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taytrain97 posted on Jul 18, 2011 at 08:54PM
Yes, starting a new RP. Anyone who's seen Zombieland basically knows what this is about.

BUAHAHA, ZOMBIE SURVIVAAALL. For all those zombie-lovers out there.

1) No god-modding
2) Keep it PG
3) The grammar-squad is on patrol here :D
4) Shipping with canon characters is allowed, just as long as everyone agrees with it
5) Try not to be extraordinarily random, like Selena Gomez popping up out of nowhere, running faster than bullets, transfiguration, or something. ._.
6) Tralala, have fun.

Takes place in some random city in America.

Yeah, that's about it. :D
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il y a plus d’un an tdiCxTlova18 said…
daytona: *french accent* hey guys u noticed anything wierd lately?
il y a plus d’un an mindy890 said…
Anna: YES!
il y a plus d’un an smartone123 said…
is stalking through woods-nina
il y a plus d’un an taytrain97 said…
Drake: (clinging to Martial's side, shivering) W-We lost them, right? There aren't any more? ;A;
Martial: (walking through an alleyway, trying to pry him off, holding a shotgun in his hands) Come on, Drake, I know you're scared, but we have a lot more to deal with than just those ones.
Drake: B-But, I don't wanna get bitten, don't let me get bitten, pleasemarshyplease ;A;
Oliver: (walking with them, reading, for some idiotic reason) Drake, shut your trap, he's trying to concentra- (thwack) Ow! D<
Kaie: I can think of someone else whose trap should be shut u.u (grabs Drake's arm, patting his head affectionately as they walk)
il y a plus d’un an tdiCxTlova18 said…
daytona: no i mean i feel like somethings fishy with mirra *flips knife in hand*
mirra:*skin slowly turning green* well well well u found out my secret
*tackles daytona and tries to bite her*
il y a plus d’un an aprilacne said…
(Is te Spelling squad here too?)

Lura:*Walking down the road with a AK-47 straped to her back and two pistols in her hands*I miss Alice...

Jane:*walking with her with a ax straped to her back and a M-16 in her hands*I do to...*sees daytona and nina and points her gun at them*Are you one of them....*sees that their not and lowers her gun*Sorry.

Lura:I'm sorry about Jane, We just wittnesed one of our friends being draged away by those monsters.My name is Lura, Thats Jane and-Jane where is Levi?*panics*

Jane:I don't know.
il y a plus d’un an GWENxTRENT said…
(Erm..can I join..?)
il y a plus d’un an jadore_renard said…
(I too would like to join ^^; Columbus had a big influence on Kurt's personality xD)
il y a plus d’un an taytrain97 said…
(@Aprilacne, yes, the grammar squad is here xD
@GxT/Tappy, anybody can join, go ahead :3)

Kaie: Drake, are you okay? Is Ollie being mean to you? .3. (baby voice)
Drake: ._.' K-Kaie, I-I'm not a baby, you don't have to talk like that...
Kaie: But you're so cuuute .w. (ruffles his hair)
Martial: (suddenly stops) No time for cuddling, we have company...
il y a plus d’un an GWENxTRENT said…
(Sweeet~ .w. @T: Oh for real? .w. More reason to love both Columbus and Kurt..xD)

Nelson: *walking, shakingly holding the gun to his chest, holding Caleb's hand*
Caleb: *walking, a small determaned look on his face, holding his gun*...
il y a plus d’un an jadore_renard said…
(Yeey ^^ )

Kurt: *is inside a grocery store, collecting some supplies and gripping his gun nervously*

Bryce: Damn it Kurt, hurry the hell up! I swear if you don't get your ass in gear and get what ever supplies you were whining about, I'll leave you here!

Kurt: I-I, just a second! Medication is important I-in this enviroment! There are no hospitals if we get sick!
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il y a plus d’un an taytrain97 said…
Kaie: u.u Why the hell no- (sees as they're coming up to a dead-end with a large hoard surrounded around a body)...Oh, that's why .3.
Drake: DDDD: (hides behind Kaie)
Martial: Either we stay completely silent, or somehow find a way to kill ten zombies with two bullets...
Oliver: I don't see how that'll save us, considering they're probably smelling us u.u
Martial: (one zombie starting towards them)...Run?
Kaie: (already screaming for her life, carrying Drake) Way ahead of ya', geeksquad! DD:
Martial: D< Stupid! Get back here, you'll attract mo- (one zombie grabs for his arm, helps and grabs Oliver's arm, dragging him as fast as possible)
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il y a plus d’un an GWENxTRENT said…
(Hey, T? I has...question..^^;..BTW Kurt The Cutey. =w= <3)

