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zanesaaomgfan posted on Aug 15, 2011 at 10:32PM
Idea from FireFly113. :3


1. Try to spell right.
2. You can't take over someone's character.
3. When you fight, don't get too physical.
4. Don't ignore others unless it's completely necessary.
5. Don't be too random.
6. Keep it PG, no sexual stuff.

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il y a plus d’un an FireFly113 said…
Ashley: *Gets out of limo* HURRY UP ALEX! It cant be that hard to carry all my luggage and yours!
Alexandria: S-s-sorry Ashley! *Trips and falls*
Jade: WHOO! This place looks awesome!
Jared: I know! :D I just hope they have cable and a computer D:
il y a plus d’un an zanesaaomgfan said…
Gabriella: *gets out the old Volkswagen* Come on.
Marshelle: I'M FREAKING COMING! *grabs their suitcases and continues to the house.
Gabriella: People are already here!! *walks in*
Marshelle: Wait! *door shuts in front of her face* UGHHHHHHHH!
il y a plus d’un an FireFly113 said…
Ashley: Ughhh. I thought this was gonna be a loser free school >_<
Alexandria: That was kinda mean :/
Ashley; No one cares -.-
Jade: -Runs-
Jared: GIVE ME MY DANIELE POSTERS! D:< -Runs into everyone-
il y a plus d’un an zanesaaomgfan said…
Marshelle: *opens the door and bumps into Gabriella*
Gabriella: It took long ENOUGH .
il y a plus d’un an FireFly113 said…
Ashley: Ugh another looser? -Trips Marshelle* Opps ;]
il y a plus d’un an zanesaaomgfan said…
Marshelle: OH THAT'S IT! *gets up and drops the bag on Ashley's foot and storms away*
Gabriella: Drama queen... *scoffs and walks the other direction*
il y a plus d’un an FireFly113 said…
Ashley: OWWWWWW! Im gonna get the brat back! >:[
Jade: *Runs into them* OMG! SORRY!!!!
Jared: COME BA- *falls on ground*
il y a plus d’un an zanesaaomgfan said…
Marshelle: *calls someone*
??: Hello?
Marshelle: WHERE DA F*CK ARE YOU?!
??: Excuse me?
Marshelle: Oh, sorry sir. Wrong number? *hangs up*
Mellanie: Why is it so freaking cold here?!
Ellisa: *rolls eyes* Whatever.... Who cares anyway? I wanna go home.
il y a plus d’un an FireFly113 said…
Ashley: *Thinks of a plan to get back at Marshelle* Hmm...
Jade: Ugh >_< I dont know who im rooming with or my room number
il y a plus d’un an zanesaaomgfan said…
Ellisa: *opens the door and bumps into Ashley* MOVE OUT THE DANG WAY!
il y a plus d’un an FireFly113 said…
Ashley: Bitch plz -Grabs Ellisas hat,Throws it on the ground and steps on it- :]
il y a plus d’un an zanesaaomgfan said…
Ellisa: *slaps her* B!tch slap.
Gabriella: Already?! COME ON!
Mellanie: GABBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *gwomps her*
Gabriella: *rolls eyes*
il y a plus d’un an FireFly113 said…
Ashley: *gasps* WRONG MOVE! *Jumps on you and pulls your hair*
Jared: *Walks up to Mellanie and Gabriella* Do you guys know what room this is? *Gives them a piece of paper*
il y a plus d’un an zanesaaomgfan said…
Gabriella: Nope.
Mellanie: YAAA! :D
il y a plus d’un an FireFly113 said…
il y a plus d’un an zanesaaomgfan said…
Ellisa: *angry and gets up and grabs Gabriella suitcase* DON'T MAKE ME DO IT!
Gabriella: My stuff!! DX
il y a plus d’un an FireFly113 said…
Ashley: *Grabs Alexandria and her phone* Dont make me do this!
Alexandria: DDDDDD:
il y a plus d’un an zanesaaomgfan said…
Ellisa: *almost throws it and sees a teacher*
il y a plus d’un an FireFly113 said…
Victor: Shouldnt you guys be in your rooms un-packing? *Mean stare*
il y a plus d’un an zanesaaomgfan said…
Ellisa: Whatever. *grabs her bag with skulls on it and walks away*
Gabriella: Where's Marshelle? She has to carry my bags.
Victor: *glares at her*
Gabriella: Have you ever held a 25 pound baby? No? Well this thing is 25 pounds.
Mellanie: Geez! *grabs her bag and skips away*
il y a plus d’un an FireFly113 said…
Speaker: Students who had arrived please come to the principal office
All my OCs: *Goes to office*
il y a plus d’un an zanesaaomgfan said…
Ellisa: OH COME ON!!!!!! *storms to the office still holding the bag*
Mellanie: *comes in on Gabriella's back*
Gabriella: You're such a child.
Marshelle: *follows*
il y a plus d’un an FireFly113 said…
Victor: Students, You will have to be wearing these outfits *Gives everyone a outfit like the ones on the show* and here are the rooming charts
Ellisa & Ashley
Mellania & Jade
Marrella & Marshelle
Alexandria & Gabriella
And Jared will be alone for now
il y a plus d’un an zanesaaomgfan said…
Ellisa: *evil look at Victor* WHY!!!??
Mellanie: *smiles*
Gabriella: *shrug*
Marshelle: Whatever. *falls alseep*
Marrella: :P
il y a plus d’un an FireFly113 said…
Victor: You guys need to work things out ^^
Ashley: >_<
Jade: *High-fives Mellanie*
Alexandria: *Picks up her bags and automaticly picks up Gabriella because she used to doing it for Ashley*
il y a plus d’un an zanesaaomgfan said…
Gabriella: Thanks but I can walk.
Ellisa: *stands up and leaves*
il y a plus d’un an FireFly113 said…
Alex: O-o-ok *Slightly drops her bags*
Jade: OH YEAH! :D *Runs to their room*
Ashley: *Pushes Ellisas bed to hers* I need two beds for my back and you look like your used to sleeping on the floor
il y a plus d’un an zanesaaomgfan said…
Ellisa: You look like you're used to being stupid. I get that. *pulls bed back and puts stuff on her bed*
Gabriella: *takes her bags and walks to their room*
Mellanie: EEEE!!!
Marshelle: *sleep walks*
il y a plus d’un an FireFly113 said…
Ashley: *Grosses arm* Grrrr
Alex: Im gonna go to the bathroom and put on this outfit *Goes into a stoll and crys*
Jade: These outfits seem a little dull :/ -Rips skirt a little,Cuts off the sleves of the jacket and puts on a neon purple shirt- There! :D
il y a plus d’un an zanesaaomgfan said…
Gabriella: *unpacks bags and puts on PJs*
Ellisa: *smirks and puts stuff away*
il y a plus d’un an FireFly113 said…
Jade: *Leans on the closet door and it spins around and she ends up in a room*
il y a plus d’un an zanesaaomgfan said…
Marshelle: *sleepwalks into a room*
Ellisa: *sleeps*
il y a plus d’un an obssesedTDIgirl said…
Robin: *in same room as Jade* *hide behind pole*
il y a plus d’un an zanesaaomgfan said…
Marshelle: HUH!!?? *falls and hits her head* OWWW!!! *too loud*
Victor: What the... *gets up*