Winx Club How Did toi get to know about winx club?

AgyJude posted on Apr 13, 2010 at 06:37AM
Hey!Winx club lovers! Winx club is cool. I really love it. I've been watching it from the age of 9. Here is how i started watching this awesome show! When i was 9 i used to watch The Loooney Toons Show at 4:30PM. But one day Instead of Looney Toons it was Winx club. I decided to watch it and i loved it.I watched it the next day and then i started watching it every day. I didn't miss a single episode of season i and 2. After season 2 Winx club was not shown anymore. I was really sad(of course). But a few months later it came back again. I couldn't watch every episode bacoz it wasn't shown on a convenient time. After season 3 winx club wasn't shown anymore. And i hav never seen it again. I wish it came back!
How Did you get to know about winx club?Post your answers so tht everyone can know.
Thank you!

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il y a plus d’un an 30degrees said…
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well I was 9 or 10... cant remember! I was sitting on my changing the channels when I saw the cartoon network and there was the Winx Club! it was the third episode of season 1... I saw the entire episode and then I saw it every single day... and the repetitions on the night! then came the season 2! and I watch it just like season 1... after a month the season 3 came! and I didnt watch it so much cause of the time T_T then I stoped to watch the winx club... when I was 12 I saw the season 3 on youtube (I didnt watched Winx Club for 2 years! OMG) and I started to saw the season 1 and 2 and 3 complete again! and this year I heared about season 4... It was only on Italy! I didnt wanted to watch it because I wanted to wait till the english translation came... I couldnt... my sister told me that Italian wasnt hard to understand (for me cause I speack spanish) so I saw it and I totally understood!!! now I cant wait for season 5!
il y a plus d’un an gintareka said…
I wus 4 eyers old and I wus plaing in one game sumting hepend I sold words "winx club". I push it and play game of winx. 1 eyer later winx show up on TV in my contry. from thet day winx is part of my life
il y a plus d’un an WinxClubFan223 said…
I was scrolling through things on Netflix, and found Winx Club. I wasn't sure about it at first, but eventually I got addicted to it. Then I ran out of episodes because they only have Season 1 and 2 on Netflix, but I managed to find the other seasons on Youtube! Yay! XD