Nelson: *looking around, slightly paranoid*
*a small rustle and moans are heard from around the corner*
Caleb: ...*grabbing Nelson's arm, moving him behind him*...*holds up his gun, whispers* Stay back, Nelson...
Amber: *slightly struting around an empty road, trying out 'awesome' shooting poses xD, pointing her gun at thin air*
Damaris: *cleaning off her gun, looking at Amber*..And you are doing~..?
Amber: *stops, brining the gun to her chest, looking back at Damaris* N-nothing ^^; J-just loosening up the mood..
Damaris: *small laugh* For yourself, huh? *small smile, tapping her foot*...Well, why don't cha sit down and help me clean the guns will ya? Then we can go get supplies, and find survivers..then we can loosen the mood for ourselves..*looks up at Amber, smiling lightly*
il y a plus d’un an jadore_renard said…
(yes Dannie? And thank you xD *pats Kurt's head and glares at Bryce* Stop being mean to Kurt! D:<)

Bryce: *suddenly hears a large shattering noise at the back of the store and instantly pulls out his gun* Godamnit Kurt! Get your skinny ass over here!

Kurt: *fumbles with the medicine, and quickly gathers it back in his arms before shoving it in his backpack*
Talia: *is in a park holding a big ass gun* Pick on someone your own puny baby size! *says in a terrible fake Russian accent, before firing at some stray zombies*

Teagan: *pushes his glasses up on his nose* do you think now is really the time to be screaming? You're going to give away our position!

Talia: I wasn't screaming! I'm being the Heavy of the group T^T I am disappoint Teagan. You're such a noob.

Holly: *blissfully unaware of how bad the situation actually is* Do you think we could get some ice cream later? I like mint chocolate chip :3
il y a plus d’un an GWENxTRENT said…
(This is gonna be so obvious, buuut do you wanna pair Bryce and Damaris? [I WOULD ask that..xD] I mean, we don't gotta and stuff ^^; And DDD< Yeah Bryce!)

Nelson: C-caleb! I-I'm scared! >m<
Caleb: Don't worry Nelson...*sees a stay zombie walk out, holds up his gun, aiming*..Just one zombie. *shoots it, hitting it straight in the forehead* Got it!
Amber: ¬_¬ Do I have to?
Damaris: Uh, yeah, kinda!..*ties up a small rag around a gun, holding it out to her* C'mon, get started..then we can get the hell outta here, and into a store or something..
Amber: *small sigh*..Fine..but...*walks up to her, pushing her hair away from her glasses, grabbing the gun, sitting down next to her, starts to un wrap the gun, cleaning it*...
Damaris: *softly starts to hum, lost in the gun xD*...
Amber: ...*looks up at her, cleaning*..Hey, Damaris?
il y a plus d’un an jadore_renard said…
(okie ^^ I like BrycexDamaris x3)

Talia: *continues to fire* what sick man sends babies to fight?

Teagan: *face palm* you know, for someone who was so dead against violence and guns prior to this, she sure is enjoying this...

Talia: *yells back* gun violence is totally acceptable in case of zombie apocalypse! *reloads*

Holly: *humming and picking dandelions, still not acknowledging the zombies talia and teagan are killing*
Kurt, rounds the corner see two zombies stumbling toward Brycez shakily points his gun at one* I c-coming Bryce!

Bryce: *shoots one in the chest* it's about freaking time -.- I seriously don't know why I brought you with me. You're useless and going to end up getting me eaten.
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il y a plus d’un an taytrain97 said…
(Random earlyyy)
Martial: (running after Kaie) Stop! We have to stick together!
Kaie: They're after us! We don't have time for a headcount! (carrying Drake along on her back)
Oliver: Oh, for Christ- (manages to catch up to her, snatching something from her pocket, revealing to be a grenade, bites the pin out and tosses it at the hoard, quickly pulling Martial along)
Shawn: (hears a loud beeping, groaning and waking up)...Aw, man, we gotta head out...
Jaime: (covers his head with his pillow) Five more minutes, mon...
Shawn: (thwack) Dude, the hotel could get overtaken at any minute, we gotta get out of here before something happens.
Jaime: (still under the pillow) You're jus' worried 'cause your girlfriend ain't callin' you back. Zombies ain't got to New York yet, mon, she's fine...
Shawn: I won't know that 'til we get there. Now, come on. (stands up, grabbing his arm and dragging him out of bed)
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il y a plus d’un an GWENxTRENT said…
(Oh yeeeeey~ ^^ BTW, morning everyoooone~ ^^..Talia..and Holly..X3)

