruit* Here. I got you a few of these nasty grapefruits you wanted so badly.
Lucy: *Pouts*
Grey: Ha. Did Lance and Austin make it back with the fish yet?
Lucy: *Shakes head*
Grey: Hmm... Those two are always fooling around. -_-
Lucy: *Yawns*
Grey: Oh! I got you clothes. *Hands her a bag*
Lucy: *Reaches small arms in bag and takes out Armor looks similar to Grey's* O.O *Reaches in again and pulls out a cloak and cape*
Grey: Since you have armor like me, does this mean that you'll leave mine alone? -_-
Lucy: *Hugs him and nods*
Grey: What do you say, knuckle-head? *Waits for her verbal answer*
Lucy: *Looks down*
Grey: Humph...
Lance: Hey! Grey!
Austin: Look, dude! *Holds up a full net of fish* That lake westward from here is loaded with fish!
Lance: We even caught enough to fill both nets. ^-^
Grey: Good. Lucy, get dinner started and we'll start packing so we can get going.
Lucy: >:i *Sighs*
Grey: Ah, quit your whining... *Starts taking tent apart*
~The Village hotel~
Katie: -_- Idiot...
Evangeline: Listen... I know that guy from the village. Don't you?
Katie: No. -_-
Evangeline: His parents died in the fire. I'm not sure if this is true or not, but his newborn sister survive the massacre.
Katie: *Takes off armor* Go on...
Evangeline: Maybe she's still in his care.
Katie: *Pauses*
Evangeline: *Folds arms*
Katie: I wouldn't have cared if he had told me... There's no need to steal. He's lucky that I didn't kill him!
Serena: *Walks in with Hazel* I can't believe we can here for the night... On the house! :D
Hazel: I know! I sort of don't wanna leave! ^-^
Serena: I'm going to the hotsprings! Is anyone coming with?
Hazel: OOH! MEH! :D
Katie: *Shrugs* I guess.
Evangeline: Sure! I'm exhausted... Let's go.
il y a plus d’un an jadeISmaNAME said…
billy : * was watching .. and thinks: like with fish , food !! i gotta tell them * * runs back to everyone * guys , guess what !
lacey : what ?
billy: theres a lake down there , its loaded with fish !
shadow: yes, food ! but how do you know this?
billy: spying on some dudes
serenity : * raises ehr eyebrow *
billy: not in that way , come on * they run to the woods and too the lake *
lacey: now how we gunna catch them ?
shadow : ill try something * jumps into the lake and tries catching fish *
serenity : * snickers *
il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
Olivia: *short cutting though the woods and steps on a twig*
(Nya- Human)
Nya: *wakes up and knocks Olivia to the ground covering her mouth and holding her down slightly* Don't sneak up on me like that! *gets off her*
Olivia: *sqeaks* Sorry Nya
Nya: Don't sorry bout it
Olivia: *contuies going and finds a metal bracelet coverd in spikes*Hmm? *feels a sharp tug on her hair* Ow! *feels the hair being cut* WHAT THE HE-?!?!
Carmen: *has Olivia by her neck* Nice try *evil laugh*
Olivia: *chokeing* H-H-Halp!
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
Lucy: *Searching the woods for firewood in her metal armor and cape; Sees a perfect piece of wood* O.O
*A squirrel picks up the wood and runs off with it*
Lucy: >-< *Runs after squirrel*
~Deeper in the Woods~
*Squirrel runs under Carmen's legs*
Lucy: *Runs into Carmen, dropping all of the wood she was holding* >-< *Looks up at Carmen through her long blonde hair innocently* Ó·Ò
~The Hotel Hotsprings~
Katie: *Sitting by Hazel holding onto towel tight*
Hazel: Weeeeeeeeee~ ^//////^
Katie: Maybe you should get out... You look dizzy... õ.o
Hazel: But it feels so fuzzy and cuddly in here... =A=
Katie: We're in water. ._.
