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princess2109 posted on Nov 19, 2011 at 05:34AM
SO this is RP of the battle of Pirates and Nobles Pirate land on the Kingdom of Cerulen Cove

Setting- The Kingdom of Cerulen Cove

Rulez- I need some Pirates and I need some Nobles the Nobles live on the KOCC
.can you kill? yus and you do this?
Kate: *bombs the nobles killing them all*
NO! only kill a couple a battle
. If a certin Noble makes "friend" with a pirate they must keep it a secret
.I only nedd one Queen one King 3 or less princesses 4 or less Princes and many Nobles,Pirates,Wizards, oh and my non OC Tabitha is the Pirate queen

Pirate Queen Tabitha
"The Storm Seeker" Cole (Pirate, Has the legendary Sword of the Storms)

"The Lightning Assassin" Chris (Sharpshooter, Cole's best friend)

Lady Alice (Noble, Cole's girlfriend)

"The Healer" Claire (Pirate, Medic of Cole's ship, Chris's girlfriend)
Katie (The pirate assassin)
Lance (Pirate)
Evangeline (Pirate)
Olivia: (one of 3 princesses)
Hazel (Princess 2 of 3)
Kyo: ((A soldier)
Prince Ryan- Prince of Pirates, and has special powers of the ocean
(prince 1 of 4)
"The Bonzai Bomber" Billy- Ryan's best friend and has loads of bombs.

Princess Alexis- Sister of Ryan and has powers over the light. (princess 3 of 3)

 SO this is RP of the battle of Pirates and Nobles Pirate land on the Kingdom of Cerulen Cove Setti
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il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…
My characters:

"The Storm Seeker" Cole (Pirate, Has the legendary Sword of the Storms)

"The Lightning Assassin" Chris (Sharpshooter, Cole's best friend)

Lady Alice (Noble, Cole's girlfriend)

"The Healer" Claire (Pirate, Medic of Cole's ship, Chris's girlfriend)
*Just outside Cerulen Cove*

*On the pirate ship Rebellion*

Cole: *carrying the Sword of storms on his back* When should we land in the cove?

Chris: In about an hour, the currents are giving us some problems

Cole: its no hurry

Claire: Captain, looks like we're almost out of medicine

Cole: great another thing to buy

Claire: good thing we took down that money ship a month ago

Cole: yes

*In the City, In Alice's mansion*

Alice: *sighs, looking out the window*

Butler: anything wrong lady alice?

Alice: no, its nothing but do you ever wonder whats past the ocean?

Butler: no my lady, I don't know whats past the ocean. Proboly more land or the end of the world

Alice: *sighs*

Butler: now its time to get ready, your going to the morning banquet for royal navy/

Alice: of course, now please leave me to get ready

Butler: yes my lady *leaves*

Alice: *sighs* oh Cole, if you ever return please rescue me from this insane boredom
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
Katie (The pirate assassin)
(I might update somethings during the reply)
Katie: *Sitting the brig, fidgeting with thumbs* Dammit! -.-' If I had my sword and satchel with me, I would have made it out of here!
il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…
*On the Rebellion*

Cole: Soon I shall see Alice again, but I can't stay for long. I'm wanted in this town with a bounty of over 20 million dollars on my head

Chris: you ok captain?

Cole: yeah I'm fine

Chris: ok captain, we're gonna be landing in half an hour

Cole: got it

*In the brig*

Claire: well well, though you could take down the crew of the rebellion did ya? well you thought wrong

Claire: *sits on a chair* your not much of a bounty hunter are you?
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: Listen, stupid. *Face-palms* For the last time I came here to seek help. My friend's sick and he's dying. That's why I came unarmed! >.< If I wanted to 'Take down' your crew I wouldn't come alone! I said this a million times already!
il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…
*In the Brig*

Claire: fine, but where out of medicine. We have to get some in the next town

Claire: So when we reach town, we're gonna get medicine but your staying in the brig

Claire: so where is this friend?

