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posted by triq267
Why do we live, only to have it abruptly ripped from us?
Why do we die, if we could do so much plus with our lives?
Why do we smile, when horrible things are happening to people every heure of every day?
Why do we cry, when we know that it can only get worse?
Why do we breathe, and keep on living?
While suffocating is a faster way to end this nightmare.
Why do we eat, when all it does is keep us alive for plus pain?
Why do some people pray, when there’s no one listening?
There is no God, he is a myth.
There is no savior, he is false hope.
There’s only blood, those who are bleeding.
And some bad behavior,...
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posted by Maria1307

This was my chance. I had to reach for it as far and as high as I could. I wasn't about to let this die now. I stood on that stage, with the cheering crowd before my eyes. I sang my solo hitting the high F on the last bar. I did it perfectly. I always do. PERFECT LITTLE RACHEL that's what they call me.This was the most amazing experience I've had in my life
I was about to walk off the stage when someone called my name
" Rachel, wake up Rachel"
My eyes shot open.It was all a dream. A fantasy. I was in a dream world. Only a few weeks il y a this could have all been real. I wish i hadn't choked. Now I would live out the rest of my life working in a fast nourriture restaurant. Me, the genius working in a fast nourriture restaurant. Well a girl can always dream can't they.
posted by snootygirl50701
Name: (song girl,Snookie,Maria) snootygirl50701
Article name & week: Dream/week 4
Poem base: poem one

What is a dream?
A dream?...
Hold fast to a dream.
If toi let it go...
Its like a broken winged bird,
And flightless
If the dream dies,
Its like a crumbled wing.
So the bird can't fly.

Its like La Reine des Neiges snow,
when a dream dies,
Its the frost bite that bites it away.
The dream is flightless and broken,
La Reine des Neiges too.

A dead dream is like the Langston Hughes
Life would seem like a barren field....
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posted by dragonsmemory
Name: dragonsmemory
District: Fantasy
Based on: Poem #2
((AN: Well, it's back to the competition. Just thought I'd prolong the suspense with this note. Also, there's a lot of background to this particular tale. So, while your facepalming, allow me to explain.
The Shadows (see title) are the evil thoughts of men and the nightmares of dragons. They have always been a part of Earth, but they have grown stronger. The Shadows are on the verge of taking over the world. There is little hope left.
And now, without further ado, Team Dragonwriting proudly presents…"Lighting the Shadows."))

I looked out...
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Author's Note: here is my entry for week...I can't even remember, to be honest. This is my entry for this weeks prompt, and I thought though my district was "romance" - I could make this story a little darker than originally planned.

* Note: there are going to be clips of song lyrics (From the song the titre is based off of) to help add mood to this one-shot. I hope toi enjoy it.


Can toi stop the clocks, tick, tick, tock: in your ears?

She shivered and looked around the darkened room. Hearing that insufferable ticking:...
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posted by malmcd
Okay here's the liste of the people still in!

adventure district


fantasy district


once upon a time district


fanfiction district


romance district




(I'm no longer in the games)

Okay this week toi must write a story ou poem based on one of these poems

You can only pick ONE!



Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.
Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow.
Langston Hughes


"Hope" is the...
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posted by triq267
*Ding Dong*
    I rushed to the door and looked out the peephole. There was a UPS man standing at our doorstep, holding a large package.
    I opened the door, and he set down the package and held out a pen and clipboard.
    “I’ll need toi to sign for it,” he said.
    I took the clipboard, but as I reached for the pen, he pulled it back, flipped it around, and raised it high before jabbing it into my neck.
    I collapsed onto the ground, pulled the pen out, and held my neck in pain. Only...
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posted by Happyflames
Name: Happyflames
District: fan fiction
Theme: Something that happened in your life
Story ~
In the warm sun on a summer jour I walked on the gravel driveway barefoot. My mom called out for me to be careful. I wouldn't listen to her not after what she did to me.
She would spank me until I cried. I would cry and cry until she stopped. I turned around to face her, and a couteau tightly gripped in my hand.
She screamed and ran after me, but I ran away from her. I stopped again. I was weak and tired.
"Honey, put the couteau down and come home." she a dit every persuading word pushing me away further.
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posted by snootygirl50701
District-ghost district
Type of story- short
moment in your life-
________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ghost Rules
I didn't expect it. The cold feeling. That's what got me. The cold,what seemed like fingernails,clawing my back. I was only at my hidding place. The place I sneak off to with Jackie. A place to take a swim. Only,it was plus like a drown to Jack. If I wasn't there,he would of died...
Nothen was there,only us! So what was it? Jackie always tried to scare me but never got it! The water was still and not even underway. I was...
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posted by Maria1307
District:Fan Fiction
Based on:The Hunger Games
Note:The titre is like the first book in a series of unfortunate events par lemony snicket. This is not intentional.

He had died in a mining accident.He was with his work colleagues . He was having a nice chat, they had become Friends , talking about their lives, how many children they had, normal stuff. Then the explosion happened. My life has never been the same since.
At his funeral all I wanted to do was touch his hand one last time ou what was left of his hand anyway. Most of his body hadn't been found yet. That hand was the last part of Him that...
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posted by anniewannie
A/N: Thanks for putting me in the romance district Mallory!! I l’amour romantic stories!! :) Just to let toi know, this romantic story is rated M in case, though I'm thirteen! Just a little warning, but if toi feel like lire it anyway, enjoy it while it lasts!

