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This Winx Club photo contains anime, bande dessinée, manga, and dessin animé.

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Back in the realm of Iris...

The girl came charging down through the tall shelves, skidding around the corners, before sliding to a stop in front of a shivering Layla.
"What?" the girl gasped. "What do toi need?"
Layla flipped through the book frantically, shoved it into the girl's hands, and pressed her finger onto one paragraph. "Read it," she gasped. "Out loud. Read it to me. This paragraph to the end. Quick!"
"Um...okay," she murmured. She scanned the page and cleared her throat.
"The siren Alena is one of the many magical deities of the island, worshipped as a goddess of the sea. Legend...
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salut people! I really hope toi like this!!

*Bloom's cell phone rings*

Bloom: Hello?

Sky: salut Bloom!

Bloom: Hi Sky, what's going on?

Sky: Well we were thinking that toi could all go on a picnic, there is someone we want toi girls to meet.

Bloom: That sounds wonderful! And we actully have someone we want toi to meet too! See ya in an hour!

Sky: Okay, we'll pick toi up then.

*Bloom hangs up the phone*

Bloom: Guess what girls, we have been invited to a picnic with the guys!

Stella: Oh yay! I have to go get ready!

Bloom: charlotte you're invited too.

Charlotte: Thanks, but I won't be able to enjoy myself knowing...
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I was sure I couldn’t run faster than this, especially through a place filled with thrones and arbre branches. I made it a point to look straight so that I don’t lose sight of that silver thing…whatever it was. I kept running, the thrones tore my robe (I didn’t know why I was wearing one)and the branches slapped me on the face, but I didn’t care to look, I might lose sight of the silver thing.
Finally I reached a lake. It was the most beautiful sight I ever saw. There were mushrooms and trees surrounding it and the lake glimmered, like it was filled with diamonds, under the...
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posted by CyD12
Agnes: ok Raven is sleeping
Lisa: I will call the others
Agnes: and I will look for the mirror


Artemis: everyone is ready?
Terra: yep!
Gwen: lets go!
Agnes: here is the mirror
Sara: be careful!
Alexandra: and remember, to get out of her mind toi most find a portal
Angelina: a portal, got it!
Katara: well its time for toi to leave!
Lisa: good luck! and be careful!
Gwen: we will!
Artemis: see toi soon! *a hand gets out of the mirror and makes Terra,Gwen, Angelina and Artemis get inside of the mirror*


Terra: wow it is colder than the last time
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Source: deviantART User: cartoonsdrawing
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Video by: FifiRoronoa / Song by: Xandria
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The Party Night

As the sun goes down and it was 7 pm. Stars could be clearly seen in the sky and it was very pleasant night. Bloom was choosing her dress from her closet but she was confusing to everyone except for herself and she was ready. In the hall, Tecna was wearing a pretty blue robe with purple shade. Stella wore a gorgeous rose and white gown. Musa was wearing a orange short dress. Flora comes inside of Bloom’s room, she was wearing a green robe which has a sleeveless and it was so good that Bloom stared it for a moment and said, “Flora toi are looking gorgeous in this gown.”...
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