*On the main deck of the Rebellion*

Cole: *sighs* some day I will be king of the oceans

Chris: *steering the ship*
il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
Tabitha: *looking at the Kingdom Of Cerluen Cove* Where almost there *smirks and pulls out her dimaond sword* let's see what weve got today *moves her finger around the back side* Get Read to to land!
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: Before I say anything else... WHAT? I AM NOT STAYING IN HERE! >8U
~The Uncharted island~
Lance (Pirate): *Laying down by a fire*
Evangeline (Pirate): Lance, how are you holdin' up?
Lance: *Shakes head*
Evangeline: Sit up, and let me see how your wounds are doing.
Lance: *Sits up against a rock and takes of his shirt*
Evangeline: *Unwraps the bandages*
Lance: Ah! Be careful!
Evangeline: Calm down. -.-' *Looks at wounds* We need something to fight the infection. Katie needs to get back with the medicine, quick. Alright, you can lay back down. I'm gonna see if I can find some fruit or something in the jungle.
Lance: Okay. Be careful... *Dozes off*
Evangeline: *Disappears off into the woods*
il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
*The Rebellion is at Cerluen Cove*
Tabitha: This is gonna be fun >:D
Olivia: (one of the Princesses) oh no! *runs to find Lady Alice*
il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…
*On the road to the Navy Base*

Alice: *walking* well this road gets longer everyday, oh well

Butler: my lady you would have gotten a ride to the base

Alice: I know but I always enjoy taking a walk in the morning

Butler: yes my lady

*At the docks*

Cole: All right guys this is just a resupply trip, I don't want any trouble unless someone else causes it

Chris: *puts both of his flintlock pistols away* right boss

Claire: Captain, we're taking the prisoner with us

Cole: She's not really a prisoner, more of an accomplice

Claire: ok, she doesn't seem like a threat
il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
Olivia: *walks infront of Lady Alice* Lady Alice!
il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…
*On the road*

Alice: what? *sees Olivia* oh Princess Olivia!

Alice: what are you yelling about? is there something important?

Butler: Princess you look like you've seen a ghost
il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
Olivia: *pale* not ghost the Pirates just docked! *beatheing heavily*
Tabitha: Poor cluess little princess *smirk* I can't wit to rule this place
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Waves a bit trying to avoid an awkward moment* Hey, how's it going?
~The Uncharted island, the jungle~
Evangeline: *Climbing up a tree trying to reach for a coconut*
???: *Steals the coconut*
Evangeline: O-O What just happened? *Tries to reach for another*
???: *Hand reaches for the same one Evangeline's after*
Evangeline: *Grabs the coconut*
???: *Hands accidentally grabs Evangeline's face*
Evangeline: AH!!!
???: AH!!!!
Evangeline: WHOA! *Falls out of the tree*
Scott: *Falls out of the tree*
Evangeline: *Does a front flip and sticks the landing*
Scott: *Falls flat on his face*
Evangeline: What in the bloody hell is wrong with you?
Scott: *Face buried in the ground* I can't feel my face... TT^TT
Evangeline: Who are you?
Scott: *Face buried in the ground still* I would be excited in the fact that I found someone to rescue us, but I'm not anymore... Due to the fact I fell out of a tree. -.-'
Evangeline: Us? There's other here?
Scott: *Mumbling* Mhmm.
Evangeline: Is there a chance you guys have any medicine?
Scott: Nu-uh.
Evangeline: Come on, stand up. *Holds out her hand*
Scott: do you have any?
Evangeline: No. A Conrad of mine has been shot, and his wound is infected. I'm still waiting for a friend of mine to get back with supplies. We haven't heard from her in days.
Scott: Where is this injured friend of yours?
Evangeline: He's by the shore.
Scott: I'll send some of my people out there to get him.
~Uncharted Island, Scott's hideout~
Scott: (A random girl) Get the other girls and tell them to prepare a bath for him.
Girl: I'm on it.
Lance: *Laying down under a shelter made of tree branches and palm tree leaves*
Evangeline: Are you okay?
Lance: *Nods*
~The docks~
Katie: So what now?
il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
Tabitha: I may be queen but I hoenstly don't know don't you have to get something? *spins her Diamond Sword and sticks it in the sand* I'll glady help you get it....even if it takes any means *smirk*
il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…
*On the Road*

Alice: pirates?...*says under breath* please be cole

Butler: we should get you to safety!

