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tdiCxTlova18 posted on Dec 18, 2011 at 12:15AM
lolololololol i was just so bored
ok so heres the situation
+ it starts of in school
+ a group of people *do not have to be friends* notice that something wierd is happening
+ other students skin is turning green?! their eyes are red?!
+ soon the entire school is caught up in this zombie epidemic!
+ the group shelters into a nearby shed, finding their weapons
+ the news is spread around the united states that there IS such thing as zombies and a cure is created
+ the team MUST get to the borderline of their state to get the cure, or else........

rules!! (dont you love'em?)
-no killing other people (leave that to the zombies)only injuring
-can enter only up to 3 oc's
-you have gone to school and learned grammar and spelling, use it.
-no mary-sues or ravens
-you can swear, and you dont HAVE to censor it

you need:
crush (if you have one):
pic or description:

i'll start
Mary: *to friend* man, im hungry!
friend: *mumbles*
Mary: ookaaayyy...........
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