Total Drama Island Fancharacters Snowball fight rp girls V.S boys

Girlyloving32 posted on Dec 07, 2011 at 09:45PM
Ever want to have snowball fight well here ya go
No hurtful words
Keep it pg-13 plz
Have fun
I'll start off
Mindy: mom im going out side to check on terry.tara mindy *screams and gets snowball in face what the hell >:/
Tara&terry: sorry
Yuri: *throws snow ball at tara* my
How they were dressed
Tara had a big light pink jacket with a bunny hoodie with a unicorn,rainbow on it and a poofball hat and black skinny jeans and stripy hot pink gloves,a red sweater and a pink snowboots,a scarf
Terry had blue every thing

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