Alice: wait we don't know if they're friendly or not

*At the Docks*

Chris: *looks around* this town looks to poor to have medicine

Claire: well we don't need pre-made medicine, I can make some with the right ingredients

Cole: lets get to the Market before it closes

Claire: ok
il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
Olivia: I'm scared what if there not?
Tabitha: wait Cole Clarie what if they know where Pirates?
il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…
*On the road*

Alice: it's gonna be ok *starts walking back to town*

Butler: Lady Alice! Don't your gonna get hurt or worse!

Alice: I'll be fine *keeps walking*

Butler: ugh she is always like this *follows alice*

*In the Market*

Claire: *to Tabitha* we should be fine, the navy is under a fire only if attacked first rule

Cole: plus we can take them

Chris: *looking at a weapons stand* wow, they keep making flintlocks better

Vendor: ah my friend you seem to know your guns

Chris: well I am an expert sharpshooter

*At a medicine stand*

Cole: *looking around* this just looks like a bunch of herbs and powder

Claire: well thats because your not a medic
il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
Olivia: *follows cause shes dosen't wanna be left alone*
Tabitha: Oh goody the Princess and Lady are coming >_<
il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…
*In the Market*

Chris: *checking out guns* these are in very good condition

Vendor: yes, there from my personal collection

Claire: *buying ingredients for medicine* this should do it

Cole: *at a food vendor, buys an orange*

Alice: *runs into the market, sees cole* its him! *hides behind a wall*
il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
Olivia: It's who? why are you hiding from them?
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Puts on hood and walks to the market-place*
~Fruit Stand~
Katie: *Picking out fruit and putting them into a basket*
Man: *Sitting behind the stand, reading a book*
Katie: Sir. I would like to purchase these.
Man: *Stands up* Alright.
Katie: *Counts out money* Is this enough?
Man: Yup.
Katie: Here ya go. Thank you! ^-^
Man: You as well, ma'am. Have a nice day.
Katie: *Leaves*
~The Market place~
Katie: *Wandering around*
Kyo (A soldier): *Walking around with a rifle*
Katie: *Humming a song, softy and ends up bumping into Kyo*
Kyo: Whoa!
Katie: I apologize, I wasn't paying attention.
Kyo: *Assumes she's a regular pheasant because of her ripped clothes* It's fine. Carry on miss, I didn't mean to disrupt you.
Katie: *Nods and walks away, humming again* I guess I'll see what kind of weapons they have here.
~The weapon and artillery stand~
Katie: *Wandering around with the fruit basket* Oh. Here it is! ^-^
Christian: *Standing behind the stand* Excuse me miss. You're here by yourself? Where's your husband?
Katie: *Laughs a bit* Husband? I'm not married and I don't need a man with me to purchase weapons.
Christian: *Smiles a bit* Well that's a first...
Katie: *Picks up a sword and looks and the designs on it* Hmm. This looks beautiful. I'll take it! ^-^
Christian: Okay? O-o
Katie: *Hands over the money* Here you go kind sir.
Christian: Thank you ma'am. Anything else?
Katie: Any fire-arms?
Christian: Ah, yes. Sit tight, okay?
Katie: *Nods*
Christian: *Sits a case on the stand*
Katie: Hmm... I would like that revolver right there, please.
Christian: Hmm. Okay.
Katie: *Trades in the money for the revolver* Thank you, sir. Have a nice day.
Christian: You too. Take care. That girl's weird...
~Over by Alice~
Hazel (Princess): *Taps Alice's shoulder* Hello, Alice. ^-^ Long time no see! *Smiles* I love your dress by the way... How are you? *nods* Olivia... Looking dashing as always.
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il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…
*Over by Alice*

Alice: I'm fine hazel, please leave me alone right now

Alice: *whispers to Olivia* If I tell you, you can't tell anyone else ok?