Hazel: Oh. O.o
Evangeline: *Pours a bucket of water on Serena's head*
Serena: Hey! xD
Evangeline: That's payback for putting a fish in my satchel last week you jerk! *Sticks out tongue*
Katie: *Closes eyes and sits back*
~The Woods~
Grey: Hmm... Those women from the bar... I've seen them before... Haven't I?
Grey (Age 10): *Carrying a bucket of water*
Tina (Grey's mom): Thank you, sweetie. *Holding new born child* Did you bring the rag?
Grey: Yeah. *Hands her bucket and rag*
Tina: You're a good big brother. *Kisses his head*
Grey: *Blushes* Ma... >-<
Tina: Oh, hush. *Giggles and starts bathing baby*
Evangeline: (Age 9) Mrs. Grey! (Grey's real name is Austin Grey) Katie, my daddy, and I made this for you and the new baby. ^-^ *Holds up weaved fruit basket* Katie and I made the basket. Daddy picked the fruit. ^-^
Tina: Aw... Why thank you. ^.^ It's beautiful!
Grey: *Eyes scan Evangeline*
Tina: Where is Katherine anyways? I don't recall meeting her? Is she another little girl like you? ^-^
Evangeline: *Nods* Mhmm... She doesn't talk much. I actually did bring her along. ^-^
Katie: *Peeks in doorway, afraid to come in*
Grey: *Spots Katie* Huh?
Tina: Come on in, sweetie. I don't bite. *Smiles*
Katie: (Age 8) *Steps in hesitantly; looks down at the ground*
Evangeline: *Puts arm around Katie and squeezes her tight* Me and Katie are friends. ^-^ We always watch my dad make swords together*
Katie: *Face smooshed* O.<
Tina: It's nice to meet you. Angie's told me a lot about you. You seem so adorable! ^.^
Greu: Oh brother... -_-
Tina: I'm Tina, Grey's mother and this is Lucy, my baby.
Katie: H-Hi, it's nice to meet you, ma'am... *Fixes a shy smile and curtsies*
Tina: *Smiles*
Grey: Why did she seem so pissed at the bar? She used to be afraid of her own damned shadow... And the blonde one... Weren't they best friends? Why do they seem so mad at each other now?...Chicks. One minute they're friends and they hate each other the next... *Sighs*
Lance: Yo, Grey. Why ya so spaced out?
Grey: Nothing... Where's Lucy?
(Sorry for long posts. xD I'm on my Wii and I am severely bored. Haha.)
il y a plus d’un an jadeISmaNAME said…
( nah , i like your long postes , its like reading a funny , entertaining story >o< )

lacey : shadow , your not gunna catch any fish like that
shadow:* in the water * and whys that * tries grabbing a fish but it slips out his hand * -_-
serenity : because 1 you dont have a net , 2 you dont have a spear and 3 your just plain stupid :3
billy: * snickers *
shadow: * splashes them all with water *
serenity : * screams * SHADOW !
shadow: yes ? C:
lacey : * laughing *
serenity : this isnt funny ! * pushes her in *
lacey : * screams * hey -_-
billy: * on the floor laughing her head off* <DDD
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
~The Campsite~
*Almost everything is packed up*
Grey: Where's Lucy? She still didn't make dinner! >8U
Lance: Yeah... I'm starving.
Grey: As fit as you are, you're always starving. -_-
Lance: I know... I am fit- Wait... What?! >8U
Austin: She went to get firewood, I think.
Grey: She would've made it back by now... Come on. We'll come back and get this stuff later. Let's go look for her.
Austin and Lance: ^-^ *Does cadet pose* Yes sir.
~The Hotel~
Katie: *Walking to room in towel*
Serena: *Comes crashing through wall right past Katie* ACK!
Katie: What in the-?
Serena: You'll pay for that, RItchey!
Evangeline: Bring it on, McDawn!
Katie: *Blinks at the scene* .-.
Evangeline: *Jumps in the air, ready to hit Serena with bucket*
Serena: *Picks up a wooden stick and hits Evangeline in the head with it*
Evangeline: ACK! >-<
Katie: HEY! >8U
*They both stop killing each other*
Katie: What is going on?!
