I know what you're thinking: how can toi pick just ten? And the truth is, toi can't. There are just too many good ones. But I thought I'd give it a try anyway.

For me, good Mulder/Scully moments don't necessarily have to be hugs ou kisses (although God knows I l’amour the shippy scenes just as much as anyone else!). They can be touches, looks, words...anything, really, that demonstrates the l’amour these two characters have for one another.

So without further ado, let's begin!

10. "Anasazi" - A sick Mulder goes to Scully's apartment and basically collapses onto Scully, who puts him to bed.

This is one of the first "touchy" scenes out of the earlier X-Files episodes, and is a moment that is both very tender and tense at the same time. Mulder, who has basically been drugged, goes to Scully's apartment because, as usual "she's the only one he can trust." And in the suivant scene, Mulder is in his underwear, so we can only assume Scully removed both his chemise and pants (unless Mulder has some magical sleep-undressing ability). It's a really delicious moment between the two, and it speeds up my cœur, coeur rate a little every time I see it!

9. "The Unnatural" - The famous baseball scene. Mulder tells Scully to meet him at a baseball park, and he teaches her how to balançoire, swing a bat par putting his arms around her.

Yes, I know this scene is at the haut, retour au début of many people's lists, but I don't think it belongs in the haut, retour au début five. It's just a cute little scene with Mulder and Scully having a bit of fun for a change. I do have to say, though, the few times Mulder turns his head and looks at Scully are PRICELESS. And who couldn't l’amour "hips before hands"? In any case, this scene is a sweet moment. It is the Mulder/Scully version of first base - no pun intended.

8. "Irresistible" - After Scully is rescued from Donnie Pfaster,
Mulder asks her if she's all right. She tries to keep her calm composure, but Mulder lifts her head up tenderly and she breaks down. Then the two have one of the most spine-tingling hugs on the show.

The very first hug between the two. This is the point where they know without a doubt that they are best friends, and will sacrifice their lives for the other. They're not exactly at the "love" stage yet, but this hug is certainly an important step to that. And don't toi just l’amour how Mulder knows how scared Scully is without her even saying so?

7. "One Breath" - Scully is hospitalized after her abduction, and Mulder goes to visit her. Unsure whether ou not Scully will live ou die, Mulder says at her bedside, "I don't know if my being here will help bring toi back, but I'm here." Then he goes to his apartment and CRIES.

Certainly some of David Duchovny's best jouer la comédie on the show, and a very tense/tender moment (there are a lot of those). Mulder is heartbroken over the fact that he has Scully back - only to hear that she might die anyway, and for a crusade of his. Mulder has been bottling his feelings up all throughout this episode, and this scene is where he finally lets them out. If only Scully was conscious!

6. "Per Manum" - The flashback scenes. Throughout this episode, Scully remembers a series of interactions between her and Mulder concerning the fact that she is (supposedly) barren, never able to have children. We learn that Mulder agrees to be a sperm donor for Scully's attempt at IVF. The episode shows her joy when he agrees and their pain when it fails. The final flashback is one of the saddest moments in the entire show.

God, I l’amour these flashbacks. In terms of Mulder/Scully moments, they're underrated, and they are SO SAD. My favori scene is the last flashback, when Scully cries, "It was my last chance," and Mulder tells her, "Never give up on a miracle." And for once, the logical, scientific Scully doesn't argue with him. It's a perfect, heartbreaking moment.

5. "Existence" - The final scene. Mulder visits Scully and the newly-born baby William, and the two share some very frrustratingly vague dialogue before having the Kiss that washes away any doubt these two are in love.

This scene is just beautiful - beautifully filmed, beautifully acted, and, best of all, Mark Snow's beautiful "Scully's Theme" is playing in the background. The only thing wrong with this scene is that the dialogue is vague. "The truth we both know" - dammit, Mulder, EXPLAIN! Do toi mean to say, "We're in love", "William's our child", ou both? I know that many fans will swear it's one ou the other ou both, but the truth is they never really clarify. Nevertheless, it's a beautiful, golden scene, and a favori among shippers.

4. "Milagro" - Padgett tells Mulder and Scully, "Agent Scully is already in love" and the end scene, where Mulder walks in on a very bloody and possibly dead Scully, who wakes up and literally CLUTCHES him, like he's the only thing keeping her alive.

Okay, I know this is really two scenes, but they're from the same episode and they're both just amazing. When Phillip Padgett tells Mulder and Scully everything we, the fans, have been saying from jour one in a single sentence - well, I think I leapt to my feet and cheered. And when Scully clings to Mulder at the end, Mulder looks like he's in pain, too. Two awesome scenes in one of the best episodes the montrer ever did.

3. "Memento Mori" - The hallway hug scene. Penny, Scully's fellow cancer-ridden abductee, has just died, and Mulder comforts her as she decides she's "not going to let this thing beat me" (meaning her cancer). Then the two have the best hug scene in the show.

This scene quite possibly won Gillian Anderson her Emmy - and a well-deserved award, too. Gilly's jouer la comédie in this scene is brilliant, and the hug is just uplifting in a time of immense sadness. This is one of the scenes I felt wasn't necessarily a sign that they were "in love" ou whatever. They are two people who care deeply for one another.

2. "Requiem" - Scully goes to Mulder's hotel room, saying she doesn't feel well and can't get warm. Mulder then lets her get in his lit and lies suivant to her, putting his arms around her.

Gives me chills every time I see it. This scene is so perfect, so tender, and so sad after the episode is over. It's beautifully lit, marking the last happy moment these two will have together in a long time. The problem is, it's not even that happy. The two have been through a lot of pain together, and they can only turn to one another for support. Beautiful. And may I just say David Duchovny's arms never looked better in a scene? Lucky Gillian!


1. "Millennium" - The New Year's Kiss.

Short, sweet, simple - no confusing dialogue, pressing problems, crying, ou pain. Just "Happy New year, Scully" and "Happy New Year, Mulder." PERFECT.

Well, that's the list. Please commentaire and tell me your thoughts! And remember, the truth is out there!