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obssesedTDIgirl posted on Aug 12, 2011 at 03:53AM
I wanted to make an RP that people would actually participate in so I HOPe yOU GUYS DO! Here are the rules…

1. Please no Mary-Sues or Ravens
2. At most it can be PG-13
3. Don't exclude people.
4. You don't need to ask to join. JUST JOIN!
6. Since this is a school RP this is starting around the first day. And please let things play out. I don't want it to be the first day, then Prom. Cause that WAAAAAYY to fast
7. Um… I cant think of anything eles so HAVE FUN!

Oh, and it can envolve things outside of school cause it would be boring if it was only in school. And his IS high school so 9th-12th grade.

People in RP
1. Robin Doll (obssesedTDIgirl)
2. Josh Masters (obssesedTDIgirl)
3. Naomi Fire (obssesedTDIgirl)
4. Nya (princess2109)
5. Drake (ReneeKetchum)
6. Renee (ReneeKetchum)
7. Andi (ReneeKetchum)
8. Nikki (Pinkkatluv32)
9. Rex (Pinkkatluv32)
10. Amy (Pinkkatluv32)
11. Adrian (Pinkkatluv32)
12. Rayn , Layah , Mona Or Ashby (xRainbowNinjax)
13. Mary (tdiTxClova18)
14. Nina (smartone123)
15. Jade (smartone123)
16. Alex (colecutegirl)
17. Riley (colecutegirl)
18. Katie (Strawberry0020)
19. Lance (Strawberry0020)
20. Chirstian (Strawberry0020)
21. Hazel (Strawberry0020)
22. Chilly (thecodebreaker)
23. Claire (thecodebreaker)
24. Henkka (thecodebreaker)
25. Eve (thecodebreaker)
26. Tiffany (poophead4837ext)
27. Kasey (Unicorn-Drawer)
28. Grell (TeamPetta649)
29. Lilyth (colecutegirl)

Once you join, you're name will be added to the list =)

1. If you want to make things easier, italicize your word to indicate your character(s) are thinking.
2. Write your response starting with your character(s) name, followed by a colon, then what you want them to say.

^You DO NOT have to say write like this, this is just to make things easier :)

Here I'll start…
Josh: *waiting at busstop*
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