Serena: Sparring match. ^-^
Katie: Sparring match?! >8U You're destroying the whole damn hotel! >8U
Evangeline: Loosen up. we can pay off the damages. -.-'
Katie: That doesn't matter! You are women, fighting in the hotel with towels! You're terrifying these people!
Evangeline: ._.
Serena: ._.
Katie: I'm the youngest of this group and I feel like I'm gonna grow grey hair any minute with all of these stupid rampages!
Evangeline: *Sighs* Whatever.
Manager: >:i *Tapping foot*
Katie: D8
~An hour later~
Katie: *Walking out of hotel with bags* =-= Idiots..
Serena: Sorry... ^^'
il y a plus d’un an jadeISmaNAME said…
shadow: while your in the water, help me catch fish ?
lacey : no
shadow: -_-
billy : well, while you guys try to catch some sushi , im gunna look for some more food * walks off into the woods *
serenity :sometimes i thinks she thinks shes smarter then us ...
lacey : and sometimes i dont understand what you say ..
serentity : -_-
shadow: * catches a fish and it slips and whacks him in the face * I WILL GET MY REVENGE YOU DEMON FISH
serenity : ...
lacey : O.o
billy: * in the woods * alright gotta be some food somewhere ? wait ... thoses guys caught some fish .. maybe i can sneak one * goes to lances , grays and ects campsite , watching and staring at the fish *alright ..
il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
Carmen: *looks at her long blonde hair and growls* girls with long blonde hair I can't STAND IT! all the blondes get the guy's *cuts Lucy's hair with the metal bracelet and grabs her by her arm* I can't wait to see you both coverd in coal dust and lice......unworthy little blondes!
Olivia: *inraged and her shorts soft blonde turns long,black,stiff,and greazy her blue eyes turn gold*
Vicky (Olivia's 2nd Mulitpe personatliy): WELL I'M NOT A BLONDE!
*her black hair turns brown and frizzy her eyes turn brown and she starts to cry* Me either!! I have brown hair!
Carmen:What the hell?
Cassie: (Olivia's 3rd persontliy) HELP USSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carmen: SHUT UP! *sees Shadows of 3 people* Bah!
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
Lucy: *Wraps arms around Carmen and holds her back, almost hugging her; Talks too softly to even hear* Stop... (She never talks)
Grey: Put her down... NOW! *takes out sword, eyes turn silver*
Lance: Super Lance to the rescue! :D *Swings from rope attached to a tree and grabs Lucy*
Lucy: O.O
Lance: Nice haircut. I like it. ^-^
Lucy: *Pouts* >:i
~Gale (Hometown)~
Katie: What are you talking about?
Serena: Your birthday is in 2 days! Aren't you excited! I got you a present.... C:
Katie: Oh... I barely even remembered. I guess I've lost track of the weeks... ^^'
Evangeline: Well all of this birthday talk can wait until then. We have a job to do.
Hazel: Where?
Katie: About five miles from here. We have quite a walk...
Hazel: Boy... We haven't been here in a while... Ever since the fire.
Katie: *Pretends not to hear her*
Serena: I miss it. It looks like the village is close to being fully recovered. ^-^
Evangeline: *Does the same as Katie*
Serena: I remember when we were little, Katie was still the youngest and she would always follow us around. *Giggles*
Hazel: I remember that! She was so quiet. I remember that one kid that I used to like would always be watching her like a hulk. xD
Katie: -_-
Serena: He was almost as protective of her as I was...
Katie: Lance... That's his name right?[/i *Shakes head* [i]Never mind that...
Hazel: Speaking of protective, remember when we were at the market and we all got lost? Evangeline held Katie's hand the whole time! I remember Angie was so scared.
Serena: It was cute though. They were such good friends. ^-^
Katie: *Gets frustrated and walks a little ahead*
Evangeline: *Closes eyes in frustration*
Hazel: I miss this village... The way it was before. So many people died... It's devastating.
