Chapter 1/2:
Heroes vs Villains part 1/part 2
Chef was walking down a hallway walking past the jail cells of the other prisoners. He suddenly heard a familar voice and saw Chris. Unlike the other inmates who's prison cells were metal bars, Chris's jail cell was made of clear glass. After being handed a folder with files on the competing All Stars, Chris's eyes lit up in excitement. After the intro, Chris began his speech. The island may of have been cleaned up of the toxic waste, but the same old cabins still remain, as well as the dirty outhouse confessional. a dit Chris After talking, an army green chopper hovered above the island. And here are our competing all stars right now! From Revenge of the Island, say hello to silent boy B. a dit Chris as B got tossed into the water. Also returning this season: Zoey and Mike. Chef grabbed the both of them and tossed them out. As well as Cameron, Scott, Lightning, and Jo. One par one, each of the mentioned contestants were tossed out one par one. From the original cast: Courtney. a dit Chris as she was tossed out. And also returning: Gwen, Duncan, Heather, Lindsay, and Sierra. After everyone was on the beach, they were exhausted from the swim to the island's shore. What? toi guys are tired already? a dit Chris when he saw the contestants laying on the sandy plage We had to endure a long swim just to get here. Of course we're tired from all that swimming. a dit Scott But that's the fun part. a dit Chris Where's the fun in swimming and then being exhausted afterwards? asked Jo Good point. But now's not the time to be resting. It's time to divide toi guys up into teams. a dit Chris On the Villainous Vultures are Gwen, Heather, Scott, Duncan, Jo, and Lightning and on the Heroic Hamsters are Courtney, Silent B, Sierra, Cameron, Mike, Lindsay, and Zoey. Now that everyone has been divided up into teams, it's challenge time! announced Chris What's the challenge for today? asked Mike Cliff diving into requin infested waters to retrieve keys. a dit Chris (At the cliff) Now that you're all here, it's time to decide who will push the chariot, panier and who will dive. a dit Chris I'll be the one pushing our cart. a dit Jo Heroic Hamsters? Have toi made your decision? asked Chris I'll push the cart. a dit Lindsay Okay. Now that's been decided, the rest of toi know what to do. a dit Chris The rest of the contestants headed up to the cliff to begin looking for keys. Silent B and Heather both went first. Ha! Good luck finding a key! a dit Heather, taunting B as she swam past him. par the time he resurfaced with a key in hand, she was long gone. He didn't let that bother him and jumped in the cart. Lindsay had a tough time pushing the cart. You're almost as heavy as Owen is. a dit Lindsay as she pushed the chariot, panier (Back on the cliff) I won't dive! a dit Scott Oh yes toi will! a dit Lightning, trying to get him off the boulder he was clinging to. toi don't have much of a choice. It's either toi ou the robot. And i don't think the robot's waterproof. a dit Duncan Yeah. But it's sharkproof. a dit Scott Once Lightning finally got Scott free from the boulder, the force pushed the robot towards the edge of the cliff. The robot was sent crashing on its way down. Once it reached the water, Fang and a couple other sharks started biting at the robot until it exploded and a shadowed figure was revealed. It turned out to be Alejandro, which surprised Heather, Silent B, Zoey, Mike, Courtney, Cameron, and Sierra. Once Alejandro got the Spa Hotel door open, Chris came par on his jet pack and announced the Villainous Vultures as the winners. (Elimination ceremony) The following players are safe: Silent B, Courtney, Cameron, Sierra, Zoey, and Mike. Lindsay, you're up for grabs. a dit Chris 13 players remaining. Who will be eliminated next? Find out suivant time on Total Drama All Stars! a dit Chris
Chapter 3/4:
Evil Dread part 1/2:
After a good night's sleep, the contestants were ready to do the challenge. Morning everyone. Hope toi all had a good night's sleep. Anyways, it's time for today's challenge. Digging for puzzle pieces. The Villains get shovels because they won yesterday's challenge. a dit Chris And as for us? asked Cameron toi guys will have to dig without shovels. Anyways, let the challenge begin! a dit Chris (Challenge) Anyone got any bright ideas for how to dig for the pieces? asked Courtney It looks like Silent B does. a dit Zoey Okay, B. Let's hear it. a dit Courtney Silent B pointed at the spots the puzzle pieces were hidden and suggested if they dug in a straight line on both sides of the beach, they would get to putting the pieces together faster. I like that idea. Let's go with B's suggestion and get this done right away. a dit Courtney The Villains were just starting when the Heroes were digging for their pieces. After getting their pieces, the Villains assembled the pieces. Lightning placed a crab, hoping it would make for a nice touch. This only made the pieces fall. Everyone was upset with him. par the time they built it correctly, the Heroic Hamsters had finished building their statue. The Heroic Hamsters win the challenge! a dit Chris, coming par on his jetpack and observing the finished puzzle. (Elimination ceremony) The following players are safe: Duncan, Jo, Scott, Alejandro, Heather, and Gwen. Lightning, toi got a rendez-vous amoureux, date with the Flush of Shame. Get a déplacer on. And Silent B, it's off to Boney Island with you. a dit Chris 12 players remaining. Who will be eliminated next? Find out suivant time on Total Drama All Stars! a dit Chris
