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Should I watch " Home" and "Jose Chung' s Doomsday Defense" ?

So, I' m currently watching season 3. I know that the episode " Home" ( which is the beginning of 4th season) is being closer and closer. Yet, while searching around the web before even starting to watch the X - Files, I couldn' t not stumble upon the fame of this episode, which some people regard as being the one of the scariest things in the world. I even heard they gave it an MA rating. I' m currently 17, and I' m quite difficult to scare( I mean the kind of person that watches horror films with a completely stoic face and calmly thinks about what the characters must do in order to survive, ou how did the monster of the movie came to it' s existance) , I see R - rated movies( not sure if I' ve ever seen NC - 17 films though, but I' m pretty sure I' ve never seen an NC - 21 one) , I played M - rated games( Mass Effect 1 & 2) as a 16 - an - old, but the MA rating is kind of unsettling to me. I' m not sure if I' m Rebelle enough to break this rule and watch it.
Then there is a sequel to the Jose Chung episode, " Jose Chung' s Doomsday Defense", but it' s on another show, of which I know only the basic details( I mean, the premise, the protagonist and what he does) . I don' t think I' m ready to watch that montrer entirely, especially since it was cancelled, and I haven' t got over my précédant fave TV montrer being cancelled, and also I have a pretty long liste of things to watch. Can I still watch " Jose Chung' s Doomsday Defence" without watching the whole Millenium and understand what' s going on?
 QWElaine posted il y a plus d’un an
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lucy32 said:
I personally didn't find "Home" too scary. Very disturbing - yes, but not very frightening. Also, I learned about it being famous for its unusual rating only recently, on the web, and it surprised me a little. Maybe I'm too thick-skinned, idk.
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posted il y a plus d’un an 
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