Total Drama Island Fancharacters Gangsta RP =3

Strawberry0020 posted on Sep 03, 2011 at 12:09AM
I don't really see that many RP's That have a lot of action so I thought I would make an EPICAL one myself.

Info: This takes place in the city Of LA, California where the 'underground' (as in drug trade businesses, gangs, mafia) reap the streets of the city. There has been a few issues with many Drug-Trading organizations but there is one that's slowly making it way to the top, Inferno. Inferno is now battling the Mafia (Italian Gangsters) over territory. Inferno is allies are the Yakuza (Japanese Gangsters).

1.) You can be an organization member of Inferno ONLY or a regular citizen on LA.
2.) You can have multiple characters but you have to keep up with them!
3.) Smilies are allowed. =)
4.) No text talk.
5.) You may kill of another character WITH PERMISSION.
6.) You may die in this RP.
7.) This is a drug trade game, of course it's rated R so you may swear and go hardcore with the violence. (Don't over do the swearing and sexual themes it's gross)
8.) This is a bad a$$ game! If you can't take the heat, you may leave and cry about it. xD
9.) Since these drug trade organizations you will have more efficient weapons than the average gangs you see in rural areas. (Machine guns, Sniper rifles, shotguns, but no nuclear bombs and rocket launchers. It's not that serious.)
10.) No Godmodding! That means no dumb super human powers, no controlling other people's characters, and no being pushy and bossy.
11.) Have fun!

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