Katie: Then don't talk about it!
Serena: *Startled* O.O
Hazel: >.>
Katie: *Looks away and keeps walking*
Evangeline: There's one thing we can agree on. *Keeps walking*
~The Campsite~
Austin: *Asleep on guarding post*
il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
Olivia: *still as Cassie* I-I Cassie I mean *her brown frizzy hair turns soft and blonde and is short and her brown eyes turn blue* I mean Olivia,Olivia Skyler ^-^' Ahem I have M.P.D so if my hair turns brown then i'm Cassie my Mary-Sue self and when i have black hair i'm Victoria/Vicky my Raven self *sigh* It's confusing but *shurgs* oh well
il y a plus d’un an jadeISmaNAME said…
billy : * bites her lips and runs over to the fish then looks at austin and softly whispers* saty asleep stay asleep , if you wake up i cant eat , stay asleeeeeeeeep * puts a few fishes in her bag *
shadow : * catches a fish and before it slips throws it at lacey *
lecey : * glares*
shadow: its just fun ...
lacey : * slaps him *
serenity : lacey, 3 points , shadow, 1 * laughs *
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
Austin: *Wakes up* BWUAAAHHH! What dahail?! >8U
Lance: *Swings in with Lucy* Hey, Austin! There's another demon by the lake- *Sees everyone with the fish* Whoa... What's going on here? >8U
Lucy: O.O'
~The Battle~
Grey: That doesn't matter... Get out of here, NOW!
Katie: *Leaning on wall eyes closed; still listening*
Evangeline: You wanted to see us...
Sebastian: (Mayor, Half-Demon) Yes. I've been appointed by a few civilians from the village that there's been a few "occurrences" with Elite members turning against others...
Serena: What? How?
Sebastian: Elite members from other villages have been coming here to kill the villagers. The death toll is now at 7. 4 men, 2 women, 1 child.
Hazel: So what is our part in this?
Sebastian: *Interlocks fingers and puts elbows on his desk* I know for survivors of the first massive attack, it's hard being here again after so many years... But I have a humble offering for you all. If you can get more elite members to aid you four, I'll pay you in crops, coins, and blankets for your journey.
Evangeline: Really?
Sebastian: There's more.
Evangeline: Go on...
Sebastian: I've been putting in every effort into restoring the village... As we were retrieving remains, I discovered that there were survivors that somehow escaped Gale during the attack as well as you all did. Who knows... Those who have retreated may be people you are acquainted with...
Katie: *Eyes open and she lifts her head a bit*
Serena: Wait... You mean...
Sebastian: As in family? Friends? Why, yes indeed.
Evangeline: *Pales* He's still alive...
Hazel: *Shocked* Where do you think they went?
Sebastian: God knows where... but they may come back to look for you for all we know. I'll keep an eye out if you take me up on my offer.
Evangeline: *Mouth dry*
Serena: I'm in...
Hazel: Me too.
Katie: *Nods*
Serena: Majority rules already... We'll do it.
Sebastian: Thank you... I really appreciate it. *Faint smile*
il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
Olivia: *laughs* No *bendes down grabbing the metal bracelet and watchss it transform into a sword* no one mess with my hair *charges Carmen*
Carmen: *laughing* you'll barely put a- *sees it's HER sword* SHIT SHIT SHIT! *running*
Oliiva: RAWWRRR! *jumps flips and lands on her back driving the sword down her back*
Carmen: AHHH! *dissapers into a cloud of dust*
Olivia: *coverd in purple blood* *walks back to Grey* she'll be back no way to kill her only time and shes gone for good *jabs the sword in the ground* So....was that your sister? *flinds head towards Lucy and Lance*
il y a plus d’un an jadeISmaNAME said…
billy: * thinking : no-no-no-no-no * runs up in a tree and hides *
shadow : * looks around * anyone hear that ?
lacey: * gets out the water * all i heared was you being stupid
serenity: i v lost count on the points ...*
billy : * looking round *
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
Grey: You're an idiot. *Gritting teeth* Trying to be a hero all the time is what gets you killed. If I ever see you again... Stay out of my way.