(Nyeh, I gotz block for Caleb and Nelson, I'll work on em later =w=)
Damaris: *small timeskip, finishes putting the guns back in the car* Yeah Amber?
Amber: *pokes her head into the back seat of the car, checking the car in case of zombies or anytrhing =w=*...What happenes if we find survivors?
Damaris: ..*shuts the trunk, walking over to the drivers seat*..We pick them up..simple. *gets in*
Amber: ..*looks around all paranoid like, then runs over to the front of the car, getting into the passanger's seat* That's it?
Damaris: Uh, yeah, pretty much...*throws the key into the ingnition, starting up the car*...
Amber:...Oh...*rolls down the window, looking out*....*sees a few zombies sprinting towards them, eyes widen slightly, pushes her glasses up*..Speaking of visitors, we got some.. *sticks her head back in, going into her bag, looking for her gun*
Damaris:...*small sigh* Always..ALWAYS at a damn time like this. I just cleaned the guns. .m. *starts to drive away*
il y a plus d’un an smartone123 said…
sees zombies,and starts shooting"die"laughs with pleasure-nina
il y a plus d’un an taytrain97 said…
Kaie: D-Dammit! We're getting near a dead-end!
Drake: (whimpers, clutching to her back)...W-What about that bar over there? I-It looks safe...
Martial: We need all the shelter we can get!
Kaie: (nods, running toward it)
Jaime: (sneaking out of the hotel with him, walking down the stairs) ...Hey, mon, you still got that machine gun?
Shawn: Yeah, but it's running out of bullets, and I haven't seen an arms shop around lately...(straps it around his shoulder)
Jaime: I don' understand why you get the big guns, and I get a little pistol... (frowns, twirling his pistol between his fingers)
Shawn: I'm the one who knows how to use it. You'd just go machine happy with it. (chuckles, peeking around a corner) Clear..
Jaime (grumbles) Would not...(hears moaning and freezes)...Ginger, you hear that?
Shawn: (raises an eyebrow) Huh?
Jaime: That...moanin'...(turns to see a zombie barreling towards them, yelps and shoots at its head with both pistols)
Shawn: No need to waste ammo, dude >.> Let's keep going...
il y a plus d’un an smartone123 said…
(this one is a funny one XD)

crashes into jamie and shawn"ohf srry.need help?"-nina
il y a plus d’un an aprilacne said…

Jane:Calm down!I bet she's up in a tree....

Levi:*jumps down from a tree, with a katanna straped to her back and a hunting riffle in hands* *has a speech impediment like Jack swagger*Hey!Whath goin' on?

Lura:LEVI!*hugs ger*I thought you where dead!

Jane:*shoots some stray zombies*Now all we need to find is Katie(not from tdi), Amy, Bol', Johanna, Taylor and Christaina...

Amy:*carring a shotgun*I Don't get this bullcrap.... >.<

Christaina:*carring a desert eagle*And here I thought the great Orton-

Bol':*carring a baseball bat*in a thick russian accent*WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP!

Johanna:*carring a ax* *in a mild italian accent*Please?

Taylor:This is not dashing at all...

Katie:*carring two sledgehammers*Well you can kiss my ass about that.
il y a plus d’un an smartone123 said…
shots the zombies-nina
il y a plus d’un an taytrain97 said…
Kaie: (starting to barricade the door as soon as they're all in)
Martial: No! Don't do that yet! There could still be zombies in here somewhere! (snatches the chair away from her)
Kaie: (growls and snatches it back) We know there's zombies behind us, too, so what does it matter if we get eaten anyways?!
Drake: W-We're going to get e-eaten?! D:
Shawn: (not sure if she's a zombie or not, pointing his gun at her)...We're getting out of here, as quickly as damn possible, alright?
Jaime: (pushes the gun down, glaring at him) Mon, it's just a little chica, not all of them are zombies!
Shawn: I can't be sure, man! (growls, starting to walk off)
Jaime: (looks at Nina with a sigh) Sorry, it's gettin' tough on all'a us...(runs after him)
il y a plus d’un an smartone123 said…
nods"here"takes out a gun that is small"they have explosive bullets,on blow is like a bomb in their head"-nina
il y a plus d’un an aprilacne said…

Taylor:EEEW!Why in the world would I want to bring my dashing face to you A-hole!

