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Okay sooo SURPRISE!!!! Mel Roro and Sam this was the surprise I was talking about. I was in like an extremely good mood and decided to do this soooo here ya go!

Flora’s POV

I walked with Maya away from the palace and had my suitcase rolling along behind me. I had no where to go. Everyone was being held captive in the palace that would be able to take care of me. And Icy surely knew what she was doing. I went back to Alfea to see that she had covered it with dome of ice. I checked the other schools and it was all the same. So I couldn’t seek help from any...
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Left Alone
Raising her hands she a dit “Just shut the hell up! I have listened enough to your bullshit! Why can’t toi just listen to your parents once?” her voice was so loud that even neighbours could listen it, it wasn’t a new thing for Musa, she was used to it. “I am not a kid anymore mom, why don’t toi get it? I l’amour musique and I can’t leave it and what’s the problem in it? I am doing and always did whatever hell toi asked me, actually toi never asked, toi ordered me to do.” With big shocked eyes her mom was staring her, she was about to say something when Musa cut her...
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(Hope toi all enjoy this story)

*Bloom's p.o.v*

Hi! My name is Bloom, 16 years and leader of Winx Club. I'm from the planet Domino and also princess so is my big sister Daphne. We only recently reunited with our baby sister Kim Possible and boy did we have a fun adventure. It happend about three ou four weeks ago. I was taking a walk with my best friend Stella, she asked "something on your mind Bloom?" I replied "not really" truth to be told I did have something on my mind, about my family. Lately my parents have been jouer la comédie strange and Daphne won't tell me what's going on. I was about to say...
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im not going to be on fanpop on sundays because i go to a club every sunday i do a club every sunday on ggg gogirl games it's a chats club if toi wanna rejoindre in then go on rejoindre it its so simple btw add me im yasminrocks124 and toi can be part of the club im not forcing u though
i will miss toi all fanpop is friendly

and btw i want to ask toi guys a question

do toi l’amour chats ?


and why do toi like them

i like chats cause there soft and sweet toi and a other question who's ur favourite winx and why ? me Flora cause shes sweet toi

ok bye for now miss toi all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Video by: DragonGirlx33 / Song: Within Temptation
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it's the fear
Within Temptation
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*Lily is now apart of the winx. Read spelled before toi read this.*

The winx walked down to the restaurant in magix.
They made their orders for brunch. (Pictures below of what they ordered). When their nourriture came they all dug in.
"This restaurant is amazing." Musa a dit while wiping syrup off her mouth with a napkin.
"Agreed." Everyone else said.
Then there was silence as everyone ate their food.
~After eating~
Flora's POV~
When I push my plate towards the middle of the table, tableau I hear my phone beep in my pocket. I pull it out of my pocket. It was a text from Helia. He wanted me to meet him on the outside...
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