She was in the shower. Tom entered and walked into douche corner. He grabbed her for hips and sharply pushed her on the wall. He pressed on her back. While he was stroking her cul, ass with his cock and kisses her neck. She felt his excited breath on her neck and heard his silent moaning. He turned her, wanted look at her eyes. He smiled to her and then his hand slowly slipped into her wet lap. She leaned her head back, and took his excitement into her hand. She stroked it up and down and he started growing. He, in return, grabbed her boob and started munch her nipple with fingers.
Fingers of seconde hand were still moving in her pussy.

She got really excited, when he was so passionate. His cock was so hard, he didn`t need any help to get it up, but it was pleasure for her that she could take care of him. He slipped away from her hand and in a seconde he was down on his knees, s’embrasser her thigh gently. He got closer to her pussy with every kiss. Then she could feel his breath on it. He goes further with his tongue and makes a really good work there.

She was little bit shy, because he was so sure in what he was doing compared with her. She had a little experience. That was not a problem for him. He grabbed her hips pretty strongly and then asked her to spread her legs. He still had two fingers inside and meanwhile licked her sweet clit. "Please, don´t stop Tom. I want more. I need more..." she told him.

Tom just smiled to her and she leaned her head back. Her knees got weak and she slowly felt down, so her pussy just easy did go against his skillful tongue. He grabbed her hips again and pushed her closer so he could go deeper with his tongue. He looked at her after while, and she moaned, because he started to suck her clit.

She was not able to stop moaning loud. He was so good. He stroked her hips, and gently scratched her skin. She couldn´t stand it more.
She reached the first of many orgasms and started to beg him for more. He smiled and a dit "I'm not finished yet, rise up". So she rose and he did the same. Looked in to her beautiful eyes and squeezed her hard and horny butt, then slipped inside with two fingers at the same time.

She moaned, and gave him a look that a dit that she wanted plus than just a two fingers in there. He smiled and licked his lips. He played a little with his lip piercings. Then grabbed her cul, ass and quickly turned her. She had her belly stuck on douche wall. He was stand behind her and bit her ear.
This beautiful girl just whispered "Babe, go inside, here and now ! Hard! I need to feel toi so intense! ". She was so horny. "You want me inside toi hmm ?" He asked her, he was teasing her a lot. She nodded. He didn´t waited plus and put his dick inside her small hole. She moaned of pain and teardrops slipped down of her eyes. He was standing there a few secondes before he started to déplacer inside. He didn´t want to hurt her.

"Is it okay babe?" He asked with care in his voice. Answer was surprising: "Yes! Get in there. I want all of you! ". He smiled and grabbed her hips and got her there, hard! He moaned out a loud. He started to déplacer back and forward. First he rested his head on her shoulder and bit her neck, then lifted his head and closed his eyes, meanwhile he was still thrusting in her fast and hard. Both felt that an orgasm coming. This one was strong. He needed to hold her cause she was about to fall on the floor. She moaned so loud that he told her she has to be quiet.
Better say he groaned it. He grabbed her butt and pulled it on his dick harder, maybe little bit violently, just to go in and out few times till he was done too. He moaned loud when he came. She could feel his dick pumping her up. He pulled out, and she could feel his cum go outside.
They both smiled. She kissed him and started laughing. She a dit “ I don`t know, but it`s a weird feeling to have, when I get out of the douche plus dirty then I was when I got in “ He nodded and kissed her.