Levi:Their mithing?

il y a plus d’un an smartone123 said…
crawels under bushes-jade
il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
Nya: *alone with Teagan* Jeez Teagan I didn't think you kill that many with 5 bullets
Teagan: there was only 4
Nya: *face palm* Jeez i'm wrose at counting then some people I know (Juna XD)
Teagan: that you are
Nya: for a nut case your pretty calm
Teagan: I take Video games as if there real whadda ya' expect?
Nya: good point *they find everyone else*
Teagan: okay this is starting to creep me out
Nya: *face palm* okay Teagan I miss to nut case Teagan
il y a plus d’un an GWENxTRENT said…
(..Raah, I'm just gonna rp Gizmo. >w>)

Gizmo: *has a small pistol attached to her bionical arm, small yawn, walking around, her dog Bolts along side her*...
Bolts: *trotting, a pack on his back, holding spare bullets and pistols*...
il y a plus d’un an taytrain97 said…
Martial: (groans, grabs Oliver's arm, pulling him along) You're coming with me...
Oliver: Why is it always me? T.T
Kaie: >.> (barricading)
Jaime: (grabs Shawn's arm, slowing him down) Mon, you can't just go pointin' guns at random people!
Shawn: She could have been a zombie. (ripping his arm away, walking faster)
Jaime: But she wasn't! Look, I know you're all worried and shit about Lia, but she's fine, NYC's got a border lockdown and everything!
Shawn: (growls) It's not about her, dammit, leave the subject alone!
il y a plus d’un an smartone123 said…
has a pistol in hand-jade
il y a plus d’un an aprilacne said…
Katie:*hears nina*Hey!Who in the hell are you?

Sammie:*holding two pistols*Woo woo woo!You know it!

Taylor:shut you're un-dashing face up!
il y a plus d’un an jadore_renard said…
(another Teagan...? Crap this'll get confusing DX)

Kurt: *fires at the second zombie, the force of the gun knocks him back a bit. Misses it and fires again, hitting the zombie in the neck*

Bryce: *grabs kurt's arm* let's get out of here before you get us both killed *starts for the door*
Talia: I'm reloading- *gets cut off*

Teagan: Stop! Seriously, it's not clever, it's not funny. Stop quoting movies. People have died and you're just acting like this is a big joke!

Talia: *glances over at him* well excuse me for trying to make light of a horrific situation. And people tell me that I'm the pessimist. -.-

Holly: I quite like jokes. Especially puns ^-^
il y a plus d’un an smartone123 said…
"helping kill zomibes"shoots the zombie with her spical gun....BOOM the head explodes-nina
il y a plus d’un an aprilacne said…
Katie:*sees more zombies comming and bashs thier heads in*

Sammie:*shooting ganster style*
il y a plus d’un an GWENxTRENT said…
Gizmo: ...*walking, brushing the bangs away from her face, lookd down at Bolt* Hey, think Papa's alright..wherever he is?
Bolt: ...*looks up at her, blinks, then looks back forward, a robotic british accent comes from his collar*..Possibly..
Gizmo: ...Yeah..I mean, he is my papa..
Bolt: Don't forget the fact that he's an inventor..and a doctor..
Gizmo: Right...*small worried look, keeps walking*..
Amber: *driving the car from the opposite seat, as Damaris is out the window, shooting zombies*
Damaris: *shoots one in the leg, making it fall down and slow it's pace* Drive faster!
Amber: The speed limit is 25 miles per hour I can't go any faster! DX
Damaris: *shoots again, hitting it on the shoulder* Amber, this is a friggin' zombie apocalyps! Do you honestly think that speed limit matters?! Drive faster!
Amber: Nyah! DX *stomps down on the gas, driving faster*
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il y a plus d’un an jadore_renard said…
Bryce: *gets out of the grocery store, dragging Kurt behind him. Notices that their car is missing* you have to be effing kidding me!

Kurt: I-I t-told you not to leave the keys in the car...

Bryce: Just shut up!

*zombies begin to close in on them

Bryce: *begins cussing*

Kurt: *looks terrified*
Holly: *zoned out*

Teagan: we can't hold ground here, we need to retreat to the van!

Talia: *nods* I'll cover you!

Teagan: okay *grabs holly and slings her over his shoulder* sorry, Hol, but you're being a load.