Lance: *Has Lucy on his back; Whispers to Olivia* Don't worry about him. He kinda has anger issues and he takes his job seriously... ^^'
Lucy: *Waves to Olivia*
Lance: Runs off*
Christian: *Sighs*
Katie: *Walking with the others*
Christian: *Sees Katie* O.O That girl! I saw her!
Katie: *Looks over her shoulder at Christian*
Christian: D8 GAHHH! She looks scary!
Katie: *Keeps walking*
Evangeline: *Spaced out*
il y a plus d’un an jadeISmaNAME said…
billy : * looks in her bag and thinks : ok six fish , that will be enought , and nowing shadow he didnt catch any * ... * tries to climb higher but falls out the tree and the fish fall out her bag * O>o oh no
shadow : * catches a fish * i got one , quick get it lac
lacey : what th- * gets hit in the face with a fish * -_-
shadow : oops O.O
lacey : SHADOWWWWWWWWW YOU IDIOT !! YOUR GOING TO DIE NOW !! * chaareges at him *
* fighting *
serenity : wow ...
il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
Olivia: I don't really mind Gabriella's the- *chockeing on her words* was the same way
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
Austin: *Takes out sword* O-O' What dahail is going on? This is crazy! >8U
Grey: *Walks by* Hey... What's up now?!
Lance: I dunno. Some crazy people trying to steal fish. .-.
Lucy: *Gets off Lance's back*
Grey: -_-
Lucy: *Goes to basket and weakly drags it over to Lacey*
Grey: WHAT?! >8U
Lucy: ^-^
il y a plus d’un an jadeISmaNAME said…
billy : * stands up and walks backwards slowly , then trips * im not good at being sneaky -_-
serenity : * looks at the fish * FISH !!?? * looks at lucy * thanx * looks at shadow and lacey fighting * ...
lacey : * has him in head lock * your going to die
shadow : * elbows her *
lacey : * lets go of him *
shadow : O.O RUNNNNNNNNNN !! * pushes lacey in the water and runs to a tree and climbs up it *
lacey : * gets out the water soked * when you come down , your a dead man -_-
serenity : ... * sits on the ground * wait for it ..
billy: 3 , 2 , 1
shadow : * falls out the tree* O.O
lacey : * runs over to him and they start fighting again *

il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
9Hey i'm changeing liv back to how she was year ago when she was queit and clumsy0
Olivia: *walks though the campsite without a word with her head down and still magnes to trip to trip and roll down the hill* Ow *gets up and counties walking*
(Strawberry why I no see yew on the chaty? :<)
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il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
(I'm on my school's server and they set up blockers for Meebo. Dx)
il y a plus d’un an jadeISmaNAME said…
( lol xd )
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
Grey: Lucy, what are you doing?! >8U You're giving the thieves our food!
Lucy: *Holds up Katie's satchel* >:i
Grey: <.<' That doesn't count....
Lucy: *Goes into tent and drags out a fruit basket* >:i
Lance: Well... I uh... ^^'
Lucy: -_- *Digs into Austin's pocket and takes out a women's gold necklace* >:i
Lance: *Looks at Austin* O.O
Grey: *Looks at Austin* O.O
Austin: What? It's worth something. ^-^'
il y a plus d’un an jadeISmaNAME said…
billy : * stands up * and incase you didnt notice, i dont think theres a chance of us catching anything , with them two * points at lacey and shadow fighting *
serenity :* looking through her pocket*
lacey: DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!* shoves his head underwater*
shadow * kiking and punching her *
serenity :* gets an apple out her bag and throws it at laceys head *
lacey : * knocked out *
shadow :* pulls her out the water and breaths * im . alive O.o YAY !! * running around *
serenity : * throws the same apple at his head *
shadow : * knocked out *
billy: im the responsible one ..
il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
(why is you on School's sever?? :3)