*In the Market*

Chris: Cole, I'm going back to the ship

Claire: yeah me too, I have to bring back the herbs before they go bad

Cole: ok, I'll be back to the ship in a few hours

Chris: right captain *walks back to the ship with Claire*
il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
Olivia: ^-^ Miss Hazel! Oh umm Okay *twirls her curl*
*thinking* I hope it's nothing too importmant the Lady knows ow bad I am at keeping secrets!
Olivia: ^-^;
il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…
*Over by Alice*

Alice: *whispers to Olivia* Ok over there is a guy, he's kinda my boyfriend but he's also a pirate

Alice: *whispers to Olivia* I met him when that royal boat sank, he rescued me

Alice: *whispers to Olivia* If you tell anyone, I will make you "disappear"

*In the Market*

Cole: *at a Map Stand* hey you got any maps of the Hurricane Islands

Vendor: Let me check *goes to the back of the stand*
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il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
Olivia: O-O; o-okay *walks off* Oh my godddd! *writes down what she just just heard soaks in the sea water and tears it up* Whew
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
~The market place~
Katie: *Carrying boxes full of supplies on a cart* Don't worry guys, I'm coming!
~Over by Alice~
Hazel: Jeez. All I wanted to say was hi. Here you go, Olivia. *Hands her her gift* They're those dolls we used to play with when we were kids. I hope you like it. ^-^ I got you one too Alice. *Hands her a box* I'll be on my way, I'm sure my servant's looking for me somewhere. Good-bye! *Walks away*
~The ship~
Katie: Uh, I owe you guys... A lot. So if there's anything you need, just ask. Got it?
~The Uncharted island~
Lance: *Laying down in the hut, asleep*
Evangeline: Thank you, so much.
Scott: It's no problem at all, really.
Evangeline: *Feels a bit bad for not having a way to pay them* Hey... Since you guys are stranded here, how about you guys join us? We only have three members of our crew so far. And we have a huge ship, but not many people to fill it.
Scott: So you're asking us to become pirates?
Evangeline: Well, you don't have to. But Katherine's a captain and cook, Lance is a good navigator, and I'm a good strategist. Once Katherine comes back, we'll have plenty to eat medicine too.
Scott: I should ask everyone else.
Evangeline: Okay.
~An hour later~
Man1: So we can escape this place, once and for all?
Evangeline: Yes.
Man2: So what about clothes?
Evangeline: You don't even have to worry about it. That's being brought back as well.
Girl1: What about me and the two other girls? We can't fight!
Evangeline: We got you covered. You guys can help cook, and if you want, ask Katherine to train you.
Man3: What about this Katherine lady? How do we know she's loyal?
Girl2: But she's an assassin, right? She could kill us if wanted to!
Evangeline: Trust me. She is, she went out to the market place to save Lance's life. She's very loyal, and you can ask her for anything.
Evangeline: Any other questions?
Girl3: What about me and my daughter.
Evangeline: Hmm... You and her can sleep in my bed.
Girl3: Are you sure?
Evangeline: Yeah. My and Katie and share. There's no way in hell we can share. -_-
Scott: Our men can fight, and we have a few survival knives and pieces (or guns) in our hut. We just need more shots (bullets).
Evangeline: That, we have. So will you guys come?
Scott: If you guys are going, raise your hand!
*Everyone raises their hand*
Evangeline: Excellent. Welcome to the crew, everyone. ^-^
il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…
*In the Market*

Alice: *walks to the Map Stand* *to Cole* So you think you know about maps

Cole: Alice?

