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obssesedTDIgirl posted on Jul 18, 2011 at 04:15AM
So this is an RP full of your OC´s memories. whether its your OC seeing as frind they havent seen it kndergarden, them doing what they use to, to them just remebering, it doesnt matter to me!
1. Flashbacks can be in the RP so this can change into a completly NEW RP in seconds!
2. No killijg OC´s unless you have that OCs owners permission
3. If you swear, please use stars*
4. You dont need to ask to join
5. TRY TRY TRY to not just randomly jump in

Uh...we kinda need a setting tov so heres a few idea I had...
Park:either swingset, baseball, or just a field kind of park
Beach: cant be more specific!
School: Doenst matter if you like a new student or its the beginning of the year
On the street: Like shopping, walking in the nieghborhood, ect.
Or any idea you gots!

Sorry if you dont understand what I wrote!

For this RP, I will be using Ty and Robin (There twins you know!)
This is how HE looks(he does where a shirt IDK whjat kind t give him though): link

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il y a plus d’un an princess2109 said…
Park I would say
il y a plus d’un an obssesedTDIgirl said…
Like a swingset park, a baseball park, or a like nature park?
il y a plus d’un an smartone123 said…
ok ill start with jades and nikki's memories

a slap ripples her face so she hides shakeing cring under a cabbinet

plays tag with her brother-jade
il y a plus d’un an obssesedTDIgirl said…
Not to be rude but we STILL need a settting
il y a plus d’un an smartone123 said…
i thought we were individual places?-storm
il y a plus d’un an iloveduncan6 said…
il y a plus d’un an smartone123 said…
nikkis is at her house but baby jade can be there-storm

plays tag,laughing happy-jade
 nikkis is at her house but baby jade can be there-storm plays tag,laughing happy-jade