Holly: *laughs*
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il y a plus d’un an taytrain97 said…
Drake: (pulls on Kaie's sleeve) Kaie?...
Kaie: (looks down at him) Hm? What is it?
Drake: ...We're not actually going to die...right?..
Jaime: (sighs) A'least don' point it at people, a'ight? We got enough dead people here anyways...
Shawn: (grunts, not really paying attention, looking around another corner)...clear...
il y a plus d’un an GWENxTRENT said…
Bolt: Hey, Giz..don't worry, alright? Papa's fine..I promise..
Gizmo: Right...*hears a small rustle, blinks, stops walking*..Did you hear that..?
(D: Oh noes! Kurt and Bryce!)
Amber: *drives by the store* Damaris! I found a-..*sees the mob of zombies in the front surrounding two figures*..Damaris!
Damaris: ..*looks over at the store, seeing the figures*..*holds out her hand*
Amber: *hits the breaks, going under her seat, pulling out her AK 47 (.w.), throwing it at her* Here!
Damaris: I'm goin' in! *hops out the window, grabbing her pack full of guns and grenades, running over to them*..*small, shaky sigh, raises her gun, aiming at one of the zombies, shooting it in the neck, severing the head, making it drop to the floor*
il y a plus d’un an jadore_renard said…
Teagan: *puts holly down when they reach the van and jumps in the driver's seat*

Holly: *slides the passenger door open and sits down

Talia: *running as fast as she can with seven or eight zombies on her tail* I ran out of bullets! *jumps into the van* close the door! Drive!

Teagan: *floors it*
Bryce: *attempts to reload his gun, but drops the cartridges. eyes widen slightly panicked*

*bullet suddenly flies through one of the zombie's necks*

Kurt: there's someone else out here! *sounding very relieved, voice cracks slightly*

*Bryce and Kurt just stand there kind of in shock as all the zombies get blown up and stuff xD*
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il y a plus d’un an Lollipop97 said…
(Eh... Would anyone mind if I join? ^-^;;)
il y a plus d’un an GWENxTRENT said…
(No. .w. Join Anna! ^^)
Damaris: *shooting and stuff xD; shoots the ohers in the legs, neck, and head, making them fall to the floor, panting heavyly after she's done, looking down at them (the zombies)*...
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il y a plus d’un an taytrain97 said…
(Of course not ^^)

Kaie: (frowns and ruffles his hair) No, we won't, don't think like that...
Drake: But you said-
Kaie: I was joking...okay? We'll be fine ^^
Jaime: (rolls his eyes and follows him around the corner)...Hey, ya' think NYC girls are still hot up there? -w-
Shawn: ...(thwack)
Jaime: Ow! I was just askin'! Dx
il y a plus d’un an aprilacne said…
Amy:*sighs*I miss Alice...And Jane and Lura...

All:*glare at her for not saying levi*

Amy:Ok!And I miss Levi...*sees kurt*Hey!Guys they need help.*starts shooting zombies*

(no...I wouldnt...)

Levi:*hears guns shooting*Hey...I hear gunth....Maybe that'th them!

Jane:Well come on!
il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
(Crap...... TeaganX2 well my Teagan's A nut case! :D)
Teagan: rawr..
Nya: *sighs* Teagan could you be anymore nutty?
Teagan: yes
Nya: Crap!
Teagan: *acttcked by Zombie scearms at the top of high lungs and shoots it* god damn ZOmbies
il y a plus d’un an smartone123 said…
rolls eyes-nina
il y a plus d’un an jadore_renard said…
(my Teagan's a man, so it'll probably be easy enough to tell them apart xD)

Meera: *hesitantly leaves an abandoned building, carrying her cat Momo* sshhh, I-it's okay kitten. We'll find mom, dad and Jayden soon *voice quivering as she tries not to burst into tears* (Meera doesn't cope well in this type of situation...)
Bryce: *reaches down and grabs the packs of bullets he'd dropped and reloads his gun*

Kurt: *still standing there wide eyed, unsure of what's happening*
il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
(Okay XD)
Nya: what the hell? *her eyes turn blod red and her skin turns pale*
(JUNO! comeing at the shittest of times why must you piss me off by doing that!)
il y a plus d’un an smartone123 said…
(awww i love the name momo probelly from Bleach :3)
il y a plus d’un an GWENxTRENT said…
(Awe..Meera ono)

Damaris: ...*looks up at them, small, worried look*...Are you guys okay..?