Alice: *looks at a map* So..your back in town

Cole: for a month or so then, me and my crew are out of here

Alice: *looking at a map* please take me with you

Cole: you know I can't do that, your royalty and I'm nothing more than a pirate *smirks*

Alice: *looking at a map, smirks* oh quit it, I have to go but I'll meet you later

Cole: sounds like a plan

Alice: *walks out of the market*

*On the Rebellion*

Chris: *to Katie* I'll remember that

Claire: *making medicine*
il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
Olivia: *kneels down and opens the box and looks at all the dolls and pulls out one of them and looks at it* Me and Hazel's favorite dolls *smiles and puts the lid back on and go's off to find Hazel*
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Nods*
~The Uncharted island~
Evangeline: *Carrying a crate full of fruit that everyone found it the forest*
Scott: *On the ship, reloading a rifle*
Lance: *On the ship, sitting against the wall*
Evangeline: *Carries the fruit onto the ship*
Man1: *On the ship with his wife and daughter*
Evangeline: *Pauses for a minute* Hey wait... We haven't thought of a ship name yet.
Lance: Hmm. You're right! What about the canon ball?
Evangeline: That's stupid. -.-'
Lance: Aw...
Scott: The Lagoon?
Lance: Nah.
Evangeline: (Lance) I agree.
Man3: Then for now we should just name it "The Uncharted", you know, after the island.
Evangeline: Hmm. It sounds fine with me. We can rename it later when we meet up with Katie. Lance?
Lance: Fine by me.
Evangeline: Cool.
il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…
*over by Alice*

Alice: *runs into Olivia* oh sorry Olivia

Butler: *catches up to the princesses* Lady Alice, I've been told to get you and Olivia back to the mansion

Butler: the govenor thinks its to dangerous to have you running around with pirates on the loose

Alice: what! thats not my fair

Butler: I'm sorry, but those were my orders

*On the Rebellion*

Cole: hey chris how would you like to take place in a little kidnapping

Chris: what?

Cole: well thats what they're gonna charge is with

Chris: I'm not getting it?

Cole: Ok well as you know my girlfriend is kind of royalty and I'm a pirate

Chris: ok?

Claire: oh don't tell me, your gonna let one of those royal witches join our crew

Cole: hey I'm the captain, what I say goes and she wants to join us

Chris: idk we could have the whole navy after us

Cole: so? the navy's never stopped us before

Claire: chris don't try to talk some sense into him, he's all lovey dovey

Cole: shut up -_-
il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
Olivia: Aww, (shes 14 and acts like shes 8 XD) *the lid on her box slips open and a doll falls out*
il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…
(*laughs* Well Cole and Alice are both 17, Chris and Claire are both 16)

*At the Mansion*

Alice: *walks inside* this is so stupid

Governor: I'm sorry dear but I don't like those barbarians running around our town

Alice: they're not barbarians...they can be nice people!

Governor: and how would you know? Have you been talking to pirates?

Alice: no..father

Governor: to your room now!

Alice: ugh *walks to her room, mad*

Governor: *says to a guard* I want you to find out what happened at the market, something is up and I want to know what

Guard: right sir

*On the Rebellion*

Cole: we go get Alice at mid night

Chris: we're so gonna get shot

Claire: yeah -_-

Cole: we're gonna be sneaky, and try not to kill anyone Chris

Chris: no promises *waves a pistol around*

Claire: careful your gonna shoot someone!

Cole: we go in 4 hours
il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
Olivia: Hi daddy! ^-^
il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…
Governor: Hi Olivia, now go to your room where its safe

Governor: I've got to clear the town of the pirate scum

*In Alice's room*

Alice: *looks out the window* I can't believe this, he is such an ass

Alice: *sighs* now I'll never get to see Cole again, they're proboly gonna kick him out of town

