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(next jour later in the park)

Tinisha: (listening to musique on her new MP3)

Jenny: (walks to Tinisha) umm Tinisha

Tinisha: yes Jenny?

Jenny: (whispers in Tinisha's ear hole) we have a problem

Tinisha: (whispers back) meet me at the HQ

Jenny: got it (walks away)

( 5 minutes later Tinisha walks up to a arbre and hits it 6 times and a door opens to a elevator, tinisha walks in)

Tinisha: Jenny? where are you?

Jenny: over here in the lab!!

Tinisha: Oh

(Tinisha goes to secret lab)

Tinisha: whats the problem

Jenny: it's Rico and Nicole

Tinisha: NICOLE!!! toi know I hate her name!!!

Jenny: I know but there are strange...
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12:00 in the central park

Tinisha: salut Jenny! I bet toi can throw a rock as far as kowalski!

( kowalski is half a mile away )

Jenny: oh yea! ( grabs rock and hits kowalski )

Tinisha: I a dit as far as kowalski not at kowalski!

Jenny: oops SORRY KOWALSKI!!!

Tinisha: hehe

Jenny: that was a dirty trick tinisha!

Tinisha: what I didn't really think that toi could throw that far

Kowalski: (comes to tinisha and Jenny) Jenny! What was that for!

Jenny:Tinisha wanted me to throw a rock as far as toi and I didn't know I would hit you

Tinisha: salut I didn't know she could throw far

Kowalski: grrrrrrrr!!

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