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Opinion by theway___ posted il y a plus d’un an
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I don't understand why people think that bullying satisfies them. So, people dying right before your eyes doesn't make toi feel at least sorry? Hearing that people are cutting, doesn't make toi concerned? And, have toi ever thought about how toi would be treated if that were you? Well, I guess not.

People keep saying that bullying needs to stop, but, In reality, you're sitting on your butt wondering when a fairy will just come and spin her wand and BAM! Bullying has never existed.
Yeah, it's happened in all of our dreams.

But I am seriously done with people hurting others and I'm sick of the bullies. No one deserves to be hated on, ignored. Why not take a stand? What if the victim was you?
Fan fiction by theway___ posted il y a plus d’un an
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Liam: Hey, Harry! Take a look at this.

Harry: Sure. *looks* Whoa, it's a girl. And?

Liam: And she lives in England - and she's the one who won our contest to come and see us perform and meet us backstage!

Harry: Awesome! She's really pretty.

Liam: Yeah *smiling*

Harry: Too bad toi have Danielle, right? *curious*

Liam: *scratching back of his head* Um, yeah.... about that...

Harry: Uh-oh.

Liam: Well, Danielle and I have been having a lot of problems lately. I wish we were plus like Eleanor and Lou

Harry: Can't blame toi there. Taylor was just a slut to me and just ran off for her 50th boyfriend in her life.

Liam: Now, now, I respect Taylor so don't talk to her that way.

Harry: *changing subject* Ok, whatever so do the other lads know?

Liam: Uh, I'm not completely sure. Maybe so. If they don't I'll just tell them.