Alice: *sighs*
il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
Olivia: Okay ^^ *go's into her room and puts the dolls on her dresser* ^-^ *reaches into the box for the 5th one but it's not there* D: awww!
Tabitha: *finds the doll* looks like a little girl is missing her doll *gets on the ship*
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
(Katie's 15... and a half. XD Evangeline, Kyo, and Lance are 16, And Scott's 17.)
Katie: I'll go for a walk until then. Let me know if you need any help. *Gets her revolver and her sword and walks out*
~The Village~
Katie: *Walking around*
???: *Skulking behind Katie*
Katie: *Feels someone lurking behind her and whips out her revolver in the blink of an eye*
Kyo: Whoa! Calm down!
Katie: Oh. Haven't I seen you before?
Kyo: I ran into you earlier, remember?
Katie: I think.
Kyo: Are you a pirate?!
Katie: SHH! *Pushes him against the wall of an alley, covering his mouth* How did you know? Are you going to arrest me?!
Kyo: No! I want to join you! I don't want to be a soldier anymore. Please, let me be a part of your crew!
Katie: *Takes her hand off of his mouth* How did you know I'm a-
Kyo: I've been watching you!
Kyo: Not like that, okay? I saw you buying weapons, I saw you go towards the docks a few times but that's where our imported goods come from, not where girls load up on fruit!
Katie: *Slowly lets go off him* You can't tell anyone... Anyone!
Kyo: I promise! I've been in the military since I was 14. I'm experienced, and I know where to get supplies, easy and free.
Katie: Fine. Where?
Kyo: Follow me!
~The rooftops~
Katie: *Parkouring from rooftop to rooftop*
Kyo: *Leading Katie* Hey. Stop! We're here. *Stops at his house an climbs through the window*
Katie: *Goes to Kyo's window*
Kyo: Stay here. My dad will be coming in here in about 3 minutes to check on me.
Katie: *Nods*
~An hour later after Kyo's dad is done yelling at him~
Katie: *Still crouched down on the roof of Kyo's house under the window* Finally! His dad is a jerk! >.<
Kyo: *Locks his door, runs to the window and sticks his head out* Alright. He's gone. *Helps Katie in*
Kyo: *Shoves his hand under the bed and takes out a briefcase*
Katie: What's that?
Kyo: *Opens the briefcase revealing a cross-bow inside*
Katie: Whoa.
Kyo: *Runs to his dresser, takes out a sack of gold, and throws it on the bed and keeps rummaging*
Katie: O-O
Kyo: *Gets a gold watch out of the drawer* and stuffs it in his pocket.*
Kyo: *Rummaging still* What's your name?
Katie: Katherine McDawn. Yours?
Kyo: *Runs to the wall and takes a sword on display off the wall* Kyoru Betsuri. It's a pleasure. *Stuffing clothes into a bag* Do you fight?
Katie: Yes. I'm a trained assassin.
Kyo: O-O How old are you.
Katie: 16... Almost.
Kyo: Wow, when were you in training?
Katie: When I was 13. How old are you?
Kyo: I'm 16.
Katie: *Nods*
Kyo: Can you hold on to this? *Hands her his satchel full of money*
Katie: Sure...?
Kyo: Are you ready?
Katie: *Nods*
~The Docks~
Katie: *Sneaking to the docks*
Kyo: *Out of breath*
~On the ship~
Katie: Hey guys! Are you still here?
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il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…
*On the Rebellion, at Mid night*

Cole: *puts the Sword of Storms on his back* Lets go

Chris: all right boss

Claire: Do I have to go?

Chris: only if you want to babe

Claire: Fine I'll go

*In the village*

Cole: all right just stay low and the guards won't catch us

Chris: right *takes out a pistol*

Claire: Put the gun away chris -_-

Cole: all we have to do is get to the mansion, its just up this road

Claire: Thats crawling with guards

Cole: remember, no killing anyone

Chris: fine

*Cole, Chris and Claire run up the path, trying to avoid the guards*

*In Alice's room*

Alice: *yawns, blows out a candle and goes to sleep*
il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
Olivia: Nigth *rumbles off the dolls names and whispers* nigth Calli where ever you are *blows out the candle and lays on her bed* where ever you are *falling asleep when she hears something from outside* huh? *walks over to her window and sees Cole Chris and Claire* Pirates? *runs out to one of the guards outside her room and tells them about the Pirates*
il y a plus d’un an Zmidy313 said…
(I would like to join :D)

Prince Ryan- Prince of Pirates, and has special powers of the ocean

"The Bonzai Bomber" Billy- Ryan's best friend and has loads of bombs.