Chapter 5/6:
Saving Private Leechball:
Part 1/2:
Welcome everyone. And welcome back to Silent B. a dit Chris Courtney. Did toi bring Silent B anything? asked Sierra I wasn't told about bringing him anything. a dit Courtney Today's challenge better be good. a dit Heather Woah! Take it easy! And it will be! a dit Chris Good. What's today's challenge? asked Heather A paintball challenge! a dit Chris (Confessional) Jo: Paintball? Now this is my kind of challenge! (Confessional ends)
This is my kind of challenge! a dit Jo Good to know someone's excited about this. a dit Chris (Challenge) Silent B, Sierra, Courtney, Mike, Zoey, and Cameron made a run for the rack containing the paintball pistolets until Alejandro, Scott, Duncan, Heather, Gwen, and Jo blocked their path. We're too late. I guess we'll have to resort to using slingshots. Each of them grabbed the slingshots and the plastic capsules. Each of them went off into different parts of the forest. Silent B snuck up behind a arbre and began to pull his slingshot to hit Gwen with a paintball until Duncan saw him and jumped in front of her and was hit par the paintball. Gwen avenged Duncan par firing a paintball at Silent B, who managed to dodge it par running. On his way through the forest, he got struck par a few paintballs Heather fired off from her paintball gun. He managed to make it safely to Courtney and asked her to take him into the nearby cave. Sure. I can take toi to the nearby cave. a dit Courtney, carrying Silent B over her shoulder to the cave. Jo managed to find Silent B in the cave. Looks like toi won't be running from me now. a dit Jo, getting ready to hit Silent B with paintballs. She succeeded until Zoey and Mike showed up and hit her with paintballs. (Elimination ceremony) The following players are safe: Alejandro, Gwen, Heather, Scott, and Duncan. Jo, you're up for grabs and Cameron it's your turn to go to Boney Island. And a twist surprise before i get to that: team switch time! Courtney, you're on the Villainous Vultures team now and Duncan, you're on the Heroic Hamsters team now! a dit Chris 11 players remaining! Who will be eliminated next? Find out suivant time on Total Drama All Stars! a dit Chris Chapter 7:
nourriture Fright 1/2:
It was a rainy couvert, ciel couvert night as Alejandro, Scott, and Duncan slept in the cabin. We've got to win the suivant challenge so we're not stuck here. a dit Alejandro I know. This place is boring if toi ask me. a dit Scott I seconde that. a dit Duncan, agreeing with him (Morning) par morning, it was done raining and the clouds had disappeared. Challenge time! But before we get to that, time to welcome back last night's exiled all star, Cameron. a dit Chris Cameron was returned back to the island par Chef, who dropped him back off onto the island from a bateau Thank toi Chef! And welcome back to Cameron! a dit Chris So, what's today's challenge? asked Mike Both members from both teams have to eat an entire plate of pancakes. So Villains, Heroes, make your decision who toi want to do the challenge. Once you've decided, let me know. a dit Chris Who do toi want to take part in this challenge? asked Zoey I say Sierra. a dit Mike Who do we want to take part in the challenge? asked Scott I volunteer Alejandro to do it. a dit Heather (Challenge) It looks as if both teams have come to a decision. Sierra and Alejandro will take part in the first half of the challenge. a dit Chris toi may! a dit Chris as he honked the air horn for them to begin Sierra began to eat as much as she could Alejandro quickly began to catch with her Yeah. I forgot to mention. I rigged the plate meant for the heroes. a dit Chris Sierra thought she was eating myrtille filled pancakes, when instead she realized she was eating poisson eyes. This made her puke, forcing Silent B to take her place. Silent B caught up to Alejandro and now the two had to go through an obstacle course. Silent B and Alejandro managed to dodge the obstacle course boxing gloves, cannons, and an assortment of other typical things found at obstacle courses. Enjoy the loser cabin! a dit Alejandro, taunting Silent B as he ran par on his way to the salade spinner This motivated Silent B to unleash his inner rage towards Alejandro. He managed to dodge the boxing gloves, the grain de raisin, raisin crusher, and cannons and caught up with Alejandro, grabbing his leg in time. Come on, B. Let's go for a little ride. a dit Alejandro, pulling Silent B into the salade spinner. Both of them held in their vomit as they got spun around. Once it stopped spinning, Chris announced the winners of the challenge. The Villainous Vultures win! a dit Chris Zoey, Mike, Sierra, and Cameron walked up to Silent B and showed sympathy for him toi did your best, B. toi gave it your all. a dit Zoey, putting her hand on his shoulder He smiled, knowing what she a dit made him feel better. (Elimination ceremony) Good work Villainous Vultures. toi put an end to the winning streak for the Heroic Hamsters. a dit Chris Who's going to be exiled to Boney Island? asked Scott I've made my decision. You'll be exiled to Boney Island. a dit Chris And as for the elimination votes, Silent B and Sierra are tied with having three votes, so that means Cameron is up for grabs. a dit Chris What!? a dit a surprised Sierra Hate to say it, but he's in no condition to stay. a dit Chris 10 players remaining! Who will be eliminated next? Find out suivant time on Total Drama All Stars! a dit Chris