District- Romance
Story Type- Short Stories
The Moment of My Life- When my friend leaves although some parts of these are just my wishful thinking ...

"We can't be Friends anymore, Vanity." His voice echoed loudly in my head as those words escaped his pursed...
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NOTE: okay i know this for sure sounds like its not from my life, but it sorta is cuz one time, i was playing arbre and lion with my friend, ( its a game we made up) so i just turned it into this XD MDR XD please ignore any grammar mistakes, typos whatever! XD Btw, im in the fantaisie district and im agains dragonsmemroy....( i forget his name :) sry...) ENJOY :3

Suzanne Redwood

    I am Suzanne Redwood. I am the redwood arbre herself. Does this sound confusing to you? Ok, I’ll explain. I was born on July 16th 1889. I was real tall. Taller than all the people in my town. I...
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posted by lovebaltor
"So, do toi have any ideas on guys that toi might like at school?" She asked me, jumping up and down with excitement that I knew all too well she had. The question make me slightly uncomfortable--sure they were my friends, and ones that I could trust with issues and secrets, but I just didn't feel like talking about this specific issue right now. I mean, come on; this walk was supposed to calm me down, not put my nerves on edge when talking about my male ou female preferances.

"No...I don't think there's anyone cute at school," I replied, as some kind of lame excuse. My friend, Zoe--whom had...
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posted by hieveryone
district: fairy tale (once upon a time)
type of story: short story
the moment in your life: dream/ 5 years old

When I was about 5 years old I l’amour l’amour LOVED fées and of course I wanted to be one! One jour I did. It was on Halloween. I dressed up as a fairy, not a specific one. I trick ou treated with my family but we kinda spread around, making sure our dad could still see us, and went to different houses most of the time. Well I went to one of the houses that someone just moved into. No one knew who she was but I was Rebelle enough to find out.
As I knocked on her door I heard some gasps and...
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The older woman sat at the desk, her granddaughter's diary just a mere two feet in front of her. She would dare... Would she? This wasn't her granddaughter's personal diary... It was the écriture journal she kept hidden from the world. 
 'Oh, she wouldn't mind!' the woman thought. She carefully grabbed the leather-covered book, and untied the baby-blue ribbon that held it closed. She opened to the first page, not knowing what to expect, and began...

   Once upon a time, there was a redheaded child. She was very young, and her mommy and daddy didn't like each other. Even though she didn't quite...
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((Just a note before we start. This is a fully true story. I have altered nothing between my memory and this story. This'll also montrer toi a bit of who I am. Enjoy!))
District: Fantasy
Type: Short Story/Memoir
Moment: My first dragon story

I sat at the desk, staring at the paper in front of me. écriture a story wouldn't be that had. I'd been doing it for years. I tapped my knee against the cool metal of the desk, thinking. Automatically, my eyes slid up to the ceiling. I looked carefully. In the pattern of spots I could see a dragon flying through the sky. I also saw what looked to be a troll. I...
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posted by anniewannie
Name: anniewannie
Number: 14
Poem: Time Flies
What I Think The Song Means: I think 'Time Flies' means that, in my opinion, it could be about l’amour and tragedy. This is my opinion.

Enjoy the poem while it lasts everyone!

~ Time Flies ~

Time flies as I begin to say goodbye
Though I have this pain that's in my chest
I still wish toi the best
It happened in the early winter days
When the snow flaunted and the children came out to play
You were just cruising along on the snow
And as soon as I met your brown eyes
I started to glow as I start to sigh
You're too handsome for my vision

As the time flies par and the...
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posted by malmcd
I new I could die at any second,
But I took the risk of loving you.
I keep on feeding myself with lies saying that I wound be perfectly fine,
And not to worry about it.
But inside I know there is nothing I can do to save myself.
The pain weighs down on you
I wish I could change it
But toi can't
I was cursed with this disease
And I made you...
And get weary
I made toi miss sleep
And get moody
You were in thoughts
And toi wrote songs
But toi a dit toi were in Love
And that I would walk on
So I believed toi I keep holding on,
And fighting the constant Battle.
But we both new the results are the same
My life would...
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posted by Maria1307
Why wont the crying stop?
My body shivers as it listens
Waiting for toi to come back
Im hopeless
Waiting for the one who loves me
Wheres the moment gone
We used to be there for one another
These scars are the wounds
That keep us together
Nothing can change that
Not time ou space
No amount of crying will bring toi back
So please help stop it
Im waiting
And waiting
But youre not coming back
I feel that its my fault
Will toi give me a clue
ou do I have to keeep
For this
posted by animegurl23
number 12
i must be strong

Our Baby cries
toi are dying

We both cry... I must carry on
NO time to be weak
I must stand up on my feet
I have to be strong.......I have to be strong

Even though toi are gone
I have to be strong

This will be tough but even so
i must carry on

I have to be strong

I think this song is about a woman who has a baby, but her husband is very sick and he died. she gets depressed at first but realizes she has to be strong for her baby otherwise it would be all for nothing

A.N: heheheh this song reminded me soo much of clannad! ( animé ) *spoilers!* when nagisa ( wife) died while giving birth and tomoya (husband) was in a depression , and he had to take care of their baby;and realized he had to raise their daughter in a good way, so Nagisa's death wasnt for nothing... so in a way i sorta made this into my own that okay? :3