We imagine that we all know a Kiss, the legendary American band formed in 1972 whose members made up and costumed act shaping characters that over time have become the watchword of Rock'N'Roll. In 1983 the group decided to park his comic image and start a new stage without makeup. Years later, to please the fans who missed the first stage, the band returned to its origins with the costumes.
The release of Tokio Hotel as a band was a very studied. Possible to speak of the last major musical projects in Europe the new century. At the time of creating the foundation, the Management was aware that Bill were to fall, all eyes, but that was not enough. In any group worth its salt, the weight is distributed usually between the singer and guitarist in Tokio Hotel was not going to be different. The problem was that Tom, despite being Bill's twin, had a personality as usual, was far in all respects from that of his brother. The idea came from a member of the Management Sets included in the promotional press sent to the media, the alias of Tom as a Sex-machine. That way, Tom had his own character, the style Kiss, and a large number of fans could identify with his role in the band of mischievous child.
The role that he has had to play Tom is not easy, nor is having to grow last name and accueil sharing with someone's personality and artistic Bill Kaulitz waste par pure inertia and obscures engulfs everything in its place way.
Tom is without a doubt the rascal of the group. The prototype of kid who always sit in class and on field trips par bus in the last row. The eternal wannabe wise guy who is seen coming and yet is allowed to do because toi are just discovering that there is much deception in this attitude and his shyness and insecurity betray him.
Although outbreaks have always pointed to Bill, Tom dragged musically a lot of responsibility, which on the one hand caused him many fears and the other motivated him to work obsessively. Of the four members of the group, Tom is the most advanced in knowledge and today, his insecurity on stage loses strength and begins to uncover a Tom that toi can enjoy the live and interact with the public. In this sense, is very clear that Tom, the best is yet to come.
The press and the consequences of fame have been the black spots in his short career. Episodes such as the gas station in Hamburg, Viagra ou their encounters with Chantelle Paige fed and grew the legend of "picha brava" mistakenly been attributed.
Collecting sneakers is considered as one of their main hobbies. In a room kept hundreds of models, mostly unused because their movements are never walk. The fame has totally limited their movements. We wish a little plus freedom in their new stage in the U.S. and remains as it is for ever and ever.
If someone lends me a heart, be assured that I'll l’amour toi twice.