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posted by HelloKittyfan6
 A Fortune teller and a Bounty hunter.
A Fortune teller and a Bounty hunter.
In the beginning,D.G. is an adult in her lit in the normal world,she slept in.Now D.G.is late for work.D.G.'s boss go angry then D.G. got to work right away.After work,D.G. went accueil and ate dinner.Then D.G. went to bed.That night an evil princess plotted to get revenge at the light.The evil princess sent her warriors to go get the light and bring the light to her.D.G. woke up because she heard an odd noise.When D.G.walked down the steps,she saw her parents.Her parents a dit they knew they were coming to get D.G.. The warriors chased after the family into D.G.'s room.
The Mom and Dad told D.G....
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