Princess Alexis- Sister of Ryan and has powers over the light.
il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…
*Outside the Mansion*

Chris: *hides behind a rock* alright we're almost there

Cole: right, we just have to get past that one patrol

Claire: seems to easy

*Inside the mansion, In the hall*

Guard: *to Olivia* don't be silly Princess Olivia, no pirate could get past the security outside right now

*In Alice's room*

Alice: *sleeping*

*outside the mansion*

Cole: *climbs up the side and lands on the roof*

Chris and Claire: *follow cole*

Cole: shhh! *whispers to Chris and Claire* they're two guards right over there

Chris: I'll take care of them *sneaks up behind the guards*

Claire: *whispers* Chris wait!
il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
Olivia: but I saw them! D:
il y a plus d’un an Zmidy313 said…
*In their mansion*

Ryan:*looks out his windows, in deep thought*

Billy:*walks in* Whatcha doin?

Ryan:*sighs* Nothin, just thinking.
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
~The brig~
Katie: Hello? Guess no one's here...
Kyo: *Sits down on the bench*
Katie: *Lifts up her petticoat a little bit and takes out her survival knife out of its strap* How long do you think it'll take for your father to notice that you're gone?
Kyo: He wouldn't give damn. He comes to check on me before it'in the middle of the night to make sure I'm home. Then he goes off and does his work. By the time he finds out, he'll probably send a few people out to get me.
Katie: Oh. Sounds suckish. *Goes to one of the crates and bursts it open with her survival knife* Do you want an orange... banana?
Kyo: Orange please.
Katie: *Tosses him an orange and grabs one for herself* The others must be worried sick. *Leans against the wall*
Kyo: Weren't they just here?
Katie: Not them. I came across this ship a few days ago seeking help for a Conrad of mine. He was shot by accident when we found an Uncharted island and he wasn't getting any better. So I left to find medicine. Then I was held captive here for a while, which wasted even more time.
Kyo: How big is your crew?
Katie: There's only three of us. There's me and my friends, Lance and Evangeline.
Kyo: Wow. I wonder how that works out for you guys...
Katie: It's okay, but we want to expand our crew. But I just hope the two of them are still okay though. *Walks out of the door* You can relax a bit. Change your clothes, nap, or whatever. I'm gonna make dinner for everyone else for when they come back.
Kyo: *Nods*
il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…
*On the roof*

Chris: *sneaking up on the two guards*

Guards: *turn around and see Chris* Intruder!

Chris: s***!

Cole: dammit! *takes out the Sword of Storms*

Claire: Chris you idiot!

Cole: *summons wind with the sword and throws the guards off of the roof*

Chris: well that was stealthy

Claire: *picks the lock on the roof door* lets go!

*In the Hall*

Guard: *to Olivia* oh please princess, there's nothing wrong

Guard: *hears the other guards fall off the roof* ALL GUARDS REPORT NOW!!!

*In Alice's room*

Alice: ugh *wakes up because off all the yelling* what's going on?
il y a plus d’un an Zmidy313 said…
Billy:Bout what?

Ryan:About some of the Pirates that aren't the village. What if they're dead? What if they betray us?! Its just so confusing. *plops on his bed*

Billy:I hear ya.
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il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
Olivia: told you sooo! *walks but into her room where she safe and sits on bed*
il y a plus d’un an Zmidy313 said…
Ryan:I have to ask Mama Tabitha, maybe she knows!

Billy:U mean the Queen?! But what if shes doing Royal things?

Ryan:Ehh who cares. Lets go! *runs to the Queen's room*
il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…
*At the mansion, In the hall*

Cole: Ok the guards know we're here

Chris: no duh

Claire: how are we gonna find alice?

Cole: it shouldn't be hard, knowing her she already has her stuff packed

Chris: yeah

*Two guards run into hall*

Guards: Intruders!

Chris: *shoots both guards* well stealth isn't an option right now

Claire: we're so dead

Cole: *runs down the hall*

*In Alice's room*

Alice: ugh whats with all the noise? *walks to her door*
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Walks into the brig* Hey, Kyo. The food's ready.
Kyo: *Asleep*
Katie: Oh. *Sits food on top of the crate* He could've slept somewhere else besides this ugly brig. *Blows out the candle and leaves*
il y a plus d’un an Zmidy313 said…
Ryan:*running through the halls* Mama Tabitha!

Billy:Slow down! *trying to catch up*